Chapter 11

Zander moaned into Jason's mouth. Jason didn't just kiss him, he devoured him and Zander was finding it hard to breath. Just when he thought he might pass out, Jason pulled back. Zander panted to catch his breath, then he watched as Jason shucked his clothing. Zander averted his eyes. He didn't want to see naked Jason. But when he heard Jason moan he had to look and the sight before him was an eye opener.


Jason was on his hands and knees on the floor and Sonny was behind him. Fucking him. But not with his cock. Instead he had a silver gilded dildo and he was pumping it hard and fast and deep into Jason's ass. Zander couldn't look away. Then Sonny stopped, leaving the dildo in Jason's ass.


Moving back to the bed, Sonny smiled at Zander. "Jason is going to fuck you now."

"No!" Zander knew it was useless to protest, but he couldn't accept what was happening. But then Jason was there, climbing onto the bed. Zander felt his hips lifted and two pillows shoved under the small of his back. He was now lifted and open to Jason and he had never felt more vulnerable than in this moment. Zander looked over Jason's shoulder at Sonny. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because I can." Sonny smiled and moved to the side of the bed to get a better view.

Zander gasped as Jason started licking his thighs, licking and nipping and working his way up to his cock. Which he ignored, to lick and nip his way down Zander's other thigh. Then fingers were kneading his balls and Zander felt himself begin to harden. Jason was teasing him. He sighed in relief as Jason released him, but it was a short-lived respite. Zander watched Jason slick his fingers with lubricant, then one was pressing inside him. Instinct made Zander try to pull away, but Jason gripped his hip with his free hand. Another finger slid inside, both of them stretching then crooking, a knuckle brushing over his hot spot and Zander whimpered. Then he cried out as the fingers were removed and, without warning, Jason's cock plunged into him. The burn and stretch brought tears to Zander's eyes and he blinked them back. He started to curse at Jason only to find Jason's mouth sealed to his, swallowing his words. Zander closed his eyes as his body was rocked with Jason's thrusts, then he felt the cock inside him pulse and warm wetness slicked him. Jason pulled back and out and Zander glared at him. "Bastard!"


Sonny was moving to remove the cuffs from the headboard, but not from Zander's wrists. "Time for a shower," he announced.


"Fuck you!" Zander didn't make it easy on them to get him into the shower. Which reminded him of a boy's locker room. It was more like a room than a stall, no actual door and there were hooks in the wall to which his hand cuffs were locked into. Zander was helpless again. He ducked his head as warm water sprayed over him and he closed his eyes as he felt Sonny and Jason's hands washing him. Then fingers were inside him again, then a cock, and Zander knew that it was Sonny this time. Knew it because Jason was in front of him, on his knees, taking Zander's cock into his mouth. It was a sensory overload that threatened to make Zander explode.

His body rocked with Sonny's thrusts into him. Slow, hard, thrusts that pushed Zander's cock deeper into Jason's hot mouth. Zander felt the tingle in his spine and then his balls tightened and he was cumming, hard and fast, pulsing his seed into Jason's mouth. Then Jason was on his feet, fingers curled in Zander's hair, kissing him, making him taste himself. And then Zander felt the cock inside him tighten and cum fill him. Sonny's seed. There was a sick irony in there somewhere. A year ago Zander would have gladly whored himself out to be Sonny's right hand man. Now he was exactly that, without the benefits. When Jason stopped kissing him, Zander chuckled at his own thoughts. He was tired of being used. Then hands were washing him again, intimately, as if that mattered anymore and when Zander finally thought it was over, he felt something being pushed into him. It was about as thick as a cock but not as deep, and Zander wriggled, hating the invasion. "What the fuck!" he hissed.


Sonny leaned into him, lips pressed to his ear. "Butt plug, to keep you open for later," he whispered.

"Take it out!" Zander was furious. He glared at Jason who was undoing his cuffs and was ready to lash out. Only Zander didn't get the chance. Max appeared, seemingly unaffected at seeing Sonny and Jason naked. He grabbed Zander, along with Jason, and they pretty much carried him back to the bed. Zander thrashed and screamed in frustration as he was handcuffed once again. Then the covers were drawn over him, but Zander didn't care. He wanted the plug in his ass removed. He tugged at his cuffs.

"Sleep…we'll be back," Sonny told him, as he slipped back into his robe.

Zander was so furious he couldn't think of a comeback. But then he noticed Jason walking away and that the dildo was still stuck in his ass, the way Sonny had left it. For some reason that image helped Zander calm down. He still felt uncomfortable, but eventually he was able to fall asleep.


* * * * *

Zander came awake to kisses and caresses and a hot mouth on his cock. Tugged at the cuffs and opened his eyes, only to realized he was blindfolded. He cried out as he came in a rush, then he felt hands at his wrists and he was uncuffed from the bed. He couldn't orient himself enough to struggle and suddenly he found himself on his knees and bent over what felt like a low chair. Zander felt his wrists cuffed again and he was left feeling vulnerable. But before he could protest the butt plug was yanked out and a cock stuffed into him. He cried out but the sound was muffled by the cock that was pushed into his mouth. Zander blinked back tears as his body was rocked from both ends, and he had no idea who was who. He could guess that it was Sonny and Jason but that didn't make him feel any better.


Then it was over. Warm wetness coated his insides even as cum pumped into his mouth. Zander gagged and swallowed it down, then the blindfold was removed and he saw Jason blinking at him. Then Jason kissed him and Zander bit him. He was surprised when Jason only smiled then released him from the cuffs. Zander managed to stand up on shaky legs. He turned to find Sonny smiling at him. Cum dripped down Zander's leg and he used the robe Sonny offered him to wipe it away. "You fucker!" Zander snarled.


"Go shower," Sonny replied.


Zander stalked off to the shower. When he was done scrubbing his skin he dried off and found clothes waiting for him. He dressed and returned to the bedroom. It was empty. But a red rose and a white card lay on the bed. Zander saw his name on it. He flipped it over.


*I'll be in touch*


That was all it said and Zander was furious. He ripped it to shreds then stomped on the rose, then he ran out of the room.


* * * * *


After leaving Sonny's, Zander headed straight for Jakes. He downed two beers, played a game of pool then seduced a pretty brunette. The sex was great and she dozed off afterwards, but Zander couldn't sleep. He went down stairs, pilfered a bottle of whiskey then headed for the docks. He ran into Ric.


"Long time no see, Zander," Ric purred.

"Fuck you," Zander slurred.

Ric shoved Zander against the railing and kissed him. He cried out when Zander bit him, slapped him and would have done more, but Brian Beck showed up. Ric faded into the shadows.

Brian looked at Zander. "Are you okay?"


"Perfect." Zander took another swig of Whiskey then drawled, "My hero. Want a kiss?" He was too drunk to realize that was a dumb question.


"I'd love a one," Brian replied, cupping Zander's face in both hands. He kissed him hard and deep, but cut off with a whimper of pain as a knee drove into his crotch. Brian fell to his knees, cupping himself.


Zander laughed. "Gotcha," he singsonged, then he downed more whiskey. He didn't notice Brian crawling off. Zander drank most of the bottle and found himself on the edge of the docks, singing.


Lucky found him there, about to fall in. He wrapped an arm around Zander's waist and hauled him back. "You're drunk, Zander."

"You think?" Zander chuckled and went to take another swig but the bottle slid from his hand as a wave of dizziness washed over him. His knees buckled.

"Yeah…I think," Lucky replied, shaking his head as he tossed Zander's limp form over one shoulder. He took Zander to his place to sleep it off. Lucky went to work removing Zander's boots and socks, then he pulled off the jeans and tee shirt, which left Zander in black boxer briefs. Lucky studied him. He was all muscle yet surprisingly slim. Zander's skin was smooth, with just a few scars that were more character than flaws. And Lucky smiled to notice that there were freckles dusting Zander's skin here and there. Lickable freckles. Lucky shook his head at the thought then he reached for Zander's boxer's. He was more comfortable sleeping in the nude and he figured Zander would be too. So Lucky stripped the briefs off, taking a moment to admire naked Zander. It was a beautiful sight. Sighing, Lucky covered the younger man before stripping off his own clothes. Then he climbed into bed. After all, he only had the one and no way was he sleeping in a chair or on the floor. So Lucky snuggled into Zander, spooning up against his back, and it was funny how his cock seemed to snuggle in between Zander's perfect ass. But then, most cocks did have a mind of their own.


Chapter 12