Chapter 12

Zander was being kissed. Deep kisses, a tongue ravishing his mouth. And all the while fingers were curled around his cock, stroking him. Not a bad way to wake up, he thought, until he opened his eyes and recognized who was kissing him. Lucky. Zander pushed him away, breaking the kiss, but the fingers curled around his cock tightened so Zander didn't put up too much of a fight. "What the fuck are you doing?" Zander asked.


Lucky grinned. "Experimenting."


"I've always wondered what it would be like to fuck another guy," Lucky replied. "And since you're here and you're naked.."

Zander waved a hand to interject, "Why am I here and WHY am I naked?"


Lucky continued to stroke Zander's cock as he replied. "Because you were too drunk to go home last night. Don't you remember being on the docks? You were drinking and singing and you almost fell in. Great voice, by the way. I didn't know you could sing."

"Thanks, and I usually only sing in the shower and...oh..ummmmmmmm," Zander moaned as he felt his balls tighten. Then he whimpered as Lucky shifted down the bed to take his cock into his mouth. That was all Zander needed to cum. He exploded into Lucky's willing mouth.


"That…was hot," Lucky stated, as he licked his lips. "Kinda bitter but not bad."

Zander was stunned. "You are whacked, you know that." He felt pleasantly lethargic in the after glow of his orgasm, and still a bit drunk so he wasn't ready to get up yet, but he fully intended to leave. As soon as he understood a few things. "You didn't answer my question. Why am I naked, and in your bed?"


"Oh yeah." Lucky grinned then he reached out to pinch one of Zander's nipples, laughing when his hand was slapped away. "Well…you see, I figured since I'm more comfortable sleeping in the nude, you would be too. The sheets feel good against your bare skin...don't they?" As he spoke, Lucky leaned in and licked Zander's nipple then he licked a trail over his shoulder. "I love your freckles."


"Stop it!" Zander pushed Lucky away. "Look...if you want to find out what it's like to sleep with another guy then go to a gay bar."

Lucky was intrigued. "Have you ever been to one?"

Zander sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "No."

"You're beautiful…you know that?"

"What?" Zander looked at Lucky as if he had suddenly sprouted two extra heads.


Lucky nodded. "You are, Zander. Really beautiful. And really sexy. It's weird cause you seemed like a kid before…ya know? When you first hooked up with Emily. But then you got older and I know you've slept with Liz. She told me about it. She kinda did it to rub it in my face because I hurt her, but she told me that you knew how to fuck a woman like she's never been fucked before. She said me and Jason should take lessons."

Zander groaned and buried his face in his hands. "I'm stuck in a bad Twilight Zone episode...aren't I?" He made to slide out of bed only to find himself pulled back then pressed down against the pillows. Zander wriggled under Lucky's full weight. "Get off me!"

"I want to fuck you."



Lucky nipped at Zander's lower lip. "Please? I'll be careful. I watched some gay porn movies so I know what to do. I have lube and everything."

Zander couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Why me? What the fuck is wrong with me?" He was speaking more to himself than to Lucky.


"Nothing is wrong with you, Zander. You're just really hot and you've got a great ass. Me and Nikolas used to talk about it."

"You talked about my ass?"

Lucky nodded. "Yeah. And about your hair. Elizabeth and Gia and even Emily used to talk about your hair and your ass all the time. Gia even commented once that you should be a Chippendale's dancer. She said I'd make a pretty good one too."


Zander closed his eyes. He couldn't believe this was happening. "Fuck me.." he whispered, forgetting the position he was in.


"Thanks," Lucky replied, excitement glowing in his eyes. He jumped off the bed and ran for the lube.

"No…NO! I didn't mean it!" Zander sat up and waved his hands at Lucky. "I was just basically commenting on my situation of late. Lucky…wait." But he could tell that Lucky wasn't listening. He was back on the bed and coating his fingers. "You can't fuck me," Zander stated.


Lucky wasn't listening. "Oh...wait…kiss me," he demanded.

Zander made a face. "Excuse me?"


"That's the other thing Liz and Emily and Gia always talked about. Your kisses. I liked kissing you, but I want you to kiss me back. Like you would one of them."


"Okaaaaay," Zander drawled. Then and idea hit him. He would distract Lucky with a kiss and a blow job, then he could slip out without being fucked again. Literally. So Zander cupped Lucky's face in both hands and then he kissed him. A slow, wet, sexy kiss. When Lucky started moaning and kissing him back for all he was worth, Zander lowered his hands, finding Lucky's hand, the one slicked with lube. Zander rubbed it between his own then he shifted back just enough to slide a hand between them. He curled his fingers around Lucky's cock. The dude was already hard and throbbing. Zander stroked him until Lucky was moaning again then he broke the kiss and made a beeline for Lucky's cock. Zander took it into his mouth and went to work. He heard Lucky whimper and knew it wouldn't take much more. But then fingers curled in his hair and yanked him off the throbbing shaft.


Lucky grinned at Zander. "Awesome," he whispered, but I want to fuck you. I need to fuck you." He turned Zander over, pressing him down onto his stomach. When Zander tried to wiggle away, Lucky reached for his handcuffs. A moment later he had Zander's hands cuffed behind him. He ignored Zander's colorful curses as he stuffed a pillow under the slim hips. Then Lucky reached for the lube again. He coated his fingers, spread open Zander's butt cheeks, then he pressed one finger inside.


Zander moaned as he was penetrated. Then he whimpered as Lucky found his hot spot. The guy really had watched gay porn, Zander figured. Then the finger slid out and Zander felt Lucky's cock take it's place. He hissed as the swollen tip pressed into him. "Fuck!"


"Sorry…sorry…Zander," Lucky replied, going still. He rubbed Zander's back for a moment then pushed forward again. He took it slow until he was all the way inside. "God..-you are so fucking tight. So...fucking...perfect. You feel like a velvet glove around me."

"I don't need the fucking commentary!" Zander snapped. "If you're going to fuck me then do it already!"


Lucky began to move. He moaned with each stroke in, whimpered with each stroke out until he was pistoning into Zander's tightness. It didn't take long for him to cum and he cried out as his orgasm washed over him. When he was done he slumped over Zander until he felt the younger man shift beneath him. "Sorry." Lucky sat up, moving slowly, not wanting to slip out yet. He undid the cuffs. "You okay?"

Zander snorted. "Just peachy. Get off me!"


"Yeah…okay." Lucky pulled out reluctantly then eased back.

"Happy now?" Zander rolled over and glared at Lucky.


Lucky couldn't help but smile. "That was incredible. Thanks Zander."


Zander was not happy. "Next time will cost you." Not that he intended for there to be a next time. He started to move off the bed when a hand grabbed his arm. He bit his lip as he felt one of Lucky's fingertips brush over his wrists. The skin was bruised.


"Who cuffed you before me?" Lucky asked, his face serious.


"Want the whole list?"


Lucky frowned. "I'm serious, Zander. Who hurt you?"


Zander yanked his arm free. "You mean who fucked me, don't you?" He blinked back tears as he slid off the bed. He took a sheet with him. He needed to shower.


"Who fucked you," Lucky asked, sliding off the bed as well. He cupped Zander's chin in his hand. "I want to know."


"Okay." Zander was angry enough to tell him. "First there was Ric Lansing, then Brian Beck, then Sonny and Jason…now you! Oh, and Jax. Happy?"


Lucky shook his head. "I'm sorry. Zander...let me protect you."

Zander laughed. "Right...good one."

"I'm serious. Stay with me and I'll protect you. Okay?"


"I need to shower." Zander searched for his clothes.

Lucky nodded. "Think about it, okay?"

Zander collected his things then headed for the bathroom door. "Okay," he whispered, but he knew he wouldn't stay.


Chapter 13