Chapter 13

Zander left Lucky's without saying a word. He knew Lucky didn't want him to go, he didn't care. Lucky couldn't help him anyway, and it wasn't as if they were friends, and Zander did not want to end up as fuckbuddies. He'd had enough. So he headed back to Jakes, dressed in a suit and now he was on the Haunted Star. It was closing time, as it were. It had been a productive evening and Faith was smiling as she looked at the cash drawer.


"Let's celebrate!" She crowed.

Zander downed a whiskey. "What did you have in mind?"

Faith smirked. "Let's go fuck."

"Works for me." Zander swept her up into his arms and carried her into the stateroom in the back. He laid her out on the bed then crawled over her. They kissed for a while and his hands were busy, stripping Faith naked. Zander teased her folds until she was writhing beneath him then he moved down between her legs and made he cum with his mouth and tongue. Then he pulled back long enough to free his cock before plunging into her. Zander was focused on her entirely. Feeling her legs wrap around her waist. Feeling her breasts soft against his chest. He still had his clothes on but Faith had long ago ripped open his shirt so they were skin to skin. And her lips were soft against his as their tongues dueled together. And then Zander was coming, spilling his seed inside her, slumping against her lightly, still mostly supporting his own weight on his arms. "Nice way to end an evening," Zander drawled.

"'s not over, baby. Not by a long shot." Faith looked over Zander's shoulder.


He turned his head to find Lorenzo Alcazar propped against the wall. They had had an audience. "Fuck!" Zander hissed.


Faith chuckled. "That's the whole idea. I want to watch Lorenzo fucking you."


"Not going to happen, Faith." Zander tried to pull out of her but her legs were wrapped around his waist like a vice.


"I have something for you, Zander. A pretty blue pill. Just take it and you'll feel sooooo good. And I'll make tonight worth your while, baby. Lorenzo and I agreed. You let us do whatever we want to you....and we'll give you one hundred thousand dollars."


Zander shook his head. "I don't believe this. Why don't you two just fuck each other?"


Faith nipped at Zander's lower lip. "Because I want to watch you being fucked and Lorenzo just happened to confess that he wanted to fuck your tight ass. So....what do you say?" Faith scooched up just enough to reach the side table. She scooped up the blue pill and held it out to Zander. "One hundred thousand dollars, Zander. It's alot of money for one fuck."


"Yeah…whatever." Zander knew he wasn't going to be leaving, even if he refused they wouldn't just let him walk out without getting what they wanted. He grabbed Faith's wrist, brought her palm to his lips then licked off the pill. Zander swallowed it dry. "Let's get this show on the road," he drawled. Then he felt it, a presence behind him. An arm wrapped around his waist pulling him up and out of Faith, then Zander felt Lorenzo's crotch pressing into his ass and he could feel the man's throbbing erection. Then fingers were in his hair, turning his head to claim a kiss even as other hands caressed his chest and curled around his cock. Faith was joining in the fun.


"Sweet boy," Lorenzo purred, as he broke the kiss. He slid off the bed and pulled Zander with him, but only to undress him.

Zander allowed it. He helped when he could, he just wanted this to be over with. Although he was starting to feel a pleasant lethargy steal over him. The pill was kicking in and Zander's skin felt super sensitized. When a thick finger slipped inside him and crooked to brush over his prostate, Zander groaned as jolted through him. His knees buckled then he found himself lifted and spread out on the bed. Then Alcazar was looming over him and Zander reached for him. He didn't want to think anymore, he just wanted to feel. He gripped Lorenzo's face in his hands and kissed him. He felt hands on his cock and fingers inside him. He felt kisses and caresses that made him shiver and shake and want to explode. Then he felt Lorenzo's cock pressing into him, stretching him open. The burn was intense and Zander whimpered, only to find Faith's lips on his, kissing away the sound.

Lorenzo pushed in all the way then went still for a moment. He curled his fingers around Zander's cock and stroked him back to hardness. "You were made for this, Zander," he whispered, then he pulled out to his tip only to thrust in hard, his balls slapping against Zander's ass. "You're a perfect fit!" Another slide out, another hard thrust in.


"Fuck...fuck," Zander moaned. He could feel every inch of Lorenzo sliding in and out of him. Too long and too thick and too hard and the pain was all swirled in with pleasure. It was too much and Zander clutched the bed sheets in his fists and tried to find traction so that he could pull away. But strong fingers gripped his hip and then Faith was over him, squatting over his face, then pressing down so that her folds were pressed to his lips, and Zander had to lick her, to taste her.


"So fucking tight!" Lorenzo hissed as he pumped in harder and faster.


Zander felt the cock in him pulse and then he felt warm wetness fill him even as Faith cried out her orgasm. And then Zander was coming again and he felt limp as his body exploded then relaxed in the aftermath. He could feel Lorenzo, still inside him and Zander whimpered. Then Lorenzo was kissing him, hands still stroking over him, not missing an inch of his skin, then Faith's voice whispered in his ear,


"Rest, baby....we're going to make you feel so good..."


And that was the last thing Zander heard before warm darkness claimed him.


* * * * *


He woke up alone and felt relief. But when he sat up and saw the packet of money on the table, Zander felt sick and angry. He slid out of bed, took a shower, dressed in his half ripped closed, grabbed the money and left. He was seriously considering leaving town.


In fact he went to Jakes, showered again and dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. He was stuffing some things into a duffel bag when a knock sounded at the door. "Who is it?" Zander called out.

"Police! Open up, Mr. Smith."


"What the fuck?" Zander strode over to the door and flung it open. "What do you want?"

The officer gave him a stone face look then pulled out some cuffs. "You're under arrest."

Zander was stunned, enough so that the cop was able to cuff his hands in front of him before he could react. "Under arrest! For what?"


"Take that up with DA Baldwin." The cop hauled Zander towards the stairs.


* * * * *


Scotty smiled at Zander was pushed into his office. "How have you been, Mr. Smith?" he purred.

Zander glared at him. "What the fuck is going on?"


"You work for Faith Roscoe, right?"



Scotty shrugged. "So…I'm sure I can make up some charges to pin on you, enough to get you locked up for quite a few months at least, before a lawyer can get it all sorted out."

Zander shook his head. "Why would you do that?"

"Because I can. However...I'm willing to cut a deal with you."

"Like what?" Zander had a bad feeling about this.


Scotty moved to Zander and leaned into him. "You let me fuck you…and you get to go home."

Zander was stunned. "WHAT? You're fucking nuts! No!"


"Okay…then I'll lock you up and I'll make sure your cell mate is a big guy named Bubba, with a penchant for pretty boys like you."


"You bastard!" Zander was furious and he had a feeling he knew why this was happening. "Ric Lansing set this up, didn't he?" Zander wouldn't put it past him, as a way to get revenge on him.


Scotty shrugged. "Lansing might have pointed out what a tight little ass you have," he allowed.

Zander glared at Scotty. "You can't do this!"


"I can do anything I want. So what's it gonna be, Zander? Jail time with Bubba, or a quickie over my desk?"


"I guess you win." Zander surrendered. He knew he would lose either way. He let Scotty pull him over to the desk. Let himself be pushed over it, face down. He gripped the far edge with his cuffed hands as he felt his jeans being undone. Then they and his boxer-briefs were yanked down his legs. Zander closed his eyes as he felt slick fingers slip inside him, stretching him. It wasn't sufficient, but Zander knew that this was all about Scotty's pleasure. He moaned as Baldwin's cock pressed inside him. The burn brought tears to his eyes and Zander blinked them back.


Scotty thrust in hard, sliding in all the way to his balls. "Fucking tight fit, Mr. Smith. Nice..." Then he was moving, deep thrusts in and out.


Zander felt his body rock under Scotty's assault. Fortunately it didn't last long and his insides were flooded. He felt Scotty collapse over him then wet lips were at his ear.


"Best fuck I've had in a long time, Mr. Smith. Lansing was right about you." Scotty chuckled then nipped Zander's ear.


"Are we done?" Zander ground out. He bit back a moan as Scott yanked out of him and Zander could feel cum sliding down his thigh. He tried to rise up but a hand in his back pressed him down, then Zander felt Baldwin wiping him clean and that was the worst moment of all.


Scotty smacked a hand on Zander's bare ass then proclaimed, "We're done...for now." He pulled Zander upright then kissed him, hard. "You've earned your freedom."

Zander said nothing as Scotty undid the cuffs. He rubbed his wrists for a moment then he lifted one hand and wiped his mouth, sending a message. But Baldwin only smirked at him. Zander turned and walked out. Once outside he began to run and he didn't stop until he collided with a hard body.

"Zander…hey…take it easy. You okay?" It was Lucky.


"Fine…leave me alone!" Zander was panting from exertion and he tried to pull free of the hands on his shoulders.


Lucky wouldn't let go. "I tried calling you. Where have you been?"

Zander laughed, a broken sound. "Getting fucked, what else?"


"Zander…let me help you. I can protect you."

"How? This is nuts!" Zander managed to pull free and he began to pace. "I just don't get why this is happening. Do you know who fucked me last night? Lorenzo Alcazar. Ain't that the shit? His brother tried to kill me last year and now Lorenzo is fucking me. And I just came from Baldwin's office. He gave me a hell of a deal. Go to jail or let him fuck me. Guess which one I picked?" Tears burned in Zander's eyes and he blinked them back. "I just don't get it..."


Lucky pulled Zander to him. "I get it…but I can't explain it to you." He kissed Zander, tenderly.


Zander wanted to melt against Lucky, but he couldn't let this happen. He pushed away. "I have to go."

"Go where?" Lucky was worried.


"Who cares," Zander shot back, then he started running again. This time home to Jake's. He needed to shower, then he really needed to finish packing.


Chapter 14