Chapter 14

Zander was seriously on his way out of town when he got a call on his cell phone. He never expected to hear that particular voice on the line. "What do you want, Nikolas?" Zander snapped. Leaving behind all thoughts of the Prince and Emily was another good reason to skip town.


"We need to talk," Nikolas shot back. "About Emily."

"I don't think so. You won, I'm done. Bye."


"Wait! I'm serious, Zander...we need to talk." Nikolas sounded desperate. "Can you come to Wyndemere? Right now."


Zander sighed. He wanted to say no but he was a lost cause when it came to Emily. "Fine...I'll be there soon." Zander hung up, cursed, then grabbed his keys.


* * * * *


"Come in." Nikolas escorted Zander into the study.


"What's this about?" Zander stalked in behind him.


Nikolas smiled. "Emily…what else. Would you like a drink? I have fifty year old Scotch that's rather good."


Zander made a face. "Got beer?"

"Try the Scotch, I really think you'll like it." Nikolas went to the bar and poured them both a glass. He held one out to Zander.

"Whatever." Zander took it and downed it in one, then he set the glass down on the side table with a bang. "What did you want, Nikolas? Is something wrong with Emily?"


Nikolas smiled. "You could say that. You see...we sometimes have a little problem in bed."

Zander snorted. "Yeah...I'm sure," he taunted, his meaning clear.

"You're the problem, Zander," Nikolas shot back. "When we make love…Emily keeps comparing me to you. And I don't seem to...measure...up."


"What? Why...why are you telling me this?" Zander was laughing as he asked. He could actually picture Emily doing that. After all, he and Nikolas were the only two guys she had ever slept with. Zander sobered at that thought. It wasn't right that he had slept with more men than Emily had. Especially since it wasn't by choice.


Nikolas moved into Zander's space. "I decided I wanted to find out what it is about you that makes you such an incredible lover, Zander," he stated. "That's why I called you here."

Zander frowned in confusion. "What? You want me to have sex with Emily so you can take notes?" It was tempting, but Zander was going to pass.


"No...I'm going to have sex with you." Nikolas curled his fingers in Zander's hair as he spoke, then he kissed him. Only to cry out when Zander bit him. "Son of a bitch!"


"Don't touch me you little fucker!" Zander snarled. He shoved Nikolas away and made for the exit, only to stumble as his knees buckled. Zander felt dizzy all of the sudden and he realized what was happening. He glared at Nikolas. " drugged me."

Nikolas smiled as he moved to loom over Zander who was holding onto the couch for support. "That's right. I figured I would need to make you more pliable." He grabbed Zander and pushed him down onto the couch then moved over him. "Emily thinks you're an amazing lover, and I'm going to find out if she's right."


Zander tried to push Nikolas off, but his muscles suddenly felt liquefied. It worried him a bit when Nik grabbed his wrists and easily pinned his arms over his head. "Fuck you," Zander taunted.


"No...Fuck you.." Nikolas purred. "I'll be honest. I haven't been blind to your charms, Zander. Elizabeth and Gia pointed them out enough times as well as Emily. They have a real jones for your tight ass and I admit that I've wondered what it would be like to have my cock deep inside you. Of course…that's not what they were thinking about..."

"Shut up!" Zander didn't want to hear this. He willed his body to move and managed to lift off the couch a bit, but Nikolas bore down with his full body weight, pressing Zander back into the cushions, and now he could feel Nikolas' erection through both layers of pants. "You don't want to do this," Zander warned, but it sounded a bit like begging even to his own ears.


Nikolas ground his crotch into Zander's. "Oh yes…I want to do this, trust me," he purred. He released Zander's wrists to rip his shirt open, then he bent his head to lick the flat nipples.

Zander hissed. He tried to push Nikolas off and managed to at least press him back before his wrists were grabbed again. Then he watched as Nikolas grabbed a blue silk scarf off the coffee table and bound his wrists together. Zander struggled but his body felt leaden from the drug. And what really sucked is that he recognized the scarf. He had given it to Emily before the bus accident. "I'm not going to let you do this," Zander ground out, even as his arms were once again pinned over his head.


"Let's just say I'm not giving you a choice," Nikolas replied, then he moved between Zander's legs and ripped open his jeans. He had Zander's cock in his hands a moment later and he took it into his mouth.


"Fuck!" Zander's body reacted to the warm wetness that surrounded his cock. Nikolas seemed to know exactly what to do, which made Zander wonder about him. But then pushed that thought aside and tried to ignore the rush of pleasure that made him feel liquefied again. Zander's lowered his arms and tried to push Nikolas off his cock. To no avail. And then he was cumming and Nikolas was swallowing every drop. Or almost every drop. Nikolas loomed over Zander and kissed him.

Nikolas thrust his tongue in Zander's mouth, kissing him until they were both breathless. He was pleased, but suspicious, when Zander started kissing him back. "I can see why Emily compares our kisses," Nikolas allowed. "No slurping, no sucking face. You're good at it. Very sexy."

Zander grimaced. "Gee…thanks," he drawled, sarcastically, then he adjusted his tone. He figured maybe he could get out of this without being fucked. "You're good at blow jobs, Nikolas. Maybe I can return the favor."


"As much as I'd love to feel your hot lips around my cock, I'll pass." Nikolas reached for the bottle of Lube on the table, then paused. "First things first." He grabbed Zander and pulled him off the couch, only to position him on the floor on his knees, chest resting on the couch, ass in the air.


"NO!" Zander shouted, as he struggled to rise. His bound hands were trapped under him and Nikolas' weight was pressed on his back, holding him down. He felt a slick finger press inside him and he tried to wriggle away. Then a hand smacked his ass and Zander froze. Then he felt it, Nikolas' cock pressing into him. It hurt and he whimpered.


Nikolas felt Zander stiffen in pain, heard his whimper, but he didn't stop. He was too close to coming. He thrust hard and made it all the way in, then he pulled out to the tip and thrust in hard again. "So…fucking...tight," he hissed between thrusts. "God...You may be good at fucking women...but you're perfect for being fucked!"


Zander was not happy to hear that. "Why don't you go fuck yourself!" he snarled, and that earned him another smack on the ass, hard enough to bring tears to his eyes. Then he felt the cock in him pulse and warm wetness filled Zander, even as shame washed over him. But Nikolas wasn't done. Zander moaned as Nikolas pulled out and then he stiffened as he felt a tongue lapping at his opening. Nikolas was licking off his own cum. Zander shuddered.


"Get off him!"

"What the.." Nikolas was stunned and then he was flying across the room as Lucky decked him with a hard right.


Zander struggled upright in time to see Nikolas hit the wall. He was stunned as he watched Lucky bear down on his brother, punching him several times, until Nikolas crumpled to the floor. Then Lucky was kneeling beside Zander, hands cupping his face. Zander couldn't hold his gaze, but he felt his skin flush with shame. "Don't...don't," Zander raised his bound hands to push at Lucky's chest.


Lucky wouldn't let him go. "It's okay, Zander. I'm here now and I'm going to take care of you." He untied the scarf then pulled Zander to his feet.


"Leave me alone." Zander tried to pull away and stumbled since his pants were down around his ankles. He felt sick with humiliation, which was made worse when Lucky tugged his briefs up for him, then his pants. Zander was frozen in shame, and tears slid down his face as he felt Lucky zip his jeans. He wanted to fall through a hole in the floor. Next best thing would be to run, but the drug Nikolas gave him still rendered Zander lethargic.


"I'm taking you home," Lucky stated, brushing the tears off Zander's face. He kissed him gently, then wrapped an arm around Zander's waist to help him walk to the door.


Zander freaked. He pushed Lucky away then his knees buckled and he hit the floor. Frustration and anger and pain rolled over him in waves and he Zander screamed, then he grabbed a nearby vase off the coffee table and hurled it across the room. He would have crawled to find more things to throw but Lucky's arms were around him, holding him tight, rocking him, and Zander felt himself melting into them as exhaustion and darkness washed over him, and reality faded.


Chapter 15