Chapter 15

Lucky took Zander back to his place. He was drifting in and out of consciousness and Lucky knew from Zander's ramblings that he had been drugged. What he didn't know was how to help him. At one point Zander woke up and scrambled for the bathroom. Lucky helped him and they made it just in time before Zander puked his guts out. After that he seemed weaker and Lucky got worried. An hour later when Zander started shivering and moaning, Lucky got scared. He called 911 and followed the ambulance to General Hospital. Once there he paced in the waiting area until Monica Quartermaine came out of the treatment room. Lucky met her halfway. "How is Zander?"


Monica locked eyes with Lucky. "First I need you to tell me what happened to him?"

"I'm not sure." Lucky was hesitant to reveal all the facts. He knew Zander would be upset as it was. "I know he was drugged, I don't know the details."

"Did you know he was raped?"

Lucky froze. " do you know that?"

Monica sighed. "I had to examine Zander. When we took his clothes off I could see the semen stains on his boxers and on his skin. It's very obvious he was raped."

"Shit!" Lucky ran a hand through his hair. "Please don't tell anyone."

"Why not?"

Lucky told Monica as much truth as he could. "Zander wouldn't want anyone to know." And there was the fact that his brother would be held accountable for the crime. Lucky was furious with Nikolas, but he didn't want him going to jail for rape. He didn't think Zander would want to go through a trial and such either. He had enough to deal with.


Monica sighed again. "Lucky…I have to report it. I'm sorry."

"Is Zander going to be okay?"


"I think so. He had a bad reaction to the drug he was given, and he's going to be sore, and I think he needs to talk to someone about what happened. But he'll heal in time."


Lucky nodded. "Thanks. Can I see him?"


Monica smiled. "Sure. For a minute. We have to move him to a room. We're going to keep him here for a few days."

"Okay." Lucky watched her go then he headed for the treatment room. Zander was still and looked pale in the hospital gown. Lucky brushed his hair back and kissed the soft lips. "I'll be here, Zander," he whispered. "And I promise you...I won't let anyone hurt you again."


* * * * *


Zander was not happy to find himself in the hospital. He pitched a fit and tried to leave. When an orderly tried to stop him, Zander began trashing his room. Three orderlies and a sedative later, Zander found himself in restraints. He glared at Monica. "I want out of here!"


"You need to calm down, Zander." She replied.


"You can't keep me here."

Monica sighed. "I can if I believe it's in your best interest as my patient. And I've talked to Dr. Baldwin and she agrees with me."

Zander shook his head. "What had Dr. Baldwin got to do with this?"


"Given the circumstances, Zander...I think you need to talk to someone."


Monica locked eyes with Zander. "Being raped."

He froze. "What are you talking about?"

"I examined you, Zander. I know that you were drugged and raped. That is something you have to deal with."


"You cannot keep me here," Zander stated, tugging at the restraints. "I want to see Alexis. She'll tell you."


Monica sighed again. "She's out of town. I want you to rest. We'll talk again later." Monica turned and walked out.

Zander cursed then closed his eyes. His life sucked.


* * * * *


Lucky had spent as much time with Zander as he could. Until Zander had sent him away. Lucky only left because Zander threatened to scream bloody murder, and Lucky knew he would have done it. So he came home and dropped onto the bed. He was exhausted. But a pounding on the door woke him. He got up, stumbled over to it, then opened it to find two officers standing there. He knew them. "What's up guys?"

The taller one looked unhappy. "Sorry, Lucky, but you're under arrest?"

"What? For what?"


Lucky shook his head. "Assault? On who?"

The tall cop made a face. "Nikolas Cassadine. He's pressing charges. I have to cuff you."

"Son of a bitch," Lucky cursed, even as he turned around. He couldn't believe Nikolas was doing this.


* * * * *


Ric Lansing entered Zander's hospital room. He smiled to see the restraints on the young man. Leaning over the bed rail, Ric kissed the sweet lips. He pulled back as Zander's eyes flew open. "Long time no see," Ric purred.

Zander glared at Ric, tugging at his restraints. "What the fuck are you doing here!"

"My job. I need a statement from you, Zander."

"A statement? For what?" Suspicion glinted in Zander's eyes.


Ric smiled. "My office is pressing charges against Nikolas Cassadine for raping you."

Zander was beyond stunned, but he tried to school his reaction. "Never happened."

"Really? That's funny, because Nikolas confessed. And you want to know what's really ironic? Both Nikolas and Lucky are in jail right now."

"Lucky is in jail?" Zander couldn't hold back his surprise. "What for?"


Ric reached out to run his fingers through Zander's hair, curling them into the locks when the boy tried to pull away. He then leaned in to whisper against the sweet lips, "Nikolas is pressing assault charges against Lucky. Fucked up…don't you think?"


"Don't touch me!" Zander ground out, but he couldn't pull away when Ric kissed him. Then a hand was pulling back the covers and sliding under the hospital gown. And Zander could only whimper when a hand curled around his cock because Ric's tongue was in his mouth. He tugged against the restraints, but he was helpless.


"Shh...shh.." Ric purred as he continued to stroke Zander. He felt the cock harden in his hand and that pleased him. "You still want me, Zander. You need me." Ric clapped one hand over Zander's mouth to keep him silent as he bent over to take the tip of Zander's cock into his own mouth. He suckled it then teased the tiny slit with his tongue and tasted pre cum. Then he swallowed the cock whole and worked it until cum flooded his mouth. He swallowed most of it, then moved back up to kiss Zander, holding his head still as he tongue fucked the boy's mouth, making him taste himself. Ric only pulled back when Zander nearly bit him.

Zander cursed at Ric but kept his voice down, he didn't want company to see his latest humiliation. "What the fuck do you want from me?" Zander hissed.

Ric found a towel and he wiped Zander's cock before pulling the blankets back up. "I want you back in my bed, Zander. Agree to that and I'll drop the rape charges against Nikolas. No one else will have to know what happened."


"Go to hell!" Zander snarled. He would never let Ric fuck him again. What was meant to be a one time thing had snowballed into a fuckfest for Zander. He was tired of it.

"We'll talk again later," Ric replied, then he strolled out of the room.


* * * * *

Eventually Monica had to let Zander out of the restraints. And the first thing Zander did was get up, get dressed and leave. He went to Jake's and ordered a beer. He thought about going to see Lucky but he wasn't ready for a confrontation. Not yet. Although Zander was determined to figure out a way to help Lucky. At this rate he would let Nikolas go to jail for rape, but no way would he allow Lucky to suffer for trying to help him. Zander was still stunned that Nikolas was being such an ass and filing charges against his own brother.


Two beers and a game of pool later, Zander was approached by a black man who introduced himself as Justus Ward.

"Can we talk, Mr. Smith?"


"What about?"

"Justice." A smile cracked Justus' face at his own pun.


Zander rolled his eyes. "Not interested."

Justus leaned in. "I know about the rape charges against Nikolas Cassadine. I think you could use a good lawyer."


"Is that what you are? A lawyer?"


"And a damn good one."

Zander was thoughtful. "Okay...let's talk. In my room." He led the way upstairs. The minute the door was closed, he got to the point. "Look...a friend of mine is in trouble, Lucky Spencer."

Justus nodded. "Yeah…I know about the assault charges."


"He's a cop and this would ruin his career. Can you help him?"

"Sure...I can fix things. I can get the charges dropped. For a fee."

Zander thought of the money Faith and Lorenzo had given him. He had hidden it away and he hated thinking about what it symbolized, but he would use it to help Lucky. "I have some money. How much do you need?"


Justus smiled. "I don't want money, Mr. Smith."

"Then what do you want?"

There were no words. Justus' reply was to slam Zander up against the door and kiss him.


Chapter 16