Chapter 16

Zander felt Justus' tongue invade his mouth even as a leg was shoved between his own, a muscled thigh pressing against his crotch. He made to shove Justus back but his forearms were grabbed and pinned to the door. Zander tried to bite but Justus pulled away and laughed. "You fucker!" Zander hissed.


"How badly do you want to save Lucky, Zander?" Justus countered. "I can get the charges dropped, but only if you do what I want."

"Which is?" Zander asked even though he already knew the answer.


Justus leaned in and licked Zander's lips. "You let me fuck you and you do whatever I want, and I'll make sure Lucky goes free and clear. Deal?"

Zander knew he didn't have a choice. Lucky had been good to him and it was time to return the favor. In the only way he seemed to be good for. "Deal." He heard his voice shake. Then hands were ripping his shirt open and Zander's first reaction was to stop them, but he looked at Justus' face and dropped his hands to his side. He bit his lip as sharp teeth tugged on his nipples, then a warm tongue lapped it's way down his abdomen to his navel. Zander closed his eyes as his jeans were undone and he kept the closed as he was undressed, stepping out of his boots and pants and briefs and feeling Justus peeling off his socks. Then his shirt was tugged off his shoulders and Zander was naked to the other man's gaze. The heat of which he could feel against his skin. Then Zander shuddered as fingers curled around his cock and began to stroke him. Then a finger tip traced his lips before slipping inside him mouth.

"Suck on it," Justus ordered.

Zander obeyed. The finger was removed then Zander felt a hand slip behind him and wetness probe between his buttocks. The finger, slicked with his own saliva, pressed into him. He felt his cock harden then warm lips were closing over the tip. Zander's knees buckled but he remained standing.


Justus pulled away from Zander. "On the bed," he ordered.


Zander opened his eyes and obeyed. He stretched out on his back as ordered, lifting his hips as a pillow was shoved under the small of his back. He opened his legs for Justus to move between then closed his eyes again as fingers curled around his cock.

"Open your eyes," Justus commanded. "Keep them open."

Zander obeyed. He watched as Justus suckled him to orgasm, unable to stop the whimpers that escaped him. He went limp in the aftermath and his eyes drifted closed. He felt a mouth seal to his, stealing his breath, then a cock was pressed to his lips, and Zander was almost relieved. He opened his mouth to accept it. This was better than being fucked, but no such luck.

Justus pulled out before he came. "On your hands and knees," he ordered.


Zander opened his eyes, seeing Justus' cock for the first time and he felt a flare of panic. The cock was bigger than anything that had been inside him before. Too long, too thick and too hard. Zander whimpered and tried to slide off the bed. But he froze when Justus grabbed his arm.

"Think about Lucky," Justus purred.


"Fuck you!" Zander hissed. It was all he had as a comeback. He closed his eyes against the sting of tears and turned over to get on his hands and knees.


Justus nipped Zander's buttocks, laughing when the boy gasped in surprise. He ran his hands over the muscled globes appreciatively. "Beautiful....and just perfect for fucking. I even brought my own lubricant. It has a warming effect I think you'll like." As he spoke, Justus coated his fingers with the stuff and slid one inside of Zander.

Zander gasped then he wriggled as the warming effect Justus spoke of kicked it. It felt rather tingly. And just at that moment, the finger inside him crooked and the knuckle brushed over his prostrate. Zander moaned as pleasure jolted through him. He didn't want to enjoy this. He wanted to think of this as a business arrangement. A means to set Lucky free. He moaned again as another finger pressed inside, stretching him, then they slid out and Zander braced himself. He felt the swollen tip of Justus cock press against his opening, then he rocked forward as it pushed inside. Zander hissed in pain.


"Easy...easy," Justus cooed as he rubbed Zander's back. "I know I'm big...just relax."

"Easier said than done!" Zander spat. He was panting against the burn, then he felt Justus press in another inch, then another. Then a hard thrust and the thick cock was almost all the way in. Pain jolted through Zander and he cried out, biting his lip to hold back more cries. Tears slid down his cheeks. "Stop...stop!" he begged.

Justus went still and leaned over Zander's back and nipped at his earlobe to distract him. One hand slipped between Zander's legs to fondle his balls.

After a moment the pain eased a bit and Zander felt his inner muscles relaxing. But when Justus pushed in the rest of the way, the burn returned. The cock inside him was too big, he felt like he was going to split apart from the inside out. "Please.." Zander begged, then he moaned as Justus pulled out to the tip only to press back in. His body rocked with the thrust and Zander's fingers curled in the bed sheets.


"It's okay...shh..." Justus drawled. "Just relax and go with the flow." He pulled out slow and thrust back in firmly. After a while he set a smooth rhythm.

"Fuck…fuck.." Zander whispered. The pain eased as the warming effect took over, but there was very little pleasure for him, not that he wanted there to be. Then he felt Justus' hands on his hips, pulling back onto his knees until he was sitting on the man's lap. Zander felt the coarseness of Justus' clothes against his bare skin. The man hadn't even bothered to undress to fuck him, which made Zander feel ever more like the whore.


Justus curled his fingers around Zander's cock again as he thrust up into his tightness. Tiny little thrusts. "You are so fucking perfect like this," he whispered in Zander's ear. "I could stay buried inside your luscious ass all day."


Zander blinked back tears but he felt anger surge through. "Well enjoy it while it lasts, cause this is a one time deal!" he hissed.


"Maybe," Justus purred, then he began to thrust harder and faster. He pushed Zander back onto his hands and knees, gripped the lean hips and pistoned in and out. Then he cried out as he came in a rush.


Zander felt the warm wetness of Justus' seed filling him. He was glad it was over. He fell into the sheets as Justus went limp over him. "Get off!" Zander snarled.


Justus didn't move. "Soon enough," He countered. "I like it in here."


"How soon before Lucky gets out?" Zander asked, making this about business again.


"A few hours."

Zander felt relief wash over him. "You screw me on this and you will regret it," Zander promised.

Justus laughed. "Interesting choice of words, Zander." He pulled out but only to roll Zander over and Kiss him.


"No!" Zander tried to pull away.


"I haven't freed Lucky yet," Justus warned. "You have to do what I say, remember?"


Zander glared at Justus, but he had given his word. So he kissed him, then he allowed Justus to wash him in the shower. Then he let himself be fucked again before the deal was completed. The moment Justus was gone, Zander showered once more, packed his bags, threw the money Alcazar and Faith had given him into his backpack, then he headed for the bus station. He was leaving Port Charles for good.


* * * * *


Lucky was stunned when he was taken from his cell and released.


Justus Ward came forward and explained to Lucky that he was free.

Lucky frowned. "I don't understand. How? Why?"


"Let's just say that Nikolas Cassadine dropped the charges."

"That doesn't make sense. And why are you involved?"


Justus smiled. "Ask Zander. He paid my fee." Justus leaned in to whisper, "He was a great fuck."


Lucky felt fury wash over him but he resisted the urge to belt Justus. Doing so would just get him locked up again and he needed to find Zander. But hatred burned in his eyes as he hissed back, "Touch Zander again...and I will kill you." That said, Lucky collected his belongings from the desk officer then headed out. Zander needed him.


Chapter 17