Chapter 19

Zander kept Lucky distracted with kisses, moving them both towards the door. Once inside he broke the kiss to whisper, "Please...Lucky...make love to me. Make me forget about everything else but you and me."

Lucky shook his head. "Zander…you know it's too soon."


"It's my body…my pain, Lucky. I want this. Please."


"Zander.." Lucky couldn't protest anymore. He leaned in for another kiss.

Zander whimpered as Lucky's hands moved over him. Fingers unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders, then teeth worried his flat nipples. He felt a brief moment of panic but that faded away when Lucky lifted his head and locked eyes with Zander. There was nothing but desire and warmth shining in Lucky's eyes. "More," Zander stated, answering the unasked question of whether or not he wanted to continue.


Lucky moved Zander to the bed. They undressed each other then Lucky laid Zander out on his back and took a moment to simply look at him. "You have no idea how beautiful you are," he whispered.

"I'm not," Zander replied, feeling a sudden sense of shame. Suddenly he was too naked and too vulnerable and he reached for the blankets to cover himself, but a hand gripped his wrist.

"Don't hide from me," Lucky begged. Then he was on the bed and kissing Zander again.

Zander moaned as Lucky's fingers found him. He felt himself harden and he wanted this. He whimpered when Lucky broke the kiss, but it was only to wrap his lips around Zander's cock. Zander closed his eyes as he felt Lucky's tongue tease the tiny slit, then fingers were kneading his balls and Zander barely felt the tingle in his spine before he was coming, hard. Then Lucky was draped over him again, kissing him, letting Zander taste himself. They kissed for a long time, then Zander pulled away. "Lie on your back" he ordered Lucky.

Lucky obeyed, his eyes never leaving Zander's face. "We don't have to do anything else," he whispered.

"I want to do more," Zander replied. "Be right back." He slipped off the bed and went into the bathroom. He figured on having to use baby oil or something as a lubricant, but Luke had stocked the cabin well. He found three types of lubricant. Zander grabbed a bottle and returned to the bed. He climbed on then straddled Lucky's thighs, then Zander poured lubricant in one palm, rubbed both hands together, then he gripped Lucky's cock, which was already hard and throbbing. He stroked it firmly, watching Lucky's face. Then Zander shifted position, straddling Lucky's hips now, and guiding himself over the hard shaft.


" don't have to--" Lucky began, only to break off with a moan as his tip slid inside of warm tightness.


Zander bit his lip as he felt Lucky's cock penetrate him. It hurt and burned but he didn't want to stop. He pushed down and the hardness slipped in deeper and Zander moaned. He felt strong hands gripping his hips, stopping him.

Lucky shook his head. "It's okay, Zander. I can wait until you're better."

"I am better," Zander insisted, then he pushed down hard and Lucky's cock was all the way inside him. There was pain and a burn as he was stretched, but it felt right. Zander went still for a moment, letting himself adjust. "I want this," he whispered. "I need this...I need you."

"Okay," Lucky replied, holding his breath. He released it as Zander began to move. He tried not to thrust his hips but all too soon his own need took over and he was countering Zander's rhythm, thrusting up hard.


Zander shifted, angling the thrust so that he felt a jolt of pleasure with each press down. He felt vulnerable like this, spitted on Lucky's cock, but he felt in control as well and he loved the look of pleasure on Lucky's face. Then Zander felt the pulse of Lucky's cock and warm wetness filled him. He closed his eyes but opened them as Lucky pushed him down onto his back, moving slowly so that they were still joined together, then Lucky was looming over Zander, his head dipping and a warm mouth was sealed to his.


Lucky kissed Zander until they were both breathless, then he pulled out slowly and gathered Zander into his arms. "You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah…I'm okay," Zander whispered. He felt Lucky's fingers comb through his hair and he let his eyes close. They drifted open as Lucky shifted, but it was only to draw the blankets over them, then Zander let sleep claim him.


* * * * *


Zander started eating again. He felt better and he actually started getting antsy. He knew that they couldn't stay at the cabin forever and he confronted Lucky about it. "We have to go back."


"We will."



Lucky shrugged. "Soon."

Zander shook his head and laughed. "Define soon?"


"A few days or so. Maybe. I dunno." Lucky smiled.

"We have to go back," Zander repeated. "You have a job, remember? And I might still have one." He hadn't thought about Faith until now.


Lucky scowled. "You are not going back to work for Faith. Forget that."

Zander frowned at Lucky. "It's my job. You're gonna have to deal with that."

"Zander...Faith is the mob. You can't keep working for her."

"Why not?"

Lucky made faces as he tried to come up with a good argument. "Because I'm a cop."

Zander snorted. "So? What's your point?"

"My point is that we're kinda like…together now. You know? And you can't work for the mob, if I'm a cop."

"I don't recall reading that in the relationship handbook," Zander teased, but his heart wasn't in it. He didn't want to think about them as a *couple*. It was safer to just think of their time together as a *Thing*. "I'm going back...tomorrow." Zander felt he had made his point and he was about to walk away when an arm snaked around his waist and he found himself on Lucky's lap. He could feel Lucky's hardness pressing against his ass. The fact that he was naked beneath the towel he had wrapped around his waist made it easy to feel. A towel that Lucky was tugging open and tossing aside.


Lucky licked a water drop off Zander's chest. "I love it when you're wet," he whispered. "You should be wet and naked at all times."


Zander laughed, but it turned into a whimper as Lucky's fingers curled around his cock. Still, he had a point to make. "I'd be wrinkled...and cold."

"I'd keep you warm," Lucky purred, then he stood up, taking Zander with him, moving across the room to deposit them both on the bed. He pulled back long enough to shuck his own clothes then he was between Zander's legs, sucking on Zander's cock, bringing him to release.

"Lucky…ah…ah," Zander moaned as a slick finger slid inside him. He whimpered as a knuckle brushed his hot spot, then he felt hands gripping him, rolling him over onto his hands and knees, and then Lucky was pressing inside him and Zander panted at the burn. It was a sweet pain, because Lucky moved slow, distracting him with kisses along his spine, and fingers kneading his balls. Then they were moving together as one and Zander felt Lucky fill him then collapse over him, softening cock still inside him as they spooned together.


Lucky stroked Zander's cock, teasing him a bit as he whispered in his ear, "I don't ever want to leave."


Zander closed his eyes and sighed. "We can't stay here forever. You know that."


"Let's move in together," Lucky blurted out.

"I…um...let me think about it," Zander replied, biting his lip as Lucky's fingers fondled his balls. Then he pulled the roving hand away from that particular part of him, pressing it against his chest instead, only to giggle as Lucky tweaked his nipples. "Behave yourself."

Lucky nuzzled the back of Zander's neck. "Can't. You're too fucking sexy."

Zander felt the sudden burn of tears. "Shut up and go to sleep," he ordered, but his tone was warm. He wriggled a bit to make Lucky slide out of him, only to receive a slap on the hip. So Zander resigned himself to keeping the connection and closed his eyes.


* * * * *


When Lucky woke up in the morning, Zander was gone.


Chapter 20