Chapter 20

Zander went back to Jake's and back to work for Faith. A week passed since the interlude with Lucky at the cabin. Zander spent most of it avoiding the other man. He was grateful that Lucky didn't push things, whenever they did run into each other, like at Kelly's. Zander would simply walk away, avoiding eye contact and Lucky would let him. Until one night on the docks. Zander was standing at the railing, looking out at the water. He felt a presence behind him and turned to find two hands cupping his face and warm lips on his. A tongue pushed into his mouth, tasting him, and a moan escaped Zander. Then sanity returned and he broke the kiss, shoving Lucky away. They were both panting. "Don't do that!" Zander snapped.

Lucky locked eyes with him. "Why not? You wanted it as much as I did." He gripped Zander's wrist and brought his hand to press against his crotch. "Feel how much I want you, Zander."

"Get over it!" Zander jerked his hand back.


"Why are you doing this?"

Zander steeled himself against the hurt in Lucky's voice. "Because this is reality, Lucky. I'm living it and so should you." Zander turned and walked away, blinking back tears.


* * * * *


Jake's closed at 2 A.M. At 3 A.M Zander was still up, halfheartedly playing pool. He was surprised when the door opened and AJ Quartermaine walked in. "What the fuck are you doing here?" Zander queried. "I thought you left town?"


"I did. With Lydia." AJ chuckled. "I'm just making a pit see you."

"What for?" Suspicion colored Zander's tone.


AJ smiled. "To offer you a job running my new corporation. You did good work at ELQ. I paid attention, Zander. I started a company here in Port Charles, but I don't care to be here to run it. That's where you come in."

Zander was stunned. "Why me?"


"Because we both get something out of it. I get someone in charge I can trust and you make lots of money and garner some power in town."

"You trust me?" Zander laughed. "Since when?"


AJ shrugged. "I just do, okay? Are you interested or not?"


Zander was interested. "What's the catch?" He knew there had to be one.


"Well...we seal the deal with a fuck. As in…I get to bend you over the pool table and fuck you."


"Figures." Zander should have been surprised, but he wasn't. Everyone had left him alone for the past week, but he knew it wouldn't last. "Why fuck me? To make it literal instead of figurative, like it used to be? Like what you did to me in regards to Emily?"

AJ shrugged again. "Does it matter? You let me fuck you and you get to run my company, with a perk."

Zander frowned. "What perk?"

"If you let me fuck you, I make you my partner, fifty-fifty. Deal?"


"Deal." Zander didn’t' hesitate. Why should he? He was good at getting fucked, might as well get something out of it for once. Especially since Capelli had made off with the money Alcazar and Faith had given him.

AJ pointed to the pool table. "You know what to do."

Zander wasn't happy about this, but he moved over to the table and started undoing his jeans. Being that this was AJ he figured it would be fast and totally business like. And it was. Zander felt hands yank down his jeans and boxers until they were pooled around his ankles. Then he let himself be shoved over the table. He felt a slick finger inside him, then another, and bit his lip against the slight burn. Then he felt AJ's cock pressing into him. Zander couldn't hold back a whimper at the pain. It was nothing like when Lucky was inside him. And Zander didn't want it to be, he told himself. That had been something special. This was nothing more than a fuck.


"So…fucking…tight," AJ hissed as he pressed all the way inside. "I knew you would be." He chuckled then pulled out to the tip, only to thrust back in hard. He found a rhythm and worked it. Soon he was crying out and pulsing his seed into Zander.


"Done?" Zander asked, keeping his tone neutral. He hissed as AJ pulled out. He was about to rise up when he felt something soft wiping between his ass cheeks. AJ was cleaning his cum off of him. Zander felt torn between gratitude and humiliation. When AJ was done, he pushed off the table, yanked up his boxers and jeans then turned around. "So...we're partner's now?"


AJ nodded. "Go see Alexis in the morning. She has the paper work for you to sign. I'll be in touch." AJ mock saluted Zander then strolled out.

Zander told himself he was happy with the deal as he reached for the pool stick. But the tears that slid down his face gave lie to his belief.


* * * * *


Zander kept quiet about the company. For now. He signed the papers and put in the hours, but at night he still worked at the Haunted Star. He did it more to keep himself busy than anything else. He missed Lucky. Tonight was a good night, business wise, and after the Haunted Star closed it's doors, Zander counted up the money in the back. Faith would be pleased. She was out of town tonight but he knew she would call in the morning. Zander headed out to the main room to lock up and head for home, only to discover Carly and Courtney still there. "Place it closed, ladies," Zander told them.

Carly sauntered over to Zander and kissed him. "Yeah…we know. But...we're wide awake and horny. We were hoping you could do something about that."

"My pleasure," Zander purred, pulling Carly hard against him and claiming her sweet lips.


"Don't forget me," Courtney interjected, pulling Carly away from Zander so she could be kissed. She melted against Zander, curling her fingers in his hair and moaning when his tongue entered her mouth.

Zander couldn't believe this was happening. His body was on fire, his cock hard and aching. As if reading his mind, Courtney's hand opened his pants and slid inside, fingers curling around him. "You're killing me," Zander moaned.

Courtney laughed. "We hope too," she replied. "Carly and I have been planning this for a while. Sonny and Jason aren't exactly able to satisfy us as well as they satisfy each other."

"And I intend to make up for you kicking me out the last time, Zander," Carly stated. She was behind him, working on the buttons of his shirt by sliding her arms around to his chest. When she was done she slid the shirt off his shoulders and down his arms, but they were still buttoned at the wrists.

"I'll do my best to satisfy you both," Zander promised. He felt a bit helpless because his shirt was working like restraints at the moment. With his shirt off him and draped over his arms, he couldn't get his hands up to touch Courtney. And he wanted to touch her. He wanted to touch them both. Finally, frustration overcame Zander and he yanked hard, popping the buttons at his wrists and ditching the shirt. He ripped opened Courtney's bodice and bent his head to lick her nipples. Then he helped her get naked only to find her wet for him. Zander lifted her onto the blackjack table then dived between her open thighs. Using his tongue and his fingers, he brought her to orgasm.


Carly grabbed Zander and turned him around, kissing Courtney's taste off his lips. She was already naked and she helped Zander reach the same state of undress. "Fuck me hard," Carly ordered, turning her back to him and bending over a bar stool.


Zander hadn't fucked a woman doggy style in a long time. He bit her rump then fingered her folds for a moment. She was dripping wet. Zander lined himself up and slid into her in one thrust. They both moaned. Then Zander began to move, reaching around to finger her nub as he thrust. Then he felt it, a finger sliding inside him. Courtney. She had obviously done this before, because she found his hotspot on the first try. Zander whimpered and was relieved when Carly screamed and came. He followed her into orgasm. He felt the finger slide out of him, pulled out of Carly and turned her around. He kissed her then kissed Courtney. "Thanks...this was great."

"Let's do it again sometime," Carly countered.


"I'd like that." Zander helped them dress then got dressed himself and escorted them out. He walked them to Carly's car and bid them goodnight, then Zander headed for the docks. He had walked to the Haunted Star and he would walk home. He was on the docks when he heard footsteps behind him. He tried to turn around but rough hands grabbed him and dragged him into the shadows. Then another pair of hands were on him, pulling at his clothes.


Chapter 21