Chapter 3

Ric could feel Zander's body rock with each of his thrusts in. He was completely in control, his hands gripping the boy's lean hips as he pumped hard and fast. He was so close to coming but he didn't want this to end. But he could feel the tingle at the base of his spine and his balls tightened. And when Zander whimpered it was the end of Ric. He came hard and fast, pumping his seed deep inside of Zander. Then he slumped over the boy's back as he went limp in the aftermath.

"Get off!" Zander hissed after a moment.


"Sorry." Ric was grinning as he pulled back and out, hearing Zander's moan. Ric tucked himself back into his pants then dug in his pocket for the cuff key. He freed Zander then watched, entranced as the boy kicked off his shoes, peeled off his socks and tossed aside what remained of his pants. Totally nude Zander was a sight to behold.

Zander glared at Ric. "Stop staring at me!"


Ric smiled, one hand reaching out so he could brush his fingertips over Zander's ridged abdomen. He felt Zander tense as his fingers tickled down the happy trail then scratched through the dark pubic hair before curling around the half hard shaft. "You still want me," Ric purred.


"Man…you are so full of yourself." Zander slapped Ric's hand away. "I need clothes."

"You need a shower." Ric pulled himself away from Zander and strode over to the side wall. He punched a button and a door slid open. "Shower, sink and toilet. Get cleaned up."

Zander nodded. "Fine. But I still need clothes."

Ric moved to gather up the tattered remains of Zander's things. "I'll get you some."


"You're paying for what you wrecked," Zander warned, then he headed into the tiny bathroom.


"No problem," Ric purred beneath his breath, then he left the panic room, making sure the door slid shut behind him.


* * * * *

Ric was waiting for Zander when he came out of the bathroom. He enjoyed the view of wet-skinned Zander with only a towel wrapped around his slender waist. "Here...Got your clothes."


Zander took the items, stared at them, then glared at Ric. "Are you kidding me? Sweat pants and a tank top? Hello! I need underwear, socks, shoes and a coat, man. It's cold outside."


"You're not going out." Ric smiled.


"Excuse me?" Zander blinked at Ric. "What do you mean?"

Ric let his fingers comb through Zander's damp hair. "You're not leaving this room, Zander. Not for a while."

Zander shook his head in disbelief. "Are you crazy? You can't keep me here!"


"Sure I can."

"Okay…why? Why would you do that?"


Ric chuckled. "So I can fuck you some more."

Zander flushed red. "You son of a bitch! That's not happening!" He made to lunge at Ric but Ric had hit the remote button and was out the door and it was sliding closed before Zander knew what was happening.


"I'll be back later with food," Ric said, using the com unit so Zander could hear him.


"You bastard!" Zander pounded on the door. "Let me out of here!"


Ric didn't reply. But he took a moment to watch the monitors and after Zander wore himself out pounding on the door and cursing, he dropped the towel and got dressed. The view made Ric hard again, but he couldn't indulge himself just yet. He had work to do and dinner to fetch. And he was looking forward to having Zander for dessert.



Chapter 4