Chapter 23

"Hello, Zander," Ric drawled. "Long time no see."

Zander shook his head. "You can't be my guardian."


Ric smiled. "But I am."

"NO!" Zander looked at his father. "Tell me this isn't true. Tell me!"


"Ric Lansing is your guardian," Cameron replied. "Court appointed. You're stuck with each other for the next six months."


Zander couldn't accept this. He glared at Ric. "Why? Why would the courts appoint you?"


Ric moved to Zander's bedside, letting his eyes rove over the boy. "You should thank me, Zander. I spoke with a friend of mine about your case. A judge. He agreed to the guardian thing over sending you into rehab. So long as I was the guardian. I discussed it with your father and Dr. Baldwin and they both agree that I'm a good choice. We'll be living at my house."

"And Elizabeth is okay with this?" Zander was grasping for straws. He couldn't go back to Ric's place. He knew would happen. He could feel the other man's heated gaze moving over him. He could feel Ric's lust for him.


"Elizabeth and I are no longer together," Ric replied. Then he turned to Dr. Lewis. "I signed all the necessary paper work so you can remove the restraints. Once Zander is dressed, we can leave."

Cameron nodded. He moved to the bed an undid the restraints, then he looked at his son. "Don't blow this, Alexander. It's the last chance you'll get before the courts lock you up in the nut house."


Zander glared at his father. "Fuck you!" He watched his father leave, then he locked cold eyes on Ric. "You bastard! I know what you're doing. I'm not living with you."


" are. Or I will make sure you get locked up in rehab, and I'll make sure you don't spend the nights alone, Zander."


"You sonofabitch!" Zander knew that Ric meant what he said. He threw back the covers and got out of bed. Then he went to the closet and got his clothes. Uncaring that Ric was watching, Zander got dressed. " I get to be your fuck toy? Is that it?"

Ric smiled, then he reached out to smooth a lock of Zander's hair off his forehead. "I know about your company, Zander. If you want to keep running it, then you do as I say."

Zander knew he had no choice. Not at the moment. He would have to play along until he could figure a way out. "Let's go," he snapped, heading for the door.


* * * * *


"This is our room," Ric announced, as he led Zander into the master bedroom. "Why don't you shower then get into bed. I know you're still worn out from your ordeal."


"Fine." Zander decided to play along for now. To make Ric believe that he was complacent. Zander shrugged off his clothes then stood naked before Ric. The man was almost drooling at him and Zander held back a laugh. This might be easier than he had expected. Giving Ric a smoldering look, Zander drawled, "Want to wash my back?" He made the offer then headed into the bathroom.


By the time Zander stepped under the hot spray, Ric had entered the room and was naked as well. Zander let Ric soap him up, let the other man touch him and caress him. He said nothing, but moaned as Ric suckled his cock to orgasm, and moaned again as a finger pressed inside him. Then Ric was kissing him and Zander could taste himself. But in his mind he was kissing Lucky. It was Lucky who turned him around so that his hands were pressed against the slick wall. It was Lucky who stretched him open before pressing inside. It was Lucky who gave him time to adjust to the burn when he moaned as he was filled too full. And it was Lucky who screamed his name as he filled Zander with warm wetness. But when the cock pulled out and Zander was turned back around, the image of Lucky dissipated as Zander stared at Ric Lansing's smiling face. He was glad the shower was still running over his head, hiding his tears.


* * * * *


After being fucked by Ric in the shower, Zander was worn out. He let Ric dry him off then slid, naked, into bed. He drifted off to sleep easily, only to dream. About Capelli. Zander moaned as a hard cock stabbed into him. He fought against the cuffs that shackled his wrists to the bed. He wanted to wake up and willed his eyes to open. And then they were open, only this was no dream. Capelli was on the bed, between Zander's legs. Zander's wrists were cuffed to the bed and he tugged hard to free himself, even as he watched Capelli unzip his pants to free his cock. "No!" Zander hissed, as a thick finger stabbed into him. He tried to kick Capelli, only to see stars as he was backhanded across the face. Then he felt it, the tip of Capelli's cock pressing into him. A hard thrust and it was halfway in and the pain and burn made Zander cry out. Another thrust and Capelli was all the way inside him.


"Get off him!"


Zander felt Capelli freeze inside him as Ric appeared at the bedside.

Ric was holding a gun. "I told you to get off him," he repeated.


"Hey man...chill." Capelli slid out of Zander and climbed off the bed.

"What are you doing here?" Ric demanded.

Capelli grinned. "I've been watching the kid. Waiting for a chance. He's a very popular guy. Hell…I'd say he's been fucked by half the guys in town. So what's the big deal?"


Ric's smile was cold as he pulled the trigger and hit Capelli in the shoulder. The detective went down hard. "The big deal is that Zander is mine." He stood over Capelli as he made a call on his cell phone. "This is ADA Lansing. I found Officer Capelli in my house. He broke in and raped Zander Smith. I want him arrested and brought up on charges of breaking and entering and rape."


"You can't do that!" Capelli shouted, as Ric hung up the phone.

"I can shoot you dead instead," Ric offered.

Capelli cursed but shut up, one hand still clutching his bleeding shoulder.

Ric went to the bed and freed Zander from the cuffs. He grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around the shaking boy. "You're safe now, Zander. I will always protect you," Ric purred.


"You son of a bitch," Zander whispered, then he slid off the bed and ran into the bathroom. He made it just in time to puke.


Chapter 24