Chapter 24

Lucky was at the PCPD when Capelli was brought in, in cuffs. "What the hell is going on?" he asked.

Mac ordered Capelli into a cell then took Lucky into his office. "Ric Lansing called us in. It seems that Capelli broke into his house and...and he raped Zander Smith."

"What?" Lucky was stunned.
"Capelli raped Zander? " He couldn't believe this was happening again. So much for his protecting Zander. "I have to go."

"Go where?" Mac moved to block his way.


Lucky didn't want to tell Mac about his relationship with Zander so he tried to make something up. "I just....I have to go."

Mac shook his head. "You're on duty, officer. And right now your duty is to book Officer Capelli. Got it?"

"Yeah…I got it." Lucky yanked open the door and stalked out. Then he moved to the cage and called Capelli over. The man was smirking. "I've got a message for you," Lucky drawled.


"Yeah? From Zander? He's a great fuck…isn't he? know all about that --"


Lucky didn't hesitate. He unlocked the cage, grabbed Capelli by the shirt front and punched him in the nose.


* * * * *

Ric made Zander get dressed and go to General Hospital. He insisted on a rape kit being done. Zander knew this was a type of punishment. Everyone would know what happened to him. "I'll tell everyone you're lying," Zander told Ric. "And the rape kit is a waste of time. He didn't leave any…samples."


"He was inside of you, Zander. That's all it takes. And you will do this or Lucky will pay the price, by losing his job."

"Fuck you!" Zander hissed.


Ric smiled. "Later." They reached their destination.


Zander went inside, but all the while he was trying to figure out a way to escape. Monica approached them and Zander felt shame wash over him as Ric explained what had happened and what he wanted done. Monica knew about the other rapes and Zander hadn't been able to face her since then. And just when Zander thought his day couldn't get worse, his father appeared.


"You were raped?" He said to his son, in disbelief.


"Yes…he was," Ric interjected. "It happened at my house. I'm very sorry."

Cameron ignored Ric. He glared at Zander. "No doubt you asked for it in some way."


Zander felt fury wash over him. He hauled back and slugged his father in the nose. He felt hands pulling him back, and he didn't care. Then he found himself inside a treatment room. Monica was waiting for him. Zander glared at her.


"Zander...I want to help you," Monica said softly. "Let me help you."

"Sure…you can help. Let me out of here!" Zander turned his glare on the orderly who had dragged him in here and now guarded the door.


Monica sighed. "Zander...don't do this. I know that it's difficult for you to deal with what happened. That's understandable."

Zander laughed. "You have no idea what I'm dealing with!" he hissed.


"ADA Lansing will prosecute the person who did this to you, Zander."

"Now that's funny!" But Zander didn't feel like laughing. He felt like crying. When Monica moved towards him, he waved her away. "You're not touching me."

Monica sighed again. "Zander…I need to do a rape kit."

He shook his head. "Not happening." Zander would have said more but a sudden commotion outside the door distracted them all.


* * * * *


Lucky got pulled off of Capelli and Mac ordered him to take the rest of the day off. Which suited Lucky just fine. On instinct he went to General Hospital. If Lansing was going to prosecute a rape, he would have to have a rape kit done on Zander. And Lucky wasn't the least bit surprised to find Lansing in the waiting area. "Where is Zander?" he demanded.

Ric was not a happy man. "Back off, Officer Spencer!" he hissed.


"You did this, you sonofabitch!" Lucky snarled, then he decked Lansing with a hard right.


* * * * *

Monica was watching and she pushed the orderly out the door. "Stop them," she ordered, following close behind.


Zander took the opportunity to slip out. He took the stairs and hit the parking lot running. It wasn't hard to hitch hike a ride to the Haunted Star. Zander was looking for Faith, but he found Courtney instead.

"Hey, Zander," she purred. She was a little bit on the drunk side. "I was looking for you."

"Really?" Zander nudged her aside and headed for the safe. He took out two thousand dollars, figuring that he had fucked Faith enough times to have earned it. Plus she hadn't paid him lately.

Courtney watched Zander and frowned. "Going somewhere?"


Zander nodded. "I need to hide out somewhere for a while. I need a safe place to think."

"I know a place." Courtney took Zander by the hand. "Jason's old apartment. No one will find us there."


"Okay. Thanks." Zander let Courtney lead him out to her car. "Why were you looking for me?" he asked, as they headed off.


Courtney smiled. "I want a replay of the other night, Zander," she purred, one hand reaching out to caress his thigh. "Only this time I want to be the one you fuck."

Zander almost laughed, with relief. "Deal," he whispered. Then he moaned as Courtney's hand closed over his crotch.


Chapter 25