Chapter 27

Zander felt Stefanís fingers slide out of him, but the tongue in his mouth remained.  He tried to bite but couldn't. He tried to pull away but fingers were curled in his hair, he tried to lift his arms to stop him but they felt weighted. Then the kiss ended but only so that Stefan could pull away to unzip his pants and free his cock. "NO!" Zander cried out, then he came awake with a start.


"Easy, Zander. Take it easy." Stefan was by his side, hand stroking his hair to soothe him. "Bad dream?"


"Yeah...something like that." Zander lifted a hand to his face and it came away wet. But at least he could move his arms. And he was relieved to realize he wasn't naked. Not that he was wearing much, just a pair of boxer briefs. But he wasn't naked and the covers were draped over him. It had only been a dream. Zander made to sit up and it was easier this time. His body didn't hurt as much. But his head still ached.


Stefan studied Zander. "Are you hungry?"


Zander considered. "I guess a little."

"You need to eat to get your strength back. What little broth and juice I was able to get down you isn't even close to being enough sustenance. You're too thin."


"I'm not thin!" Zander protested. Then he shook his head at arguing such a stupid point. "Thank you, by the way, for taking care of me. It's kind of weird."

Stefan smiled. "Why weird?"

Zander shrugged. "Because of who you are. I're used to servants catering to your every need, and yet you catered to mine. And most people would probably consider me to be lower on the totem pole than a servant."


"Foolish people," Stefan drawled. "I'll get you something to eat."

"Can I shower first?" Zander asked. He felt sticky and gritty.


Stefan nodded. "I'll lay out some clothes for you and change the sheets."

Zander eased his way out of the bed. "I can do that myself." He stood up and his knees buckled. If Stefan hadn't caught his arm, he would have fallen.

"I'll do it," Stefan said firmly. "After I help you shower."

"Now that I can do on my own," Zander protested. But he shut up about it after Stefan released him and his legs gave out again. Because he wanted to feel clean again, Zander accepted naked Stefan joining him under the hot spray. And it felt rather good when strong hands soaped him up and washed him off, massaging aching muscles for him. But when fingers curled around his cock, Zander gasped.


Stefan was behind Zander and he leaned in to whisper, "Just relax and let me make you feel good, Zander."


Zander could feel Stefan's arousal pressing between his ass cheeks. He opened mouth to protest, but his cock had a mind of it's own. It hardened in Stefan's hand. And when a finger slipped inside him, Zander was lost. He came in a rush and his knees turned to rubber again. He let Stefan help him out and dry him off. He sat in a chair and watched naked Stefan change the sheets. Then he let himself be laid out on the bed, on his stomach, fingers curling in the sheets as a thick cock slid inside him. Then his body was rocking as Stefan thrust into him, angling his hips to bring Zander pleasure as well. But it was Lucky who Zander imagined was inside him when he felt warm wetness fill him. Zander buried his face in the sheet to hold back tears.


* * * * *


Zander's health improved rapidly. He and Stefan got along well. Stefan never pressured him for sex but Zander let it happen most nights, if only for the distraction it provided. Plus it helped his body to relax, allowing him to sleep more deeply. Then one night he came out of the shower to find Stefan tying silk scarves to the head board. "What are those for?" Zander queried.


"I want to tie you up," Stefan replied.


"Why?" Zander felt anxiety creep over him, remembering how Capelli had cuffed him to the bed to rape him. In his head, he knew that Stefan wouldn't hurt him, but he was still hesitant.


Stefan moved to Zander and kissed him. "I want to tease you until you explode with pleasure," he replied. "Trust me. I wont' hurt you."


Zander nodded. "Yeah...I know." He let Stefan lead him to the bed and stretched out upon it after dropping the towel that had been wrapped around his waist. Zander closed his eyes as Stefan bound his wrists to the bedposts, but opened them when he felt something cool hit his chest. Zander stared at the foamy white substance. "What is that?"


"Whipped cream," Stefan replied, before bending his head to lick it off. He shook the spray can he was holding then sprayed a trail of cream from Zander's scar to his happy trail, then he licked it off.


"Fuck," Zander hissed, as he felt himself harden. Then he frowned as Stefan set the can aside and reached for a black scarf. "What's that?"

Stefan smiled. "Blind fold. I want you to simply feel, Zander." He tied the blindfold in place.

Zander tensed as he felt Stefan moving over him, then he gasped as he felt cream slathed over his cock and balls. He whimpered and wiggled as Stefan licked his anatomy clean and moaned again as a finger slid inside him. Stefan slid two pillows under his hips and Zander felt totally exposed and open. Then it happened. He felt cream sprayed over his opening and then a warm tongue was licking it away. Then the tongue was inside him and Zander remembered Taggart doing this to him, minus the whipped cream. Then he felt a finger inside him, then two. They brushed over his hot spot and Zander whimpered. Then he was begging for more and Stefan's cock was pressing inside him.


When it was over and Zander was free of his bonds, he grabbed for the whipped cream can. He sprayed some in his mouth then French kissed Stefan. Then he licked the cream off various parts of Stefan's body. Then he gave the man a blow job he would never forget and wished it was Lucky's cock pulsing in his mouth.


* * * * *


Lucky reached the place Zander was supposed to be. But he wasn't there. Frantic, Lucky called Courtney who told him that Jason was on his way. He had gotten a call that Zander had never arrived. Lucky paced as he waited for Jason to come. He said nothing as he slipped into Jason's car. Then they headed off. Lucky prayed. They had to find Zander.


* * * * *


Zander had planned on leaving but Stefan convinced him to stay. IT was a safe place for Zander and they didn't have to be alone. Since he knew he couldn't go back to Port Charles, and that Lucky would forever be out of his reach, Zander figured he might as well stay.


Three more days passed then Stefan had to go out for supplies. Zander stayed home, he was nursing a headache and took a triple dose of aspirin before falling asleep. He dreamed about Lucky and woke up with tears in his eyes. Then he sensed it. A presence. He turned his head and saw a stranger sitting in the corner chair. Fear crept over Zander. "Who are you?" he asked.


The man smiled and replied, "Stavros Cassadine."


Chapter 28