Chapter 29

Lucky was scared. He and Jason kept running into dead ends in their search for Zander. Jason had just convinced Lucky to head back to Port Charles when they ran into a dead man. Or rather, a man who should have been dead. Stefan Cassadine.


"Don't look so surprised," Stefan drawled.


"Why aren't you dead?" Lucky shot back. "My father killed you."


Stefan shrugged. "Apparently not. You're looking for Zander."

Lucky was stunned. "How did you know?"

"He talked about you in his sleep."

"You fucked him." Jason made a statement of fact.

Stefan smiled at him then Lucky. "Of course I did." Still looking at Lucky he stated, "He loves you."


Lucky wanted to believe that, but he didn't want to hear it coming from Stefan Cassadine. He wanted to hear it from Zander's sweet lips. Still, he had to ask. "How do you know that?"

"He would dream about you and talk in his sleep a bit. He's tortured soul."

"And no doubt you added to that torture!" Lucky snarled. "If you hurt him.."

Stefan shook his head. "I'm not the one who would hurt him."

Lucky sighed, realizing he was wasting time. "Where is he?"





Stefan locked eyes with Lucky. "My brother has him."

Jason blinked. "Stavros is dead."

"My brother is like the Phoenix. It's a Cassadine trait. He’s alive."


"What does he want with Zander?" Fear rippled through Lucky as he asked.


Stefan smiled coldly. "What we all wanted." His meaning was clear.


Lucky closed his eyes against the burn of tears. "Do you know where he is??"


"Back in Port Charles." Stefan held out a white card. "It's an invitation to a, gala. I'm pretty sure you'll find one in your mailboxes back home. My guess is that my brother will be showing off his new...acquisition."


"Why?" Lucky felt anger replace his fear.

Stefan's eyes turned to ice. "You'll have to ask Stavros that. But I'm sure it's related to you and your father in some way. It always is." With that Stefan turned and walked away.


Lucky looked at Jason. "Let's get home." They got in their car and drove off.


* * * * *


Zander whimpered as Stavros' cock breeched him. A forced entry with no preparation other than some lubricant that was meant to protect Stavros from pain. The hard thrust in burned and Zander bit his lip as the hard thickness filled him. He wanted to pull away but he was restrained. On his knees, facing the headboard, his wrists bound to the vertical bars with leather straps, and he was bent forward just enough to keep him off balanced. It was Stavros' favorite position for him.


"So fucking tight," Stavros whispered, leaning over Zander's back to whisper in his ear. "It amazes me how tight you stay, considering how often you've been fucked. Just further proof that you were made for this, Zander."


"Fuck you!" Zander hissed, knowing that he would be punished for it. But he didn't care.

Stavros laughed, then one arm snaked around Zander's waist so that he could grip his cock. "Naughty boy," Stavros purred, as he squeezed Zander's cock in his hand. "Just for that I'm not going to let you come until you beg me."

Zander bit his lip to hold back a moan as Stavros stroked him. He was already hard and aching, due in part to the drugs Stavros had given him, and because of the cock ring he was wearing. It was a new hell that Zander could have lived without. But Stavros loved to make Zander beg.


"Beg me," Stavros ordered, as he pulled slowly out of Zander. Then he shifted his angle before plunging back in, brushing over Zander's hotspot.

"No!" Zander hissed, as pleasure washed over him. The drug in his system turned pleasure into something that was almost painful. Almost.

Stavros pulled out and plunged in again, then he went still, buried deep inside of Zander, focusing now on Zander's balls. He needed them and felt them tighten. But the cock ring would prevent Zander from finding his release. "Beg me to fuck you and I'll let you come," Stavros promised.

Zander hung his head and focused on breathing. He couldn't speak, and he was panting against the pleasure pain that twisted inside him. He needed release. He hated his weakness. "Please," Zander whispered.

"Please what?" Stavros prompted.

"Fuck me!" A tear slid down Zander's face, then he almost sobbed in relief as the cock ring was removed and he was allowed to come. The release was so intense that it took a moment for Zander to realize that Stavros had come as well.

Pulling out, Stavros patted Zander's ass. "Good boy," he drawled, approvingly. "The party starts in an hour. You need to shower and dress. I'll send Mischa in to free you."

Zander stiffened. "No…please don't," He pleaded. He hated Mischa more than he hated Stavros. The over muscled guard delighted in touching Zander every chance he got. Fondling him with heavy hands and thick fingers. And he was twice Zander's size and could hold him easily whenever he wanted to cop a feel. Zander knew that naked and restrained as he was, Mischa wouldn't be able to resist fucking with him. He wouldn't, literally, fuck him because Stavros would kill Mischa for doing that. But he would do other things and Zander shuddered to think of them.


"You shouldn't have back talked me, Zander," Stavros replied, letting his hand caress one bare, muscled, buttock. Then Stavros slid off the bed and shrugged on a black, silk, robe. He strode to the door and flung it open to bellow, "Mischa!"


"Where are you, Lucky?" Zander whispered to himself as he waited for what was to come. He knew that Lucky wouldn't have a clue where to find him. And he probably wasn't even looking for him, after the way Zander had treated him. But Zander couldn't help but wish that the man he loved would come and rescue him once more.


Lost in his thoughts, Zander had forgotten about Mischa, until fingers parted his ass cheeks and he felt a wet tongue stabbing into him, licking away Stavros' seed. Zander closed his eyes and fought down a wave of nausea. Then he fought back a cry as thick fingers stabbed into him. He was nothing but a whore. A used whore. And Zander realized that even if Lucky could find him, he wouldn't want him any more.


* * * * *


Lucky pulled at the tie around his throat. He was dressed in a tux for Stavros' party. Sure enough an invitation had been waiting for him. His father was with him. And looking around the room, Lucky realized he knew everyone there.

Sonny, Jason, Courtney and Carly were there. Jax and Lorenzo Alcazar and Faith Roscoe were there. Ric Lansing and Scotty Baldwin were there.  Nikolas and Emily as well. Cameron Lewis and Alexis Davis as well. Lucky realized something.  Many of the guest had slept with Zander. Too many of them for his tastes. Too many people had abused Zander and Lucky was going to put a stop to it. Tonight.


He made a circuit around the room and he could almost feel everyone's curiosity. Everyone wanted to see if it were true. That Stavros Cassadine was alive. But another shock came first when Stefan Cassadine entered the room. Lucky knew he was alive but no one else did and he watched everyone's reaction. Lucky hadn't told his father about Stefan being alive. He had thought the man was going to leave town. But no such luck. Now Lucky wished he had told his dad. He could see that his father was stunned, but no more so than Nikolas and Alexis.

But before that shock could wear off, Stavros made his entrance, and by his side was Zander. Lucky had to make himself stand still. He wanted to run to the man he loved but he knew now was not the time to make his move. He would have to wait for Jason's signal. They needed to know what was going on before they could free Zander.


* * * * *

Zander felt everyone's eyes pinned on him and Stavros. He had rather hoped that no one would notice him in their shock at seeing Stavros Cassadine alive and well. But no such luck. Even when Stefan moved to flank Zander, so that he was between the two brothers did the attention of the crowd waver from him. Not even when Helena Cassadine appeared, as if out of thin air, did the eyes of the crowd leave him. Zander wanted the floor to open up and swallow him. He knew everyone was wondering what the hell he was doing there.

Stavros didn't keep them waiting. "Hello everyone," He drawled. "I'm so glad you could make it. As you can see, my brother and I are alive and well and we are making our presence in Port Charles known. I will, once again, be running the family business. But I can see that most of you are more interested in the young man at my side. Let me introduce him to you.  You used to know him as Zander Smith. But now he will be known as Prince Alexander. Not because of blood ties, but because he lover."

As gasps from the crowd filled the room, Zander closed his eyes and prayed to die.



Chapter 30