Chapter 30

Stavros' announcement caused somewhat of an uproar. The guests were beyond stunned and reacted amongst themselves at the news.

Zander heard the noise like a buzzing in his ears. He felt the floor shift beneath his feet then darkness rushed over him. He didn't feel his body hit the floor.


Lucky watched Zander collapse and he didn't think. He rushed to him and gathered him in his arms. He glared when Stavros knelt down beside them and dared to brush Zander's hair off his face. "Leave him alone!" Lucky hissed.

"He's mine now," Stavros purred.


"Actually…he's mine. He's my son." Cameron was kneeling beside them as well, his focus on Zander. "Give me room," Cameron ordered. "I'm a doctor." He did a quick check and announced, "He's been drugged."


Stavros shrugged. "Your point being."


Ric Lansing appeared. "Zander Smith is under investigation for several mob related crimes," he stated. "He will be taken to General Hospital and placed under guard until he's released."

"And then what?" Stavros countered. "You'll take him back to your place and fuck him? I don't think so, Mr. Lansing. As I said, Zander is mine."

"You're just doing this to get to me!" Luke pushed his way through the crowd surrounding Zander. "You know that my son is in love with him and you're using Zander, to use Lucky, to get to me."

Stavros laughed. "That sounds entirely more complicated than it needs to be, Luke. To be sure, I have plans for you. And I do know all about Lucky's feelings for Zander. And, in a sense, I am using Lucky. But Zander is mine in everyway, simply because I want him to be." Stavros clapped his hands and two dozen guards seemed to appear from out of the woodwork. Armed guards. "Escort our guests out," Stavros ordered. "The party is over." Then he looked at Mischa. "Take Zander to his room."

Lucky didn't want to let go of Zander. Not now, when he was back in his arms again. But he felt a hand on his shoulder and Jason was giving him a look. A warning. Lucky got the message. They couldn't free Zander at this moment, but they would. Lucky pressed a kiss to the pale lips then allowed a muscle-bound giant of a man to take Zander from him.


"Goodnight everyone," Stavros said loudly. "Thank you for coming. It's been fun." With that, he turned to leave. Stefan and Helena followed close behind.


* * * * *


Zander woke up alone. He was in bed and naked, but alone. He felt a little woozy and wasn't quite sure what happened, but he did remember the party and Stavros' announcement and his utter humiliation. Everything after that was a blur and Zander figured it was probably better that way. He slid out of bed and padded into the bathroom. He showered and dressed in jeans and a pullover and was pulling on his boots when the door opened. Zander felt fear clench in his stomach as Stavros and Mischa entered the room.


"How do you feel, Zander?" Stavros queried.


"All right."

Stavros smiled then he reached out to smooth a lock of hair out of Zander's eyes. "Do you remember what happened?"

Zander shook his head. "No."

"You passed out. The stress and the drugs and lack of sustenance are no doubt to blame."


"I'm sorry." Zander was sorry. Because he could tell, from the look in Stavros' eyes, that he was about to be punished.

Stavros shrugged. "It's okay. But don't let it happen again." He caressed Zander's cheek for a moment, then he pulled back his arm. But only so that he could slap him. Hard.

Zander rocked back from the blow. He barely had time to recover when Mischa was on him, dragging him from the bed. A meaty fist slammed into Zander's midsection and he doubled over, only to be yanked back up for another blow. This one made his knees buckle and he hit the floor and curled up on his side, trying to protect himself. But Mischa was relentless. Zander lost track of where the fists hit him. He only knew they never aimed for his face. Stavros wouldn't want anything to show. Then darkness washed away the pain and Zander welcomed it.


* * * * *


Lucky was impatient. Tonight they were going to rescue Zander. Jason had a plan and it was a good one. He had gathered a team to infiltrate and they had an inside man to help them. Tonight Zander would be free. He would be back in Lucky's arms. But the waiting was hell. "How much longer?" Lucky asked.


Jason glared at him. "Ten minutes," he replied, then he walked away.


"I'm coming, Zander," Lucky whispered. "I’m coming to take you home."


* * * * *


Pain invaded Zander's consciousness. It ripped him out of the warm darkness of oblivion and snapped him into reality. Everything was pain, but through it came a sudden awareness and he whimpered and tried to escape it. But a hard body pressed him face down into the bed and, mercilessly thrust into him. Zander felt his body rock and each time the thick cock slammed into him, it brought a fresh wave of pain. He prayed for unconsciousness but it was just out of reach. Then he felt warm wetness flood his inside and he nearly wept in relief. But the torment wasn't over. The cock pulled out and Zander was turned over to see Mischa smiling at him. Mischa had finally gotten his chance to fuck him and Zander felt sickened. Then wet lips were on his and a thick tongue invaded his mouth. Zander tried to struggle but Mischa's heavy weight pressed down on him, bringing new agony as his battered ribs were crushed. Then Zander's prayers were answered and darkness claimed him.


* * * * *


Lucky entered Zander's room. The inside guy helping them had made their infiltration almost too easy. The alarms were rerouted so no one realized they were there. Jason and his team were taking care of the guards and Lucky needed only to grab Zander.  He glided over to the bed and froze.


Zander lay in a tangle of sheets. There was blood and semen on the sheets and on his naked body. There was heavy bruising marring far too much of his golden skin. Tears burned in Lucky's eyes. "Bastard!" He hissed, and he vowed to come back later and kill Stavros with his bare hands. With a shaky hand lucky reached out to touch Zander's face. His perfect, beautiful, face was untouched and Lucky was grateful for that. "I'm here, baby," Lucky whispered.

" more," Zander whimpered, recoiling from the touch.

"Zander…it's me. It's Lucky." But he realized that Zander was pretty much out of it and they were running out of time. He found a blanket draped over a nearby chair and he wrapped Zander in it before lifting him into his arms. He hated hearing the moans of pain that escaped Zander's lips, but that couldn't be helped. Lucky held Zander close then left the room. He made it down the back stairs and out of the house. A van was waiting. Jason appeared and they took off.


Jason looked at Zander, wrapped in the blanket and Lucky's arms. "How is he?"


Lucky shook his head. "Bad. He was beaten and...and raped."

"I know a place.
A private clinic. We'll take him there."

"Thank you, Jason. I owe you." And Lucky would pay him back. Anything.


Jason almost cracked a smile. "Just take care of Zander." He moved to the front of the van.


Lucky rocked Zander in his arms and let his tears fall.




Chapter 31