Chapter 4

When Ric returned he checked the monitors. Zander was sleeping. He smiled and watched the beautiful boy for a long moment, then he gathered up the food he had brought and entered the room. He set the bags down on the table then clicked the door shut behind him. He then dug into the bags, pulling out a bottle of wine, some cheese, bread and plump strawberries. Food for seduction. Then he moved over to the bed table and leaned in to kiss Zander's sweet lips. He thrust his tongue in when the lips parted only to scream in pain as he was bitten. Ric pulled back and glared at Zander, who sat up and scrubbed at his mouth with the back of one hand. "You little bastard!" Ric hissed.


"What did you expect?" Zander glared at the other man. "You fucking locked me up in here and you expect me to be happy about it?"


"You'll pay for that, Zander," Ric promised, reaching for him.


But Zander was ready for him and he rolled off the table. He also grabbed the remote that was lying on the table and stabbed at the buttons. The door began sliding open and Zander ran for it, only to be tackled to the floor. But even as he made to roll over, he felt a pin prick stabbing into his thigh. Zander swatted Ric's hand away, but it was too late. He could feel the warm lethargy stealing over him. Ric had drugged him. "What the fuck did you give me?"


Ric smiled and tossed the syringe aside. "Something to relax you." He settled himself over Zander's hips. "You're going to feel real good, Zander." Ric leaned in for another kiss and was pleased when Zander kissed him back this time. He pulled back but only to watch Zander's face as he snaked a hand inside the sweat pants. He curled his fingers around Zander's cock and stroked him to hardness. "I'm gonna make you scream my name," Ric purred as he tugged down the sweat pants. Then he took Zander's cock into his mouth and suckled him to orgasm. Then he moved up Zander's body and kissed him. "I want you naked," Ric whispered.


"Okay.." Zander drawled, sitting up as Ric eased back, so he could yank the tank top off. Then he stripped off the sweat pants. Then he moved to Ric and pulled him to his feet so he could undress him. When Zander got to the pants he went down on his knees. He freed Ric's cock and licked the tip.


"You're killing me," Ric moaned.


Zander chuckled deep in his throat. "That's the idea, but in a good way." He deep throated Ric's cock, not stopping until Ric's fingers curled in his hair and tugged him away.


Ric pulled Zander up to kiss him. "I want to be inside you." There was lube on the table and he reached for it as he stepped out of his shoes and kicked off his pants and briefs. He slicked his fingers as Zander peeled off his socks for him. "Bend over the table," he ordered. And he was pleased when Zander obeyed. Ric slid a finger inside of Zander, crooking it to find the hotspot. Zander's whimpers of pleasure made his cock throb and Ric was close to coming from that alone. He slid in another finger, then another, then he couldn't wait any longer. He had to be inside Zander's luscious ass. Ric pulled away and moved to the low chair in the corner. He sat down then ordered, "Come here."

"What are you doing?" Zander asked.


"I want you to sit on me," Ric replied, letting his eyes rove over the gorgeous sight before him. Naked Zander. "Face away from me." When Zander obeyed, Ric gripped his own cock then pulled Zander towards him with one hand on his hip. "Straddle my thighs then sit."

Zander did as he was told, feeling the tip of Ric's cock at his opening, then it was pressing inside as he lowered himself, spitting himself on Ric's hard shaft. He felt the burn and hissed.


Ric rubbed Zander's lower back to help ease the pain. He was all the way inside and he could feel Zander's muscled walls gripping his cock and contracting. He wanted to come so bad, he was so close, but he wanted this to last. "Just sit for a moment," he ordered, reaching around Zander's waist to grip the boy's cock. He was semi erect already and Ric stroked him slowly with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. "God…you feel so good," Ric whispered, nipping at Zander's shoulder blade.


"I have to move," Zander hissed. Ric was too hard and too thick inside him. He felt too full. But when he tried to rise up, one of Ric's arms wrapped hard about his waist and held him spitted.



Chapter 5