Chapter 33

Zander hung around Jake’s, drinking beer, playing pool and flirting with a couple of pretty girls. Although he drank quite a bit, he wasn't drunk enough by the time Coleman closed Jakes. So he stayed at the bar and switched back to Jack.

Coleman poured two shots and kept one for himself. "So…I thought I heard something about you having some company or something, Zander. Making big bucks."

"Yeah...I'm half owner. Real kicker, ain't it?" Zander smirked then tossed back the whiskey. "Keep pouring," he ordered.


"So...why are you living in this dump?" Coleman asked, as he poured another round.


Zander shrugged. "Guess I should look for another place."

Coleman smiled. "Guess you should. I'd miss seeing your pretty face...and your tight little ass." The latter he added as Zander turned away from the bar and bent down to pick up the twenty dollar bill that had floated off the bar top.


"You're watching my ass?" Zander asked as he turned back to face Coleman again. And he was just drunk enough to find that amusing.

"I always watch your ass," Coleman replied, then he reached out and tangled his fingers in Zander's hair then drew him in for a kiss.

Zander allowed it. He even kissed Coleman back. He couldn't think of any reason not too. "Do you want to fuck me?" Zander asked, after Coleman broke the kiss.


Coleman licked his lips then nodded. "Man...I've been wanting to fuck your fine ass for years."

"Go for it," Zander drawled, making it a challenge.


"You don't have to offer twice." Coleman was around the bar and he just about attacked Zander. Hands and lips roaming everywhere.

Zander felt his shirt ripped open. He felt lips on his chest, teeth biting his nipples, rough hands kneading his ass. He felt it all and yet he felt strangely detached from it. As if it were happening to someone else and he was just a spectator. He felt himself spun around then he was being bent over the pool table. Zander closed his eyes as fingers fumbled with the fastenings of his jeans, then jeans and briefs were yanked down to his ankles and it should have mattered. But it didn't. "Fuck!" Zander hissed, as a thick finger penetrated him. There was no finesse to what Coleman was doing. He just wanted Zander open enough to take him in. And the only lubricant was saliva and Zander braced himself for the pain. When it came he almost welcomed it. Coleman's cock was hard and thick inside him, and the burn made Zander tremble. Yet he still felt empty inside. In his heart and in his soul. He was empty.


Coleman pressed over Zander to whisper in his ear, "So fucking tight! were made for this, kid."

Tears burned in Zander's eyes as his body was rocked by Coleman's thrusts. The truth hurt. This was all he was. Somebody's fuck toy. Zander knew that Lucky wouldn't just let him go, but he had to make the other man see the truth. Lucky deserved better than a dirty, used up, broken whore. Zander felt a tear slide down his face as warm wetness filled him. Then Coleman was pulling out and Zander felt like his insides were going to follow. He pulled up his briefs and jeans, then turned around to see Coleman at the bar, pouring himself a shot.


"Thanks for the fuck," Coleman toasted Zander.


"Anytime," Zander replied, then he headed for the stairs. He felt cold as he entered his room and he was shaking as he stepped into the shower. The hot water couldn't penetrate deep enough to warm him. He got out and wrapped a towel around his waist, avoiding his reflection in the mirror as he brushed his teeth. Then Zander head into the other room only to stop short.

Coleman was sitting on the bed, smiling at Zander. "Got a deal for you."

Zander let a cold smile curve his lips. "What kind of a deal?"


"I know a place. It's a loft that's fully furnished. Very luxurious. A friend of mine is in a ruch to sell it." Coleman gestured for Zander to move closer. "I can get it for you at a bargain price.


"Why would you?" Zander countered, even as he moved into grabbing distance. He let Coleman pull him between his legs by the towel, which promptly fell off and dropped to the floor. Zander didn't even feel naked anymore. He just felt numb.


Coleman pulled Zander between his legs, one hand spread over the taut ass. The other hand curled around Zander's cock and he stroked him to hardness. "I think we can work a deal that's mutually beneficial to us both, kid," Coleman stated.

Zander knew what the deal would be, but he wanted to hear it outloud. But when he opened his mouth a moan escaped as he came in a rush. Zander felt his knees buckle but Coleman gripped his hips to hold him steady. "What do you want from me?" Zander asked, his voice toneless.


"I get you the place and your ass belongs to me," Coleman replied. He slid one finger inside of Zander and pumped it. "Whenever I call come back here to me. Deal?"


"Deal." Zander almost laughed at how pleased Coleman looked. He didn't have to make this deal. Zander could have afforded the loft at any price. But maybe this would keep Lucky away from him. Maybe the guy would finally get the hint and walk away. "When can I move in?" Zander asked, as he let Coleman push him down onto the bed.

Coleman stripped and joined Zander. "Tomorrow," he replied, then he crawled over Zander and kissed him.


* * * * *


Lucky searched everywhere he could think of for Zander. The last placed he figured the guy would go was to Jakes. Too easy. So it was the last place Lucky checked, only to learn that Zander had been and was now gone. The waitress didn't know where he had gone too. Lucky wanted to cry. He grabbed his cell phone and called Jason. He knew he had to find Zander soon.


* * * * *


Zander liked his new place. And he had only one rule about it. No fucking there. He kept his part of the bargain with Coleman and would go back to Jakes to let the guy fuck him. Zander felt totally distanced from what Coleman did to him. Sometimes he swore he just about fell asleep.


After a few days, Zander went back to the Haunted Star. Faith was there and it was before the Casino opened. Zander greeted her with a kiss and his hand inside her bodice. She welcomed him back with her hand inside his pants and soon they were both naked. Zander lifted Faith onto the black jack table and dove between her legs. She was already wet for him. Zander suckled and licked her nub and her folds and made her scream his name before sliding into her wet heat. It felt like heaven. As he thrust into her, he worshipped her breasts, tugging her nipples into hard peaks, then he found her nub with his thumb and he made her scream again before he let himself find sweet release.

"Welcome back, Zander," Faith whispered against his lips. "I've missed you.

"I missed you too," Zander replied, then he kissed her until they both needed air.


* * * * *


Zander actually enjoyed being back to work. He didn't drink much, he flirted with all the ladies and he helped keep the peace. When it was closing time, Zander sent Faith home telling her he would lock up. He did a check on everything then headed for the bar for a night cap. Only to freeze when he saw Ric standing there. "What do you want?" Zander drawled.

Ric smiled. "You know the answer to that," he replied. "I've missed you, Zander."


"Yeah?" Zander countered. He moved to the other man and smiled. "What did you miss? The way I kiss?" Zander brushed his lips over Ric's and felt his start of surprise. He knew Ric wasn't expecting this come on. But Zander figured what the hell? He was never gonna be good enough for Lucky so it really didn't matter who he fucked or got fucked by.

"I love how you kiss," Ric replied, tangling his fingers in Zander's hair and claiming his lips. Then his hands slid down over the slender body coming to rest on Zander's ass. Ric squeezed the muscled globes. "I missed this the most. I need to be inside you."

Zander ground his crotch against Ric's and felt the other man's erection. "I'm all yours," Zander purred. He almost laughed when Ric ripped open his shirt, then suddenly Ric went flying backwards and Zander was stunned to see Jason standing there.


Jason flexed his leather gloved hands and stared down at Ric's inert form. Then he looked up at Zander. "You're coming with me," he stated.

"Fuck you," Zander snapped.


"We can do this the easy way or the hard way," Jason countered. "Your choice."


Zander glared at Jason. "I'm not going anywhere with you." That said he turned and headed for the bar. He needed a drink.


Jason said nothing. He simply pulled a plastic bag out of his jacket pocket and removed a white cloth soaked in chloroform. Then he moved up behind Zander, wrapped one arm around the kid's slender waist and pressed the cloth over his face. He held on tight as Zander struggled against him, but a moment later Zander went limp and Jason hauled him over one shoulder. With his free hand he grabbed his cell phone and dialed a number. When the other line picked up he said, "I've got Zander." Then he hung up and headed for the door.


* * * * *

Lucky almost whooped with joy as he hung up the phone. He grabbed his jacket and his keys and ran out the door. Jason found Zander. Everything was going to be all right.


Chapter 34