Chapter 5

Zander whimpered as Ric continued fisting his cock. He was achingly hard now and so close to coming, but even the thought of impending pleasure couldn't distract Zander from the thick, throbbing, hardness inside him. "Move dammit!" he hissed, trying to wriggle about so that Ric would be forced to thrust.


Ric held Zander in place, still stroking his cock, and feeling Zander's inner muscles contract around his own cock. " were made for this," he whispered. "Made for me, Zander. Perfect fit." He felt Zander's body tense and knew he was about to find his release. Ric kept stroking his cock and then he felt it, warm wetness flowing over his hand and as Zander's body went lax, Ric felt the tightness around his cock ease a bit. Then he began to move, his hands shifting to Zander's hips to help him find the rhythm. Then it was all Ric could do to hold on and go along for the ride as Zander took control. Then he felt it, the tingle at the base of his spine as his balls tightened and then his cock pulsed inside Zander, spurting his come deep into the boy. Even as he grew soft, Ric didn't want this moment to end. He didn't want to leave Zander's body. When Zander stood up and moved off him, Ric almost whimpered. When Zander fell to his knees and took his limp cock in his hand and licked the tip, Ric did whimper, and Zander swallowed the sound with a kiss.


A part of Ric should have seen it coming. But he didn't. A fist slammed into his temple and Ric saw stars, then darkness.


Zander let Ric's body slump off the chair onto the floor. He was angry at being used so he didn't feel sorry for clocking him. Zander stepped away to collect Ric's clothes, feeling a soreness as he moved about. He also felt sticky and longed for a shower, but he knew he didn't have time. So he dressed in Ric's clothes, then he grabbed the remote and left the panic Room, punching the button on the remote once he was free, and trapping Ric inside. Then Zander tossed the remote on the couch and headed for the door. He was going home.


* * * * *


Ric came awake just as the panic room door slid shut. He was pissed at himself, but at the same time he was rather impressed by Zander's actions. Rising to his feet, Ric rubbed at his temple even as he opened a panel in the wall and removed a second remote. The door opened and Ric headed out. He then went upstairs to shower and dress before heading out. Zander Smith was going to pay for what he had done.


* * * * *

Zander was glad to be home. The minute he entered his room he kicked the door shut and stripped off Ric's clothes, then he headed for the shower. Ten minutes later he was toweling himself dry, then he dressed in jean and a tee shirt before heading down the stairs. He ordered a beer then picked up a pool stick. An hour later he was a hundred dollars richer and close to being drunk. Too close. Zander felt dizzy as he reached for his fourth beer. He took a sip and it made the dizziness worse, so he put the bottle down. Figuring he was just tired, Zander headed for the stairs. He kicked off his shoes and stripped off his jeans, tee shirt and socks, then he slid under the covers of his bed and closed his eyes. A heartbeat later he was asleep.


* * * * *


Ric gave Coleman a crisp, hundred dollar bill. "When did Zander go upstairs?"


Coleman considered. "Maybe twenty minutes ago. He was a bit pale and feeling dizzy. That stuff you gave me to slip to him is pretty potent."

" is." Ric left the bar and headed for the stairs.


* * * * *

Zander dreamed about kissing Carly. Only instead of smooth skin against his he felt the rasp of stubble and opened his eyes to realize he was kissing someone and that someone was Ric. Zander bit him and smirked when Ric howled in pain. Zander then tried to sit up only to discover that his wrists were tied to the bed posts. Not a good sign. "You bastard! Untie me!"

Ric shook his head then tugged the covers down Zander's body. Lucky for him the boy had gone to bed naked. "Not in this life time," he purred. "You owe me."


"How the hell did you get out of that room?" Zander hoped to distract Ric but he was the one distracted as Ric's lips closed over the tip of his cock.



Chapter 6