Chapter 6

Ric felt Zander twitching as he suckled the boy's cock. He nipped and licked and took it deep in his throat and the moans and whimpers that Zander made were almost Ric's undoing. His own cock was hard and throbbing in his pants. But when Ric felt Zander nearing his release, he pulled off his cock and smiled at him, watching him writhe in sweet agony.


"Bastard!" Zander snarled, tugging at the restraints.


"Beg me for it," Ric purred. He knew that Zander needed release and would do anything to get it.


Zander glared at Ric. "FUCK YOU!"


Moving off the bed, Ric grabbed his coat and removed the bottle of lubricant he had brought with him. Then he grabbed an extra pillow and headed back to the bed. Ignoring Zander's curses, Ric stuffed the pillow under his lower back before moving onto the bed and in between the strong legs. Smiling, Ric slicked his fingers then pressed one inside of Zander.

"Sonofabitch!" Zander hissed at the invasion.


"Beg me," Ric repeated.


Zander shook his head. "Not this time," he gritted out, between clenched teeth. But he hissed again as another finger was added and then he whimpered as they moved around, finding his hot spot.


Ric used his free hand to undo his pants and free his aching cock. He needed to be inside of Zander. He pulled his fingers out, slicked his cock with lubricant, then pressed Zander's thighs open and back so that he could press his cock against the boy's puckered opening. With a strong thrust of his hips, Ric slipped a few inches inside.


"Fucker!" Zander snapped as he was breeched.

"Easy," Ric purred, going still for a moment so that Zander could adjust to him. He felt the boy's muscled walls sealing around his cock. Zander was so damn tight and so damn perfect that Ric wished he could remain buried inside him forever. He pressed in another inch, then another, slowly making his way all the way inside Zander until his balls were pressed against Zander's ass. It was heaven. Then Ric went still again. "You haven't begged me yet," he reminded Zander.


Zander was panting and pulling at his bound wrists, then he tried to thrust his hips to get Ric to move, almost howling in frustration when strong hands gripped his hips to hold him still. "I hate you, you bastard!"


Ric chuckled. "I don't hate you, Zander. I keep telling were made for this. For me."


"What about Elizabeth?" Zander hoped to distract Ric into moving.


"What about her?" Ric locked eyes with Zander as he curled his fingers around the boy's cock and began stroking. He wanted to watch Zander's face as he came. And it didn't take long before ropey spurts of semen covered Ric's hand. His eyes still locked on Zander's face, Ric tasted it and sighed with pleasure. "You taste so good," he purred, loving the way Zander looked in this moment. Eyes heavy lidded in the aftermath of pure pleasure, his beautiful face glowing, his soft lips red from where he'd bitten them to hold back his cries. Ric traced Zander's mouth with a come soaked finger, then caught his breath as Zander's tongue snaked out to lick it off, tasting himself. "Do you have any idea how fucking hot that is?" Ric asked. "How hot and sexy and beautiful you are?"


Zander laughed, deep in his throat. "You're delusional," he shot back, still tugging on the ropes binding him. "Are you going to fuck me or not? I've got things to do."

Ric knew what Zander was trying to do. Pretend he didn't care that Ric was fucking him. But he cared. Ric pulled out slowly to the tip of his cock then he slammed his way back in, loving the way Zander's muscles closed about his cock. Loving the low growl that escaped from Zander's throat. Animal passion. Then Ric saw the look in Zander's eyes. A sultry come hither look, daring Ric to bring it on. And he couldn't blow it off. He was too damn hard and aching with need. So he pulled out again and thrust in hard, settling into a rhythm that rocked Zander's body beneath him. And then Ric felt it, the tingling in the base of his spine and the tightening in his balls. But in that moment he heard Zander's exclamation of surprise.



Then Ric heard it. Footsteps and the sound of the door closing. He was starting to come but he turned his head and he couldn't hide his gasp of surprise to see Brian standing there, watching.


Chapter 7