Chapter 7

Ric wanted to ask what Brian Beck was doing here, but he couldn't speak. He was coming too hard to even think straight, pumping his seed deep inside of Zander. Then he slumped over the boy, panting. But after a moment he found breath enough to ask, "What the hell are you doing here?"


Brian smiled as he approached the bed. "I'm looking for Zander. I ran into Elizabeth at Kelly's and she said that she was worried about Zander. They were supposed to meet yesterday and he never showed up. She called and he never answered." Brian smirked as he locked eyes with Zander. "Guess you were…tied up?"


Zander was not amused. "Get him off me!" He wriggled trying to get Ric out of him first.


"Well…now you know that Zander is fine," Ric drawled, as he pulled out of the boy then used a corner of the sheet to wipe himself clean before tucking his cock back inside his pants. Then he leaned in to kiss Zander before stroking a hand over one thigh.


"Bastard!" Zander hissed, turning red with embarrassment.


Brian eyes roved over Zander, not miss an inch of his nakedness. "Did Mr. Lansing rape you?"


Zander tugged on his bound wrists. "What does it look like to you?" he spat.


"I didn't rape him. He wanted it." Ric was stunned.


"Did you want it?" Brian asked Zander.

Zander glared at Ric. "No. I didn't."

Brian reached for his handcuffs. "Then I'm placing you under arrest, Mr. Lansing."

"No!" Zander was the one protesting. "I don't want him arrested.

"You just said he raped you."


Zander tugged on his restraints and shifted beneath Brian's intense gaze. He was hyper aware of his nakedness. "I want Lansing to go away. I don't want him arrested, just gone. I want him to leave me alone."


Brian frowned. "Rape is serious, Zander. I should get you to the hospital for an exam."

"NO! No exam, no hospital, no arrest." Zander's eyes pleaded with Brian. "Just make him go away."

"All right." Brian grabbed Ric by the arm and dragged him over to the door. "Get out, Mr. Lansing. And I would suggest leaving Zander alone in the future." He shoved Ric out and closed the door. He locked it.


Zander heaved a sigh of relief. "Can you free me, please?"

Brian moved back to the bed. His eyes roved over Zander slowly, then he smiled and nodded. "I can do that." He freed Zander's wrists then watched the boy grab for a blanket to cover himself.


"Thanks," Zander said, sliding off the bed. "Um…I appreciate your help."


"I doubt Ric will leave you alone, Zander. It's obvious he's obsessed with you."


Zander laughed. "He's just trying to prove he can control me. He can't. Look…I'm gonna go shower now. Let yourself out?"


Brian nodded and watched Zander go. He waited until he heard the shower running, then he followed.

Zander was reaching for the shampoo when he sensed a presence. He turned and Brian was there. Naked Brian. Zander was stunned. "What are you doing?"

"I came to wash your back," Brian purred, reaching for the shampoo as he stepped inside the shower. "But I'll start with your hair." He poured shampoo into his palm, then he lathered it over Zander's dark head. But then he felt the shock wear off and Zander made to bolt. Brian wrapped one arm around the boy's slender waist and drew him back to him, knowing that Zander could feel his erection against his ass. With his free hand, Brian massaged Zander's scalp. "Relax," he purred. "I'm going to make you forget all about Ric Lansing."


Chapter 8