Chapter 8

Zander could feel Brian's cock throbbing against his ass. He felt the long fingers massaging his scalp and a part of him wanted to relax, but he was getting tired of this. He tried to pull away, only to find himself shoved under the spray of water as Brian rinsed the suds out of his hair. Zander came out sputtering. And even as he wiped the water from his eyes, he felt fingers now curling around his cock. And his cock was responding. "Fuck!" Zander hissed.

"That's the idea," Brian replied with a chuckle, his lips pressed to Zander's ear as he continued stroking. "I can keep Ric Lansing away from you, Zander."


"In exchange for what?" Zander was highly suspicious.


Brian squeezed Zander's cock and felt the boy shudder in reaction. Then he slid his free hand between the taut ass cheeks and pressed ia finger inside. "For this," he whispered.


Zander bit back a moan then snarled, "What's the difference? You or Lansing...either way I'm getting fucked!"


"But with me you get a bonus," Brian purred. He crooked his finger inside the boy and Zander moaned. "I want to destroy Jason Morgan, I know you do too. I'll protect you from Lansing and Morgan and We'll bring Morgan down together. Deal?" Another stroke over Zander's prostate and the boy's knees buckled.


"Fuck!" Zander hissed again. He felt Brian shift against him, felt the fingers stroking over his cock and then he was coming, hard and strong. The arm around his waist held him up and Zander felt more fingers inside him, slick fingers. Then he was shifted again and Brian's cock was pressing into him. Longer and thicker than Ric's. Zander gasped at the burn.


Brian went still. "Deal?" he prompted.


Zander bit his lip then whispered, "Deal." He cried out as the cock inside him slid almost all the way out only to thrust hard into him, all the way in, filling him too full and then his body was being rocked with the force of Brian's thrusts. Zander felt himself shifted again and then he felt it, the angle of Brian's cock changed and with each thrust the tip brushed over his prostrate and pleasure rippled through Zander in waves. His knees buckled again and then he felt it, warm wetness filling his insides as Brian came in pulsing spurts. "Are we done now?" Zander asked, his voice sharp as Brian drooped against him in the aftermath.


"We're done, for now." Brian pulled out of Zander then turned him around to kiss him. "I'll be in touch. Be ready for me." He pinched Zander's ass then stepped out of the shower.


"Fucker." Zander cursed, not caring that Brian could hear him as he toweled off and dressed, and when he was finally alone, Zander washed up, toweled off, pulled on a pair of sweat pants then climbed back into bed. He was exhausted.


* * * * *


Zander came awake to hot lips on his cock. He opened his eyes to find Faith between his legs. He curled his fingers in her hair and pulled her up for a kiss. He let a hand slide between them and he found her wet core. Zander stroked her and pinched her nub until she came, then he lifted her up over him and when he slid inside her it was like heaven. They moved in a familiar rhythm and he came hard and long inside her. "Nice wake up call," Zander told her.


Faith grinned. "I thought you would like it."


"You look well fucked." Zander loved that look on her.


"So do you," Faith purred, sliding out of the bed. "Next time Brian Beck fucks your sweet little ass...I want to watch."

Zander stared at her in stunned disbelief. He watched as she picked up her clothes and went into the bathroom. A moment later he got out of bed and joined her. He should have known he couldn't keep any secrets from Faith.


* * * * *


Zander smiled as he studied the crowds of people at the Haunted Star. Lots of money was being bandied about and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Including Zander. At least he was, until he saw Lansing coming towards him. Zander made to cut through the crowd to avoid him, only to find a hand on his arm, pulling him back around. "Leave me alone!" Zander hissed.


"Don't make me arrest you, Zander," Ric shot back. "And I'll make a big scene out of it."


"Arrest me?" Zander was stunned. "On what charge?"

Ric leaned in to whisper, "I'll make one up as I'm fucking you."

Zander felt anger wash over him and he pulled away from Ric. "Fuck you!" he snapped and made to throw a punch, when a hand grabbed his forearm, stopping him. Zander turned his head to see Jax smiling at him. "Let go!" Zander tried to pull free but Jax's grip was strong.


"Problem?" Jax drawled, looking at Ric then Zander.


"No problem." Ric backed off. "I'll talk to you later, Zander," he promised, then he disappeared into the crowd.


Jax looked at Zander. "Punching the ADA in public is not a good idea."

Zander yanked his arm free. "Bite me!" He was tired of everyone preaching to him.

"We need to talk." Jax blocked Zander when he tried to walk away.

"Talk about what?"

Jax smiled. "Business."

Zander shook his head. "You and I don't do business."

"We do now." Jax blocked Zander again. "You owe me. Let's talk."

"Fine." Heaving a put upon sigh, Zander led the way into the back area. Private quarters. He walked into a state room and turned around to speak, only to find Jax invading his space. Then hard lips were on his and Zander felt himself slammed up against the wall.


Chapter 9