Chapter 9

When a tongue pushed past his lips, Zander tried to bite down, only to have fingers curl in his hair and yank hard. He was the one who cried out.


"Naughty…naughty," Jax drawled.


"Fuck you!" Zander tried to push Jax away but the guy had six inches and about fifty pounds on him.


Jax smiled. "Actually...I intend to fuck you. Right here."

Zander was stunned. "What the hell? Do I have a sign on my forehead that says *Fuck Zander*?"


"No…but you do have an imminently fuckable ass."


"This is not happening!" Zander was pinned but he struggled against Jax anyway. "For the record, why would you want to fuck me?" A pattern was beginning to develop. First Rick then Brian, now Jax.


Jax nipped at Zander's earlobe. "Remember when I made that deal with you over a year ago, to sell out Sonny?"


Zander frowned. "Yeah...I remember. We were pretty much setting each other up."

"Yeah. Well...I wanted to fuck you then."



Jax chuckled. "Believe what you want. But I saw the way Ric Lansing looked at you. He wants you too. And I'm guessing that he's had you. And now it's my turn."


Zander managed to get a knee between Jax's legs and he was hoping to nail the guy in the crotch, but Jax shifted and foiled the plan. Zander cursed. "You've got a better chance of seeing a snowball freeze in hell than you do in fucking me," he announced. Then he heard it. Someone rattling the door knob. Zander was about to call out for help when he found himself spun around, an arm wrapped around his waist, a big hand clamped over his mouth and Zander could feel Jax's hard on pressed against his ass. He clawed at Jax's arms to no avail.


"Hello! Anyone in there?" A feminine voice called out.

Zander recognized Skye's voice. He tried stomping on Jax's foot. The guy shifted him off balance in rebuttal. While Zander tried to regain his balance, a hand stole inside his pants and fingers curled around his cock. Zander moaned.




Silently Zander cursed. Then he moaned again. Jax was stroking him to hardness.


Jax pressed his lips to Zander's ear. "Want Skye to join us?" he purred. He laughed at Zander's muffled cursing. "You say one word, Zander...make one sound and I'll drag you out into the gaming room and fuck you in front of everyone. Got it?"


"Mmmph!" Zander was relieved when the hand over his mouth slipped away. He was tempted to tell Jax off, only he believed the big guy's threat. So even though Skye was still knocking on the door and calling out, Zander reminded silent. Except for the whimper that escaped him when Jax undid his pants to get better access to his cock. Zander hated his body for betraying him. It didn't take long for his body to spasm and he slumped against Jax, only to stiffen in reaction as a finger slid inside him. A finger slicked with his own cum.


"I'm going to fuck you, Zander...and you're going to let me," Jax whispered in his ear.

Zander said nothing. Skye had finally gotten the hint and stopped knocking on the door, but he knew that Jax would haul him out into the crowd and that was not an option. But damn if he wasn't tired of being used. If it was going to happen, then Zander was going to be in control. He kicked off his shoes, even as Jax continued stretching him open, then Zander pushed his pants and briefs down his legs, stepping out of them.

Jax chuckled. "Good boy." He worked on the buttons of Zander's shirt, and soon had the boy completely naked. He pulled his fingers out and pushed Zander away from him so he could study the boy.


"Got any lube?" Zander asked, matter-of-factly, trying not to blush as Jax's gaze roved over him from head to toe.


"Here." Jax removed it from his coat pocket.


Zander took it. "Sit down," he ordered, gesturing to a nearby chair. When Jax obeyed, Zander moved to him, kneeling before him, then opening his pants. Jax's cock was hard and thick and throbbing. Zander bit his lip as he coated it with lube, the he moved to straddle Jax's lap, gripping the base of his cock before moving himself over it. Then Zander pressed down, letting the tip push into him. He moaned, feeling the burn as Jax gripped his hips, pushing Zander down hard. It hurt as he was spitted. "Fuck!" Zander hissed.


Jax kissed him, then began to move.



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