31 december 2008
Sorry for the total lack of updates but I was on vacation :-) (and had no time before due to preparation and after due to the holidays) - but I wish you all a


21 november 2008
  • NEWS ALERT: The 2 enation shows have been cancelled!!!!

Due to circumstances outside of our control, our shows this FRI. and SAT. (Nov. 21-22) at Henry's Pub in San Diego, CA have been canceled.
[source: enationmusic.com]

9 november 2008
  • TonyGeary.net did an interview with due to Tony's 30th anniversary on GH - read it here (scroll down)
  • CWTelevision posted a USO Bonus Video on their YouTube Channel - you can see enation performing as well as Angels & Airwaves, "Haley" and Kate Voegele
  • Don't forget to buy the new CD tomorrow!!! And certainly don't forget to watch One Tree Hill tomorrow either!!!!
2 november 2008
  • enation will release their new album "World In Flight" tomorrow on November 3!!!! First as download-only version on CDBaby and iTunes, then 1 week later, you can order the CD on CDBaby! Check their MySpace site for some of the new songs!

    Guys, I LOVE World in Flight already and cannot wait for the rest of the album :-D
  • There are also 2 new concerts scheduled on Nov. 21 and 22 in San Diego, CA at Henry's Pub - you'll find more information here soon
  • There has also been another interview of Jonathan in the latest SID - scanned by Gigi - thanks!!!!
1 november 2008
    Regarding the One Tree Hill episode...I think enation's performance will be in episode 10 called Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous airing
    November 10. Sorry for the mistake!
26 october 2008
  • Jonathan has been interviewed for DoSomething.org - click here to read the interview!
  • Remember how Bethany Joy Galeotti performed enation's "Feel This" on One Tree Hill in last year's finale? Well now, enation will support "Haley" live on stage in episode 9 10 of this season! It's called Sympathy for the Devil Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous and will air on November 3 10 at 9pm! "Peyton" is organizing a USO Concert for the Troops concert (which was actually staged on Sept. 19 this year in Wilmington for actual Armed Forces) and asks "Haley" to perform (enation will be her supporting band). Check enation's YouTube Channel for Behind-the-Scenes clips!

  • This seems to work only for US fans...but please correct me if I'm wrong :-)

    You can join the enation Mobile Fan Club - just enter your mobile number to receive updates about enation via text message:  

    Hey Guys!

    You can now join our MOBILE FAN CLUB!  
    Don't worry, it's a FREE TEXT SERVICE! Just TEXT the word "Enation" from your phone to: 695949 to keep in touch as fast as we can type! 
    DETAILS: Do you want to be the FIRST to know what's new with us? The FIRST to hear our new music and the FIRST to get FREE ENATION STUFF? If you do, we have a GREAT new way for you to keep in touch with us: Join our MOBILE FAN CLUB on JYGY.com! Don't worry, it's a FREE TEXT SERVICE! Just TEXT the word "Enation" from your phone to: 695949 (that is, 'MyJYGY') and you will instantly be able to stay in touch with us and be the FIRST in line to know everything we are up to via our official text messages.
20 september 2008
  • Jonathan's new movie Kalamity finally has a (correctly spelled) poster!

  • We already knew that Jonathan will appear again in the second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but now we have a date and the episode title: "Goodbye to All That" airing Monday, Oct. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. So don't forget to tune in!!! But you have to tune in anyway to ensure keeping the show on the air so Jonathan will have more chances to come back as well :-)
  • Also, don't forget the concert on Oct. 3 (see below)!!!!!
30 august 2008
  • enation news:
    They're still in the studio recording their new album - which might be published in November!
  • Before that happens though they will play again the Whisky-A-Go-Go on October 3rd!!!
    Click to buy advance tickets
  • Also a little reminder that enation has a YouTube channel - click on the logo to check for videos:
24 august 2008
  • Here are the scans of the recent interview Lisa Jackson did in ABC Soaps in Depth magazine:
    Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3
  • Good news for Jonathan regarding the second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

    Just over two weeks to go until our premiere and we are rolling along nicely, in the midst of production on episode eight. Some journalists and bloggers received screeners of the first episode, so reviews should begin pouring in the near future. Either way, this season is looking awesome, trust us — things are building. Beyond our amazing core cast, some returning actors to look forward to include Dean Winters, Sonya Walger, Jonathan Jackson, and more.
    [source: fox.com/blogs]

30 july 2008
  • Sorry guys that I missed announcing the last concert on July 20, but I'm still on time for the next one:


    Saturday, Aug. 2nd @ 5pm-11pm (Enation will play @ 9:30pm)
    $10. 12 Bands. 6 Hours. 1 Reason.


3 july 2008
  • Good news for Jonathan regarding Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

    Will we be seeing Jonathan Jackson again as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Kyle Reese? — Keira
    Matt: It's definitely a possibility, I am told.
    [source: TV GUIDE online]

22 june 2008
  • Someone from the crew of Jonathan's new movie Kalamity (aka the James Hausler Untitled Project) posted some behind the scenes clips which were shown at the wrap party - it is funny and Jonathan looks amazing! This crew seems to have had a lot of fun during the shoot :-)
    Click here to see the clip (scroll down the page)
  • I also finally uploaded Jonathan's Walker scenes from The Dark is Rising! Clip 1 is the 10min video of all his scenes as put together by the director and Clip 2 is the same video but with the director's commentary as the only sound track.

    Please right-click to save the files:
    Clip 1: avi (55.4 MB) - wmv (15 MB)
    Clip 2: avi (55.4 MB) - wmv (15 MB)
  • I added 2 new affiliates: The Sarah Connor Society and Entertainment Hotline. Welcome!
16 june 2008
Sorry for the break in between news but I was on vacation :-) - just for a little shout-out and information: I have checked my affiliates and made some changes...and thanks to Allie I now have some absolutely stunning new link banners for my site!!!
  • Yay! enation are back in the studio to record a new album :-)

Over the last few years we have grown significantly as a band, learning more every day about who we are and what we have to say. Some of the songs that are your favorites have been ours as well, and over time the songs have grown with us.

We feel like we are still at the beginning of our journey as band, and for those of you who have already been with us, you have the opportunity to go on this journey with us. There is still a whole world of people who are yet to hear our songs, and we want to give you, and them the best possible representation of who we are.

We have decided to take the songs that have best defined us in the last two independent albums and put them together, adding to them, restructuring and re-recording them. Many of our songs are epic in their theme and scope, and we feel we have found more and more of their full potential through playing them live. We want to capture that and have them with us as we grow and expand. Having the songs upgraded with us is the best way to give them their full due, both for us creatively and for you guys too.

There will also be three completely new songs on the record – each of them we are really excited about. They seem to capture where we are right now playing to the max of who we are.
[source: enation's official newsletter - click here to sign up]

25 may 2008
  • Regarding the rumor I posted in the March 16 news....unfortunately. it's not true.
    [Thanks Amber for the info!]
  • Great news btw about enation's updated song "Feel This" - it climbed to the number 16 spot on the iTunes rock charts!!!! Great work everyone :-)
  • Jonathan's new - still untitled - movie found a distributor who also set up a website with this info:

After getting out of a long relationship and returning to his hometown, Billy Klepack comes to realize there's something not quite right with his best friend, Stan. Seemingly emotionless and flatly unstable, something seems to have changed Stan at the very core. He has committed an unforgivable act that has caused an irreversible shift inside him. Billy notices this immediately and digs deep into Stan's recent activities, uncovering what he has done and deeply embedding himself in the whole situation. As things progress, Billy comes to find that Stan's actions will affect him on a painfully permanent level.
[source: Hollywood Wizard (click on Nick Stahl's picture to check for more information)]

19 may 2008
  • Another short blib about enation's song in tonight's One Tree Hill season 5 finale:

    Enation’s music will be heard by millions tonight when Bethany Joy Galeotti, an actress on the CW Television Network series “One Tree Hill,” closes the season finale by singing the Battle Ground band’s “Feel This.”

    The song is from Enation’s “Identity Theft” album. Since the exposure on “One Tree Hill” is likely to stir up interest in Enation, the band is making the single available on iTunes immediately after the show airs.

    There’s a family connection between the actress and the band. Galeotti is married to Michael Galeotti, keyboardist for Enation. But the band also has its own collection of celebrities.

    Among Enation’s members are brothers Richard and Jonathan Jackson, who have active acting careers. Jonathan Jackson, who starred in the movies “Insomnia” and “Tuck Everlasting,” was in Virginia last week working on the independent film “Fistpie.”

    [source: The Columbian]

18 may 2008
  • There have been some tiny news regarding Jonathan's new movie.
    Someone blogged about the filming:

    They are filming a movie in Fairfax. I’m not really sure who “they” are—but we were assured that it is a “real” film for the theaters and not a George Mason University project of some kind. It is all very hush-hush; no one would tell us what the movie was about even when Aneliz turned up the sugar and worked a poor geeky set-hand like he was Father Christmas.

    They did let us wander the blocked-off set (Main Street, North Streets, and University Drive) and ogle at the vans, light fixtures, giant screens, and bagel trays. We were ready to give up on the mystery when we located a chatty young security guard who gave us the following information: it is a Hollywood based film group, the movie is an untitled thriller-drama, some dude from General Hospital is in it, and one of the lines in the script is “Go back to Manassas, you dirty whore!”

    Really, who needs more information than that?
    [source: Capricious Scrawl]

  • And here is a very short article about the director and the movie, with a little shout-out to Jonathan
  • Great news about enation as well! First of all, their song "Feel this" will be featured in the season finale of One Tree Hill tomorrow!!!! As we all know, keyboardist Michael Galeotti's wife Bethany plays one of the leads in the series and she will perform the song onscreen (with enation as back up, though probably not onscreen...)!!! The new song will also be available for download and to buy on CDBABY after the show airs!
  • The other news is that enation will again perform live at the Whisky-A-Go-Go on May 31 at 11 pm!!! Hope you guys can be there and enjoy enation live!!!! Check enation's homepage for more information!

11 may 2008

Happy 26th Birthday Jonathan!!!!!

4 may 2008

  • According to the IMDb, Jonathan landed a new movie, the Untitled James Hausler Project! It started shooting April 27 in and around Washington, DC. - he plays Stanley Keller, the best friend of Billy [who will be played by Nick Stahl]. The premise of this thriller reads as follows: "After a recent breakup, Billy returns to his hometown to find something is not quite right with his best friend."

    Check also the MySpace site of the project for current updates!

  • Here are some scans to the SID article about the latest concert gig which was attended by former TV dad Tony Geary as well as others - page 1, page 2

  • Josh Friedman, producer of the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series, gave an interview and also talked about Jonathan as Kyle Reese:

    IGN TV: It seemed by casting Jonathan Jackson as Kyle Reese that we might see him again. I mean, he is "Tuck Everlasting" after all. How many episodes are you planning to do that involve that future?

    Friedman: I don't know how many. That episode was "The Future Episode" and we knew we had all this stuff to do. And other times we'll just be doing little flashes and we won't be doing the whole thing. A little bunker here, some night time here, and it's less of a commitment. I love him and I think he did a really good job. It was one of the last things I did before I went on strike. It was a day or two before we went on strike that I cast him. It was very nerve-wracking because I knew we needed someone special for the part and I was leaving in a couple of days. Casting is a bit like looking for your car keys. They're lost, they're lost, they're lost and "Oh, there they are!" It's almost a binary state. Sometimes you might have three or four great ones when you're trying to figure out your own take on the character, but most times it just presents itself to you. The cast we have, the person we have was absolutely the person I wanted and it was very obvious to me that that's who it would be.
    [source: IGN TV]

20 april 2008

Not really news per se, but Jonathan has been mentioned in the press / web universe and then there are some news which might concern him later on:
  • Blogger Angeleno has posted pictures from the CUT!2008 event which Jonathan attended with his band mates (and apparently enation also played the MINT VIP Party!)
  • Another blog - this time General Hospital Fans - had someone report from the concert at the Whisky-a-Go-Go on April 4 - click this link to read a recap and to also find out who attended the concert! [Minor Spoiler Alert for GH!]
  • The soap magazine ABC Soaps in Depth has asked current and former GH actors about their most memorable moment on the soap - due to the 45th anniversary of GH - here is Jonathan's reply:

    "My most memorable moment on GH was meeting [my wife] Lisa. Second to that was watching Tony do a three page monologue and just getting to listen and receive. Genie's laughter at some of the spontaneous moments that would happen. There are too many to count but those are the first ones to stand out."
    [source: ABC Soaps in Depth, current issue]

  • The website TVSquad has posted a list of "Ten actors who helped make General Hospital shine" - and guess what? Jonathan is on it! 

    "Like Amber Tamblyn, Jonathan Jackson grew up before our eyes on General Hospital. Unlike Amber, though, Jonathan came onto the show with huge expectations thrust upon him. He was Luke and Laura's son, Lucas Lorenz Spencer, Jr. -- Lucky. He had to be up to speed in scene with Genie Francis and Anthony Geary, a wise beyond his years ten year-old who knew how to get cross-country on his own when he parents were being pursued by mob king Frank Smith. Jonathan was perfect right out of the gate; he looked, sounded and acted like he'd be Luke's kid. He was sensitive like Laura, too, not just a smart ass kid. In six years on the show, Jonathan made Lucky his own. He won three Daytime Emmys for his performances as Lucky, and he's still the real Lucky to many people, even though two other actors have subsequently played the part.
    [source: TV Squad]

  • The slightly OT news is in regards to the TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles where Jonathan guest-starred on recently: The series has been RENEWED! Which means, since Jonathan has already commented on this, that there is a distinct possibility of Jonathan returning! Yay :-)

10 april 2008

  • Someone posted pictures from the CUT!2008 convention here it features Jonathan and the rest of the guys from enation
  • A little off-topic but Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of Deep End of the Ocean, is currently writing a sequel called Starry Night - this is what it will be about:

    It's the story of Vincent, the eldest son, who films a documentary thirteen years after his brother's abduction that forces the Cappadoras to face who they are behind their lovely facade and of how Ben, the son kidnapped in the first novel, must find his lost mother, Beth, as she once found him.
    [source: Jacquelyn Mitchard Homepage]

    So who is waiting for the movie sequel? ;-)

31 march 2008

  • TIME CHANGE!!!! - they will now play at 8pm!
    will play another concert! They'll play the Whisky-A-Go-Go on April 4 - click here for tickets (if you buy 5 tickets, you'll get a 6th one for free!!!). For more information, go to enation's homepage (then under "shows")

16 march 2008

Sorry for the delay in bringing you news...I was mostly either on vacation or on business trips. And I'm currently living at my parents' home since I'm cat-sitting...anyway. 
  • Apparently, Jonathan and Lisa are expecting their third (!) child!!! The new baby would join almost 5-year-old Caleb and 3 1/2 year-old Adora. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! If true :-) 
    [source: Celebrity Baby Blog]

  • Jonathan also hopes (as do I btw) that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles gets a second season since it would mean he gets to stay as a recurring character!!!

    Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the original "Terminator" movies, Battle Ground actor Jonathan Jackson hopes to say "I'll be back" - for more shows, that is. Jackson had a featured role in an episode of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" that aired two weeks ago on Fox. It was the season finale, but Jackson said he expects to be called back to the set if Fox renews the series.

    He signed a contract for the recurring role of Kyle Reese, the father of John Connor, the young hero in the movie series.

    [source: redOrbit]

  • Speaking of Terminator...a fan put up a clip of JJ's part - click here to download the clip! And Gigi posted screencaps of the JJ scenes - click here!
  • Don't forget the CUT!2008 convention on March 29-30, 2008 in LA, with Jonathan in attendance!
  • enation will play another concert! They'll play the Whisky-A-Go-Go on April 4 - click here for tickets (if you buy 5 tickets, you'll get a 6th one for free!!!). For more information, go to enation's homepage (then under "shows")

  • Click here for scans of an article about Jonathan in the March 24 issue of Soaps in Depth
    Page 1, Page 2

  • Also, this article about One Tree Hill actress Bethany Joy Galeotti (wife of enation member Michael) is cute:

    "[...] “It was really nice to be home and living together as a couple for an extended period of time,” Bethany Joy said. Michael grew up in Clark County and graduated from Battle Ground High School. He met Bethany Joy in Los Angeles through friends, Richard Lee Jackson and Jonathan Jackson. Michael and the Jackson brothers are members of the band Enation. [...]"

    [more & source: The Columbian]

1 february 2008

  • Finally! According to MotherofAllDestiny.com, Jonathan has completed a guest spot on FOX's new series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles! He'll play series lead John Connor's (played by Thomas Dekker) dad Kyle Reese in flashbacks in the episode that airs on Feb. 18 called "Dungeons & Dragons"

31 january 2008

  • As announced below, here are the lyrics to the new enation album - Soul & Story: Volume One. Click here to read them :-)
  • Also: During the CUT!2008 convention on March 29-30, 2008 in LA, Jonathan will be attending a discussion on Riding the Bullet along with David Arquette and Mick Davis - click here for more info

21 january 2008


I wish all of you a very happy new year! I'm sorry this is so late but I was busy with work, then had to cat-sit for my parents...which translates into not having access to my website.

  • enation's next concert is coming up this Thursday, January 24th! They are playing the Whisky-A-Go-Go in LA!!! Click here for more information and to buy advance tickets!
  • Jonathan was interviewed regarding Genie Francis - it's a very cute interview :-)
    Click here to read it!
  • According to the British Classification Board, Jonathan's scenes from The Dark Is Rising will be on the DVD as deleted scenes. Not sure if that's really all of his scenes...seems a wee bit short...but anyway. According to IGN, the DVD will be released on March 18, 2008.
  • Gigi was so great to type up the lyrics to the new enation album - I'll try to get them up as soon as possible!!! Thanks Gigi!!!! :-)
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