Dark Angel

Chapter 8


When Jason entered the trailer, he found Zander kissing Joy. At least now they were both dressed. More or less. Zander had his jeans and boots on but his shirt was still on the floor. "Time to go," Jason stated, grabbing Zander by the arm and pulling him away from Joy. Only to stumble back when Zander's fist connected with his jaw.


Fury blazed in Zander's eyes. "Don't tell me what to do!" he snarled. "I'll leave when I'm good and ready!"


"You'll leave now." Jason resisted the urge to finger his jaw. Zander packed a surprising wallop. He was going to have a bruise. But Jason put that insignificant detail aside as he watched Zander pull his shirt on. Then he watched as Zander went to Joy, who was wearing a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt, and kissed her. Anger flared inside of Jason and he tamped it down. "We're going now, Zander," He gritted out. "You can walk out or I can carry you out. Your choice."

"What the fuck is your problem?" Zander pulled away from Joy to face Jason. "What the fuck do you care what I do? Huh? And why did you follow me here? I know how to get home, Jason. I don't need your fucking help!"


Jason had had enough. He moved quickly, grabbing Zander by the arm while crouching just enough to throw him over one shoulder. He heard Joy's gasp and Zander's curse, but he was still in motion, heading out the door. When Zander struggled to get down, Jason smacked him hard on the ass. He didn't stop moving until he reached the car, then he just about dumped Zander to the ground before opening the passenger door. "Get in."

Zander got back on his feet and glared at Jason. "Fuck you! I'll walk home."


"You'll get in." Jason grabbed Zander by the arm and let his fingers dig into the flesh. He was pleased when Zander finally obeyed him. But for good measure he pulled out the hand cuffs. "Are you going to make me use these?"


"No." Zander's tone was sullen but he slammed the car door closed and stayed put.


Jason slid behind the wheel and they headed off. They didn't say a word during the drive back. Once there, Jason got out. He waited but Zander didn't budge. "Let's go."

Zander shook his head. "I'm staying out here."

"You're going in." Jason yanked the door open, grabbed Zander by the arm and basically dragged him inside the cabin. He shoved him into the living room then locked the door behind them.


"Goddamn you!" Zander shouted. He was in a full blown rage. "I am sick to death of you controlling me. Do you hear me? I'm sick of it. I'm sick of YOU!"


Jason folded his arms over his chest and didn't react. He simply let Zander vent. But he found himself distracted by the way Zander's jeans clung to his ass as he stalked around the room. The way his tee shirt would pull up when he ran his fingers through his hair, revealing a small strip of tanned skin on his flat belly. Jason closed his eyes as his cock reacted, swelling in his own jeans. But his eyes flew open when he heard a crash. Zander was starting to trash the place. He was out of control. And suddenly Jason could only think of one way to get him back under his control. Without conscious thought he was across the room, gripping Zander by the shoulders so he could slam him back against the wall. Then he was pinning him there with his body so he could fist one hand in the soft, dark, hair, holding Zander still as he kissed him.

The kiss wasn't about passion. It was pure anger and pure lust. It was deep and wet and meant to be ravishing. Jason felt Zander stiffen in reaction, his entire body going taut. He used the opening to taste Zander without resistance, then he broke the kiss and realized he was panting a bit. And so was Zander.


"So that's what you want?" Zander countered, his voice a hoarse whisper. "Well...bring it on!" Then he lifted his hands to cup Jason's face and this time he initiated the kiss.


Jason didn't hesitate. He took this as an invitation to have what he wanted. And he wanted Zander. He needed him. His cock was aching and he would have his release. Taking back control, Jason kissed Zander until they were both breathless, letting one hand move between them so he could free Zander's cock. He stroked the boy to hardness then he pulled back and was gratified to hear Zander whimper at the loss of contact. But Jason wasn't going anywhere. He wanted to see Zander. To see all of him. "Clothes off,” he ordered, then helped Zander to strip. He could feel the younger man shaking so Jason stripped him then pushed him down onto the couch. Then Jason stripped off his own shirt, keeping his jeans on for the moment. He moved between Zander's legs and took his cock into his mouth. He suckled the hard thickness and it wasn't long before Zander was cumming. Jason tasted some of the seed but he caught the rest in his hand. He had to be inside Zander. The boy's body was still relaxed in the aftermath of his release and Jason moved quickly. He didn't give Zander time to react as he pressed a finger inside him, then another, stretching him. When Zander moaned and tried to pull away, Jason leaned over him and kissed him. Then he was pushing the strong thighs open and back, slicking his cock with the rest of Zander's seed, then he pushed his way inside.


Zander stiffened and cried out and the cry was swallowed by Jason's lips. 


As he pushed his way inside, Jason didn't think. He just let himself feel. He was all the way in and then he went still, concentrating on kissing Zander and Zander was kissing him back. And the boy knew how to kiss. Jason knew that Zander was trying to deal with the pain by taking control. But that was something Jason could never allow him to have. So he started to move. Slow pull out to his tip then smooth thrust back in. He gripped Zander's slim hips and shifted to angle himself. And he knew he hit that sensitive spot when a whimper escaped Zander. Jason had learned to find pleasure in pain and he wanted to give that to Zander. But then it was time to take what he needed, knowing that Zander could handle this. Knowing that he wouldn't break. So Jason increased the speed and depth of his thrusts and he watched Zander's eyes close. He closed his own eyes for a minute but then he felt the tingle in the base of his spine and he knew he couldn't hold back his release. Jason opened his eyes and locked them on Zander's beautiful face. Then he hissed, "Open your eyes". And the moment the hazel eyes snapped open Jason saw how dark they had become. He saw the way they smoldered with passion and anger and it pushed him over the edge. He came hard and long, pulsing his seed deep inside of Zander, feeling the boy's inner muscles contracting around his spasming cock. And this was more perfect than any other moment in Jason's life that he could remember.


"Are you done?" Zander asked, as Jason slumped over him. His voice was cold and emotionless.


"Yeah…I'm done." Jason sat up and pulled out. He saw the slickness of his release on his cock but it was streaked with blood. Zander's blood.

Zander sat up, drawing the blanket off the back of the couch and wrapping it around himself. Then he stood up and smirked. "Was it good for you?" he drawled.


Jason said nothing. There was nothing he could say to fix this moment. And this was a moment that would change everything between them. It already had. He had fucked up this time. In a big way. He was supposed to be protecting Zander, not fucking him. But Zander had pushed all of Jason's buttons in a way no one else could. And if he were honest with himself, he had done this simply because he knew he could and because he wanted to. Because Zander had been an itch under his skin that he couldn't quite scratch. Until now. But the itch wasn't better. Jason still wanted him. He wanted to kiss the soft lips that were taut with anger. He wanted to touch the smooth skin that glowed with a light sheen of sweat from their exertions. He wanted to lick every freckle on Zander's body. Lick his way back down to the thick cock, then bury himself once more in the perfect ass. But he knew he could never touch Zander again.


"I'm going to bed," Zander whispered, then he headed for the stairs.


Jason simply let him go.


* * * * *


Zander climbed the stairs and headed straight for the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and started the shower. He realized he was shaking even with the towel wrapped around him. He couldn't believe what had just happened. That he had had sex with Jason. Zander closed his eyes and he couldn't shake the image of Jason's face looming over him. He had never seen passion on Jason's face before, it transformed him into something almost human. But neither could Zander shake the feel of Jason's cock inside him. A choked laugh escaped him, and he was still laughing, a bit hysterically, as he dropped the blanket and stepped into the shower. Zander reached for the soap and as he started to lather his skin he saw a streak of white on his leg. Jason's seed. "I let Jason fuck me..." Zander whispered to himself. "God…he fucked me. I made him fuck me." He slid down the wall and wrapped his arms around his knees, rocking against the tiles as the reality of it sank in. And Zander realized that even though the hot water nearly scalded his skin, he was still shaking.




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