Dark Angel

Chapter 9


Zander slept late and Jason let him. He knew neither one of them was ready for the confrontation that would occur between them. Jason kept himself busy with physical labor, including chopping wood. He cut way more than they needed, but it was a good distraction. His body could still, vividly, remember how it had felt to be connected to Zander. And twitched at the memory of how tight Zander had been. How perfect the fit. Ultimately, he had no regrets about what happened. In fact, he still wanted Zander. But he knew the kid would have issues, and Jason felt a momentary twinge of conscience for having caused more emotional stress. So much for protecting Zander. The kid was already a mess and Jason knew last night made it worse.


Throwing down the axe, Jason reached for his cell phone. It was time to put things in motion. To make this be over with. He punched in the number for the PCPD and asked to speak to Sonny. He was told by the cop who answered that Mr. Corinthos was not allowed any calls, per Ric Lansing. But that Sonny's lawyer was there and he could speak to him. So Jason did just that, only to learn that things were not going well.


The lawyer asked about Zander. "Is he ready to testify?"

Jason wondered about that. "He'll be ready," he replied.


"I need to speak with him in person," Carl Seavers continued. "I need to go over the testimony. Everything is riding on Zander Smith."


"I know. I told you he'll be ready."

"I can't trust your word, Mr. Morgan. I have to meet with Zander in person. The sooner the better."


Jason was silent for a moment. He knew, realistically, that Zander wasn't ready for this. "I'll call back and arrange a meet," he stated, then he hung up. Jason stripped off his shirt before grabbing the axe again. It was going to be a hot day. He kept chopping until he sensed a presence and he turned to see Zander sitting on the steps, watching him.


Zander smiled. "Want some coffee?"


"Later." Jason was surprised by Zander's attitude. Surprised and cautious.

"Hot day," Zander commented. "Think I'll take a swim."

Jason watched him finish his coffee and set the cup on the step. Then Zander pulled off his tank top before heading for the lake. He watched him shuck his shorts then dive in and he cursed when his body reacted to naked Zander. As if he were addicted to the kid. Jason hefted the axe in his hand then swung it down in a vicious arc. The kid was going to be the death of him yet.


* * * * *


After speaking with Jason Morgan, Carl Seavers headed out of the PCPD and into his car. He had a private call to make. He punched in the number then said, "Mr. Alcazar, I just spoke to Jason Morgan."

"Did you arrange a meeting?" Lorenzo countered.

"Not yet. He said he would call back soon to do so."


"Get back to me as soon as you get that call," Lorenzo ordered.


"I will, Mr. Alcazar." Carl hesitated. "Shall I inform Mr. Lansing?"


"No." Lorenzo's tone was firm. "I will be handling things from now on. Goodbye, Mr. Seavers." Lorenzo clicked off.


Carl hung up then drove off. He had work to do.


* * * * *


Zander did everything in his power to make everything normal. Or what he perceived as *normal* between himself and Jason. Trying to convince himself that if he acted like nothing had happened, then nothing had. It was a hard charade to keep up. But Zander gave it his best shot. However, it wore him out. That and lack of sleep. So he found himself dozing off on the couch after lunch, and dreaming.

The first image that danced in Zander's head was that of his brother. Peter was playing catch with him and suddenly he caught the ball, staggered and fell to the ground, his chest covered in blood. But even as Zander ran over to him, the body morphed into Red, and big hands were grabbing Zander and tearing at his clothes. Then the face looming over him was Jason and Zander's body rocked as Jason thrust into him. He could feel the hard thickness of Jason's cock inside him.


"NO!" Zander woke up with a start, sitting bolt upright, body shaking and his skin sheened in a cold sweat. He felt sick to his stomach and he barely made it to the bathroom in time to puke his guts out in the toilet. Once his stomach was empty, Zander fell back against the wall and sat there for a while. He felt like he was going insane. His thoughts were chaotic and his emotions were riding highs and lows. Ultimately, he was a fucked up mess.

Rising to his feet, Zander rinsed his mouth with mouth wash then he splashed cold water on his face before heading back down stairs. He wanted a drink. In fact he wanted several of them. So he scrounged in the cupboards, and when he kept coming up empty, Zander started thrashing things as he searched. Until Jason suddenly appeared and hauled Zander to his feet. "Leave me alone!" Zander snarled at him.

Jason looked at him. "What are you doing?"


"Looking for whiskey!" Zander shoved Jason out of his way. He was almost out the door when Jason spoke.


"I talked to Sonny's lawyer."

Zander turned to face him. "And that means what? That I am finally going to get the fuck out of here?"


Jason didn't blink. "It means I have to call him back to set up a meet. He needs to talk to you."

"Fine...do it. Anything to get out of this hell hole." That said Zander stalked back up stairs. He went into the bathroom and turned on the shower and as he let the warm spray wash over his body, he fought back tears.


* * * * *


Jason watched Zander doing the dishes. It was another hot night and Zander was wearing cut offs. Barely there cutoffs which left very little to Jason's imagination. His cock ached and frustration welled up inside him. Pushing out of the chair he had been sitting in, Jason headed out of the cabin and walked to the lake. Maybe a swim would help. So he stripped down to bare skin and dived in. He swam for about ten minutes when he heard a splash. He turned and slicked back his hair, then saw Zander swimming towards him. So much for helping ease his ache.


"Can we talk?" Zander asked, as he reached Jason.

"What about?" Jason hoped it was something distracting for it was hard not to notice that when Zander stood up, the water barely covered his cock.

Zander hesitated then blurted out, "Did you call the lawyer?"

Jason shook his head. "Not yet. Why?"

"Once you set up this meet…what happens next?"

"You talk to the lawyer and he'll prep you for the trial."

Zander nodded. "Okay...so that happens soon, right?"


Jason watched Zander move closer and it took all of his will power not to reach out and tangle his fingers in the dark hair that now looked like wet silk. He wanted to kiss Zander so bad he could taste it. But he made himself focus. "The trial starts in two weeks."

"So we have to stay here for two more weeks?"

"Pretty much."

Zander looked defeated.


Jason took pity on him. "I'll call the lawyer in the morning and we'll set up the meet. A change of scenery might do us both some good." That said, Jason headed for the shore. He was going to need a long, cold, shower to get through this night.


* * * * *


Carl Seavers called Lorenzo Alcazar. "I just got off the phone with Jason Morgan. He wants to meet in three days, in a neutral location. He'll call that morning and give us directions."

Lorenzo was pleased. "Excellent work, Mr. Seavers. You'll be amply rewarded."

"Thank you, Mr. Alcazar. I'm glad to be of service."


"I'm sure you are. I'll have my people in place and we'll coordinate everything in three days." With that Lorenzo broke the connection.


* * * * *


Jason had reached a whole new level of frustration and it had a name. Zander Smith. The kid was driving him insane. The temperature for the past two days had been sweltering and Zander had taken to wearing nothing but shorts, and he would spend most of the day time hours in the lake, swimming. Naked. Jason was getting tired of taking cold showers. As if on cue, Zander came down the stairs, wearing nothing but a towel that was slipping off his slim hips. Jason cursed silently as his cock twitched in reaction.


"Just wanted to let you know that I'm going out tonight," Zander stated.

"Where?" Jason countered.

Zander locked eyes with him and said, "To see Joy."

Jason knew what was coming. "To fuck her?" No reason not to be blunt.

"Pretty much," Zander allowed. "Not that it's any of your business." He turned and headed back up the stairs.

Jason followed Zander into his room then slammed the door shut. He watched Zander whirl around in alarm. "You're not going anywhere!" Jason ground out.

Zander's eyes blazed with fury. "The hell I ain't!" he snarled.


Jason was done with talking. He reached out and grabbed the towel, ripping it away from Zander's body, leaving him bared to his gaze and Jason let his eyes rove over Zander slowly. But when Zander tried to grab the towel back, Jason took action again. He pushed Zander down onto the bed and crawled over him, grinding his jeans clad crotch against Zander's bared flesh.

"Get off me!" Zander hissed, struggling beneath him.

"You've been taunting me all week, Zander," Jason replied, as he gripped the boy's wrists and pinned his arms down on either side of his head. "Testing me.." he continued. "To see if I'll give in to my desire for you. Wondering if I would resist your challenge. I won't. I want you...and I’m going to have you." Jason leaned down and kissed Zander, thrusting his tongue into the sweet mouth. He almost laughed at Zander's attempt to bite him then pulled back.


Hazel eyes glared at him defiantly. "You won't do this," Zander shot back.


Jason almost smiled. "Yes...I will." He then pinned Zander's arms with his knees and began removing his belt.



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