Dark Desire

Chapter 24


Jason woke up to an aching head. He shook off a wave of dizziness as he stood up and searched the room. It confirmed what he already knew. Zander was gone. Jason grabbed his cell phone and made some calls. He had people, a network, on the Island. They would help him find Zander. Jason grabbed his other gun from the closet and headed out himself.


* * * * *


Elizabeth was a nervous wreck. Celia had a plan to get her out of manor, and outside the perimeter fence. After that Elizabeth was on her own, but she knew where she was and had directions on how to get to Port Charles from here. She also had four hundred dollars. All Celia could get for her. Now Elizabeth just prayed the plan worked.


The guy who delivered and picked up the laundry was the fiancée of Celia's youngest sister. She told Elizabeth he could be trusted and that he would take her out in his cart and get her outside of the fence. He would even take her a ways down the road, but then he would have to let her out. Celia didn't want him to risk getting in trouble and Elizabeth understood and was fine with it.


"He's here," Celia whispered to Elizabeth, who was already concealed in the laundry cart. "Take care and be safe."

"Thank you," Elizabeth whispered back, then she felt herself on the move.


* * * * *


Zander felt lost. He had no idea where he was or where to go. He needed to find Elizabeth and he couldn't even get off the damn island. He had a thousand dollars in his pocket but he didn't want to tap into it until he was sure of what he was doing. Until he had a plan. First thing he needed to do was eat. He didn't want food, but his body craved it. Zander felt lightheaded and a bit weak. He found an outdoor cafe and wasn't sure what to order. He saw something that looked edible at a nearby table and asked for it for himself, along with coffee. The brew they brought was bitter and strong, and Zander rather liked it. He took a few bites of the soup that was put in front of him and ate some of the crusty bread. He felt better and paid his bill, then he left the cafe. He wandered down to the beach and sat at the water's edge. He had always loved the water.


"Hey beautiful!"

Zander jumped as a hand touched his shoulder. He hadn't realized anyone was close to him, he had been too lost in thought. He turned to find a beautiful woman, with cafe au lait skin, smiling at him. "Uh...are you talking to me?" Zander countered.

The woman nodded. "I am. You look lost."


"I am." Zander noticed she had an accent that sounded a bit Jamaican but far more lyrical. "Where is here?"


"You don't know where you are?"

Zander shook his head. "It...it's a long story. I just need to know where I am so I can get back home."

The woman sat down beside him. "My name is Kara. What is your name?"


"I like that name." Kara studied him. "I can help you, Zander. Where is home?"


Zander wondered if he should tell her. She was a stranger, but he had to trust someone. "I live in New York."

Kara frowned. "The United States?"


"Yes. Can you help me get a flight to New York?"


"Sorry, beautiful...but this is a small Island and charter planes only. There are storm warnings for the next few days so no one is going anywhere."

Zander felt frustration wash over him. "I have to get back there!" He punched a fist into the white sand.


Kara rubbed his shoulder. "Tell you what...you got a place to stay?"



"You come home with me. We'll figure something out. We'll get you home, Zander." She rose to her feet then held out one hand.

Zander took her hand and let her help him stand. "Why are you helping me?"


Kara smiled. "Why not?"


"Thanks. I really appreciate it."

"Thank me later." Kara tugged on his hand. "Come...I take you home now."


Zander let her lead him off.


* * * * *


Jason resisted the urge to smash his phone. He had checked with his network. There was no sign of Zander. Jason gut instinct was telling him that something bad was going to happen.


* * * * *


Zander followed Kara into the Villa. "This is your home?" he asked. It was big and beautiful and airy.


Kara laughed softly. "This is it. Do you like it?"


"It's nice."


"Can I get you something to drink, Zander?"

He shook his head. "You said you could help me get home. How?"


Kara pulled him over to the couch and pushed him down. "There are ways to get what you want...if you want it bad enough. How badly do you want to go home, Zander?"


"I'll do whatever it takes," he announced. "I have money to pay for a plane or a boat. Anything."

"I don't want your money." Kara was about to say more but footsteps sounded on the tile floor and she looked up and smiled. "Zander...I would like for you to meet my twin brother, Kato."

Zander stood up and turned to meet the male version of Kara. Kato was a bit darker skinned and taller, with a thickly muscled body. His features were more blunt, but obviously the same. Zander nodded at him. "Hi."

Kato looked at his sister. "And who is this?"


"This is Zander," Kara replied. "He needs our help. He needs to get to New York."


"Nice to meet you, Zander," Kato replied, moving forward with an outstretched hand.

Zander shook it. "Nice to meet you too. Look...I don't mean to trouble either of you. I should go." His hand was still gripped in Kato's and Zander tried to tug it free.


Kato held firm. "It's no trouble, Zander. I'm sure my sister told you that we can help you."

"She did." Zander replied, then he frowned as he felt Kato tugging him forward.


"He said he'll do anything to get to New York," Kara interjected, as she moved to stand beside her brother.


Kato smiled. "I'm glad to hear that," he purred.


Zander felt warning bells go off but couldn't react to them fast enough. Strong fingers suddenly fisted in his hair and thick lips were on his. He flinched as Kato's tongue pushed into his mouth and panic set in. Zander started to pull away, uncaring of the pain of fingers twisting in his hair, but then he felt Kara behind him and one of her hands snaked around his waist to slip inside his jeans. She found his cock and squeezed it. A whimper escaped Zander and was swallowed by Kato.


"Give yourself to us, Zander," Kara whispered in his ear as she continued squeezing him. "And we'll give you what you need."


"No...no!" Zander hissed, when Kato finally freed him from the kiss. "I'll give you money."

Kato was still holding Zander's hand and he brought it to his own crotch and pressed the palm over the hardness. "You can feel what I want from you, pretty baby. Your money is no good here. We don't need it."


Zander felt himself begin to shake. The images of what Alcazar had done to him flashed in his head. He couldn't do this. But then the image of Elizabeth danced in his mind and he knew he would do this. But he had to ask, "Why me?"


"You're a sweet soul, Zander," Kara replied. "But you have so much pain. Too much pain for someone so young. We can take away that pain, beautiful. Make it better. Make you forget the pain and find only pleasure."


"How can you do that?" Zander was angry yet almost hopeful. He was tired of the pain.


Kato brushed a fingertip over his face. "Too many people hurt you. Hurt your heart, hurt your soul, hurt your body. We can make it right."


Zander felt the burn of tears in his eyes and he tried to blink them back. "Can you make me forget everything?" It felt like a strange question to ask because he knew that there were things he had forgotten. He still didn't remember coming to this island with Jason. And there were other things that lurked in the shadows of his memory. Things he didn't want to remember yet couldn't quite seem to forget. Yet it was more a sense of knowing than an actual memory. It made him feel a bit like he was going insane.


"It's not about forgetting what happened, Zander," Kato drawled. "It's about letting go of the pain it causes you. You have to let it go to be free."


"I can't...I can't do that." Zander tried to pull away from them but he was shaking too hard and Kato was far too strong.


Kara combed her fingers through his hair. "Shh...baby. It's going to be okay. Come with me." She took his hand and led him towards a doorway in the back.


Zander went with her because he knew he wouldn't be allowed to leave. But when he entered the room he balked. A huge, four-poster bed, took up most of the space. "I can't...I can't..." More memories flashed in his head. More pain.


"Drink this." Kato pressed a cup to Zander's lips and tipped it.


The liquid spilled out and, reflexively, Zander opened his mouth and swallowed it. It had a coconut flavor and something else he couldn't define. He pushed the cup away and wanted to protest, but Kara was kissing him and Zander found himself kissing back. Until he felt heavy hands on him, pulling at his clothes. "No!"


Kara cupped his face. "Focus on me, beautiful. Just see me." She kissed him again.


Zander let Kara guide them over to the bed. He whimpered when she broke the kiss then watched, spellbound, as she slipped out of her halter dress. She was naked beneath it. Zander reached out and she sighed as he fondled one, full, breast.


"You're turn," Kara whispered, her hands going to his jacket.

Even as the jacket slid off his shoulders, Zander felt Kato's hands on him as well. He didn't fight it, there was no use. He let the twins undress him then Kara was in his arms and that was all that mattered. Then they were on the bed and Zander was over her, kissing her, worshipping her beautiful body. He moved between her legs and tasted her and she tasted sweet and musky. She came for him and he licked at her wetness before pushing up onto his knees so that he could press inside her. Her strong legs wrapped around him and Zander lost himself in the rhythm they set. But even as he felt pleasure coiling up inside him, waiting to explode outward, hands were suddenly on Zander's ass, then a finger was inside him, stroking, finding that sensitive spot and he whimpered then cried out as he came, hard and long. And even as he went limp, holding himself over Kara on shaky arms, Zander felt a pressure at his opening and he knew what was coming. He didn't want this. But even as he tried to pull away, Kara's legs held him, and then Kato's cock was pressing in and Zander felt the burn all the way into his soul.



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