Dark Desire

Chapter 25


"It's okay, beautiful," Kara whispered, leaning up to swallow Zander's moan with a kiss.


He kissed her back, wanting to focus anywhere but on the cock thrusting deep inside him. Too many images of other men hurting him, flashed in Zander's head. He wanted to make them disappear. Then he felt a strong arm wrap around his waist and haul him back so that he was sitting in Kato's lap, spitted on his cock. It was too hard and too thick inside him and Zander whimpered.

Kato pressed his lips to Zander's ear and whispered, "No pain, pretty one. No more pain. Close your eyes and feel how perfect this is...how perfect you are. You were made for this, Zander. For this pleasure. Feel me deep inside you...feel the pain slip away as we move together." And as he spoke, Kato began to move. Short thrusts in and out, guiding Zander over him with his hands on slim hips.


"No more pain," Zander breathed, and he wanted it to be true. He closed his eyes and let his body rock to the rhythm of Kato's thrusts. And strangely enough, the burn faded into a tingly warmth that spread throughout Zander's body. He felt Kato's fingers flex on his hips then the thrusts came faster and harder and Zander felt the cock inside him pulse. He felt warm wetness fill him, then Kara's lips were on his and Zander was melting into her kisses. He felt himself shifted down onto his side, Kato still sheathed inside him, curling around his back, then Kara was in front of him and they melded into a tangle of arms and legs, even as darkness claimed Zander. And he welcomed it.


* * * * *


Zander woke up to sunshine on his face and a kiss. He opened his eyes to find Kara smiling at him and holding out a glass with a peachy colored liquid. "What is it?" Zander asked, even as he accepted the glass. He was thirsty.


"Mango juice," Kara replied.

"It's good," Zander stated, after taking a sip. Then he frowned at the flavor. It was familiar somehow and reminded him of coconuts. He drained the glass.

Kara took it and set it aside, then she climbed onto the bed and over Zander's body. "Did you sleep well?" she asked...


Zander nodded, then he moaned as Kara's hand slid beneath the sheet and caressed him. His cock came to attention. He reached under the short shift she was wearing to discover she was naked underneath and already wet. Zander stroked her to orgasm then helped her strip the sheet off of him so she could impale herself on his cock. It felt like heaven to be sheathed inside of her, and it didn't take long for them both to explode. "Nice way to wake up," Zander whispered against her hair as she lay, melted, over him.


"My favorite way to start the day," Kara replied, before slipping off the bed. "Why don't you go shower then come out onto the patio for breakfast?"


"Sounds like a plan," Zander replied. He got out of bed and padded into the bathroom. He soaped up and washed his hair beneath the hot spray. After rinsing off, Zander let the water wash over his face, but he almost choked on it when he felt a finger slip inside him without warning.

Kato chuckled in Zander's ear. "Easy, pretty one. I just come to make you feel good. No more pain...remember? Only pleasure."

Zander nodded, then whimpered as the finger was replaced by Kato's cock. He felt the burn as it pressed inside him and he tried to pull away, but Kato held him firm and then the burn faded and a tingling warmth. "No pain," Zander whispered.


"That's right, pretty one.  No pain." Kato whispered the words like a mantra as he fucked Zander hard until they both came.


* * * * *


After his shower, Zander got dressed. Kara had found clothes for him. Shorts and a light shirt, and Zander walked out onto the patio barefoot. It was already hot even though the day had just begun. He ate some kind of omelet and drank some spicy coffee, then he made himself focus on what was important. Getting back home. So Zander told the twins about Port Charles and Luis Alcazar. He was pleased when they agreed to help him. But he was a bit disappointed when Kato told him the charter plane wouldn't be back from the mainland for two days.


Kara told Zander to enjoy the time he had left on the island, and in the end he did enjoy himself, although the days seemed to blur together. Zander spent most of his time with Kara and on the beach. He let her cajole him into going native, and sunbathing and swimming in the nude. She would spread sunscreen on him, then slick his cock and press down over him. Then Zander would turn them both over and thrust into her hard. Sometimes Kato would join them, fucking Zander as Zander fucked Kara. Then they would collapse into a heap and Zander would drift to sleep. After one such episode he woke up to find himself in bed, with Kato between his legs, sucking him to orgasm. Then Kato had put a pillow under Zander's lower back, lifting him up and open to him, before thrusting hard inside him. Zander had cried out but Kato had kissed away the pain, and afterwards, Zander had fallen asleep in Kato's arms, a warm and tingling pleasure wrapping around him and making him feel comforted and safe.

The day after that passed much the same way.


* * * * *


Jason was worried. The island wasn't that big, but his network couldn't find Zander. Then he got a call from Sonny. Elizabeth had made her way back to Port Charles. She was safe but worried about Zander. Jason felt relief wash over him and was glad that Sonny was keeping Elizabeth at the penthouse, under twenty-four hour guard. They still didn't know where Alcazar was. Jason talked to Elizabeth and told her that Zander was missing, but that he would find him and bring him home to her.


And he would keep his promise.


* * * * *


Zander was tired. He had spent the morning swimming with Kara, in the nude of course, and she had shown him how much fun sex in the shallow water could be. Feeling a little tired and a bit too hot in the sun, Zander had come inside to shower then take a nap. He didn't bother to dress but stretched out, nude, on the bed and closed his eyes. He drifted easily into sleep.


Then pleasure invaded Zander's dreams. He felt warm lips on his as a finger slipped inside him. Then he was on his side, his cock being stroked to hardness even as aching hardness pressed inside him, stretching him open. There was a slight burn and Zander whimpered, but a soft voice soothed him. A familiar voice that made Zander's eyes snap open even as his orgasm hit him. Then Zander felt slick fingers stroking the brand on his thigh and he turned his head to see Luis Alcazar smiling at him.


"I missed you, Zander," Alcazar whispered.


Zander opened his mouth to respond but Alcazar shift the angle of his thrust and pleasure washed over Zander in waves as his prostrate was stroked repeatedly. Then he felt himself rolled up onto his hands and knees and hard fingers gripped his hips. His body was rocked as Alcazar fucked him hard then semen flooded his insides and Zander was pressed down onto the mattress as Alcazar collapsed onto him. After a moment he felt the cock inside him slide out and Zander was allowed to roll over onto his back. He smiled as long fingers tangled in his hair, then he whispered, "I missed you too."



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