Dark Desire

Chapter 26


Luis spoke with the twins while Zander showered. "Thank you for calling me. I owe you."

Kato nodded. "That you do, and I know that you will pay in full."

"How did you get Zander to be so...pliable? It's as if he doesn't remember what happened to him."

"The herbs," Kara interjected. "I've wrapped some up for you. A three-month supply. And since you'll be moving just around to the other side of the island, I can keep you supplied." She held out a container with a pale yellow powder mixture.

Luis accepted it. "How do I use it?"


Kara smiled. "Zander likes mango juice, it works well in that. But you can put it in any liquid. Just make sure he gets, and drinks, one dose a day. Otherwise the effects will start to wear off and he will remember. He does in his dreams sometimes."


"I'll make sure he gets it," Luis replied. He liked the idea of *starting over* with Zander, as it were.


"It is also the power of suggestion that makes him forget," Kato stated. "You have to give him the thoughts you want him to respond to."

Luis chuckled. "I can do that." Just then he saw Zander approaching. He was dressed in shorts and a tank top and he was smiling. Luis hadn't seen the boy smile in a long time. "Are you ready to go home?" Luis asked as Zander reached them.


Zander nodded. "Ready." He turned to Kato and Kara. "Thank you for your hospitality." Then he kissed them both.


"You're welcome, pretty one," Kato replied, copping a feel before letting Zander go. "It's been a pleasure having you."


"I'll miss you," Kara added, when it was her turn. She kissed him deeply and he kissed her back.

Luis watched them, jealousy clouding his view. Zander was his and his alone. "Let's go!" he barked, reaching out to grab Zander by the arm. They headed for the side of the house where a car was waiting for them. A limousine. Luis ushered Zander inside then followed. The moment the car was in motion he held out a hand and said," Come here!" He was pleased when Zander obeyed him without hesitation.


Zander fell to the floor, on his knees between Alcazar's legs. When fingers tangled in his hair, he let himself be pulled in for a kiss. He whimpered when a tongue ravished his mouth while strong fingers slipped inside his shorts.


"Shorts off!" Luis ordered, his voice hoarse with lust. He was hard and aching and he needed to be inside Zander.


"In a minute," Zander replied. He undid Alcazar's pants first and pulled out the hard shaft. Zander licked the tip before sucking it into his mouth.

Luis had to pull him off. He was too close to cumming. "I want you naked," he hissed.


Zander moved back his seat then kicked off his sandals. He then pulled the tank over his head before slipping off the shorts. He was naked underneath. He licked his lips as he watched Alcazar's eyes roam over him, heatedly. His own cock was semi erect and Zander began to jack himself off.


"Fuck!" Luis hissed. Zander had never done that before, not willingly. And the look in his eyes was seductive and erotic. Luis felt ready to come just from watching him. "On my lap!" Luis commanded, reaching for the lubricant. He coated himself, his eyes never leaving Zander. The boy was still stroking himself and was fully erect now.


"Are you ready for me?" Zander purred, as he released himself then moved towards Alcazar. He laughed softly as he turned around, his back to the other man, and straddled his lap. Then he took Alcazar's erection in one hand and lined himself up before pressing down hard. Zander moaned as he was penetrated. Moaned again when fingers gripped his hips and pushed him down so that he was fully spitted on the cock inside him. Then he whimpered as Alcazar's fingers gripped his cock and stroked him to release.


Luis swallowed back moans as Zander took his hand and licked off his own cum, all the while fucking himself on Luis's cock. He had never expected Zander to act like this willingly and he would do whatever it took to keep him so biddable. Then all thought faded as he came, hard and fast, emptying himself inside of Zander. The boy slid off his spent cock but only to turn himself around on Luis' lap so he could kiss him. And they were still kissing when they reached Luis' Villa.


* * * * *


Zander liked the island, but he felt as if something weren't right. He had strange dreams about another place and other people, but it was as if they lingered in the shadows, just out of sight of his conscious thought. He couldn't put names or faces to them. He told Alcazar about his dreams and he told him to let it go, that it wasn't important. They were together and happy and that was all that mattered. Zander told himself that Alcazar was right, but he still couldn't shake the feeling.


Two weeks passed and Alcazar had to leave on business. Zander missed him. He didn't like sleeping alone in their big bed. But the day after Alcazar left, Zander came down with a stomach bug and he was too sick to care that he was alone. He couldn't keep anything down, not even water. So he lay in bed, curled up in misery, between trips to the bathroom.


Zander slept alot and his dreams changed. This time he could see the faces of the people he dreamed about. And this time they came out of the shadows and did things to him. Bad things. Peter, Sorel, Alcazar and at least a dozen other people. Zander's body shook as he remembered the pain of being fucked, and the humiliation of being used. He came awake with a start and with tears sliding down his face. His stomach twisted into knots and Zander ran for the bathroom, only this time when he puked it had nothing to do with his sickness. He sat huddled by the toilet, telling himself that it was just a dream. Just a horrible dream. But the memories became more vivid and viable now that Zander was awake.


After a time he made his way into the shower, leaning against the cool tile as hot spray washed away the cold sweat that sheened his skin. He remembered Alcazar fucking him in the shower and wondered how he could have ever forgotten. When the water ran cold he stepped out, dried off and went back into the bedroom to dress. Zander was still feeling the effects of his illness so he was shaky on his feet, but he was determined to leave this place. He made it to the front door when the guard stopped him.

"Where are you going?" the big guy asked.

"Out," Zander replied, glaring at him.


The guard shook his head. "Mr. Alcazar said you're not to leave without an escort. Besides...aren't you sick?"

The housekeeper, Mrs. Maloa came bustling out and replied, "Yes...he is." She had orders to give Zander juice or water with a special powder in it, while he was gone, but Zander had been too sick to keep any of it down. She was in Mr. Alcazar's confidence and knew what the powder was for. She had a glass of water in her hand that she had laced with the powder, and she was determined to get it down Zander. "You need to rest, Zander. Have some water. You're dehydrated from being sick."

"I'm not thirsty," Zander replied. "I just want some fresh air." But he knew he wouldn't have an easy time getting past the guard.


"Have a drink and then you and I will go out onto the patio for a while. You can rest in the sun."

Zander was going to protest but he realized his best chance of escaping was to at least get outside. "Okay," he relented, then he accepted the glass and drank it down. He was thirsty.


Mrs. Maloa was relieved. "Would you like to try some juice? Do you think you could keep it down?"


"Yeah...I think so." Zander realized he was still thirsty and that the water did help him to feel less shaky. He would have a better chance at escaping if he felt stronger.


"Go out to the patio then and I'll bring the juice."


Zander obeyed, and wasn't surprised to see another guard posted there. He sat back on one of the lounge chairs and closed his eyes. He was close to freedom. He had to keep calm and be cautious and he would find away to leave. He almost dozed off when a hand touched his arm and his eyes flew open.

Mrs. Maloa smiled at him. "Sorry to startle you. Here's the juice." She watched him drink it. "Don't you feel better now?"

"Yeah...better." Zander also felt very sleepy. He felt Mrs. Maloa's hand in his hair, smoothing it back from his face. He listened to her gentle words.


"Mr. Alcazar will be home soon, Zander. You'll be happy to see him. Everything will be fine again."

Zander nodded. "Fine..." he echoed, then his eyes drifted closed and darkness claimed him.


* * * * *

Luis watched Zander sleeping. Mrs. Maloa had called to tell him of Zander's illness and her suspicions that he had remembered the truth because he hadn't ingested the drug for over twenty-four hours. He was pleased at how she handled the situation and gave her a bonus. But now he was back and nothing would go wrong. He wouldn't let it. A smile curving his lips, Luis shed his clothes then pulled back the covers to reveal Zander's naked beauty. He lowered himself over the younger man, rubbing his cock against Zander's, and even as the hazel eyes opened, Luis kissed him. Ravishing the sweet mouth in a preview to how he would soon ravish the sweet body.



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