Dark Desire

Chapter 27


Zander's eyes fluttered open. He felt a tongue thrusting in his mouth, tasting him. He wrapped his arms around Alcazar's neck and kissed him back. He felt the other man shift over him, felt the erection that strained against Alcazar's pants. Zander let one arm move between them to free the turgid flesh. He stroked it until Alcazar pulled away.


"I have to be inside you," Alcazar whispered, brokenly.


"Yes," Zander replied, rolling over onto his hands and knees. He let his head drop and his eyes close so that he was only feeling what was happening. He felt a thick, slicked, finger press inside him, then another, stretching him open even as they crooked to brush over his hot spot. He trembled as pleasure jolted through him, then he felt it. The fingers sliding out and a new pressure as Alcazar's cock pressed in. Zander bit his lip as he was breeched, breathing through the stretch and burn. Then Alcazar was all the way in and Zander's body rocked with each thrust.

Luis fucked Zander hard, but not roughly. He found his release and went limp over the boy, but soon he rolled Zander over onto his back. He moved between the strong legs and took Zander's cock into his mouth. He made him cum and swallowed every drop, before moving over the boy to kiss him. "So fucking beautiful," Luis whispered against the sweet lips. "And all mine."

Zander smiled. "All yours," he agreed. He kissed Alcazar back, then pouted as the man broke away, sliding off the bed.


"I brought you some juice," Luis said, retrieving the glass. "Mango juice."


"Thanks." Zander accepted it and drank it down. "Is it okay if I shower now?"


Luis nodded. "I thought we could spend the day on the beach. You could surf again today."

Zander was thrilled. "That would be great." He scampered off the bed, uncaring of his nudity, and threw himself into Luis's arms to kiss him. "You're good to me," he said, then he moaned as big hands massaged his ass, a finger sliding between his cheeks to stroke his opening.


"You make it easy, Zander," Luis replied. He kissed the boy then smacked him on the ass. "Go shower. We'll eat then hit the beach." He watched Zander go, wishing that the boy could stay naked always. It was a thought, at least for here. Smiling to himself, Luis retrieved the juice glass and made a mental note to get more powder from Kara.


* * * * *


Elizabeth felt as if she were trapped. She hated not being able to leave Sonny's penthouse, even though she understood why she had to stay. But she was bored and she was worried to death about Zander. Elizabeth paced for a bit then jumped when the door opened and Max appeared.

"You got mail," he told her, holding out a manila envelope.


"Thanks," Elizabeth replied, as she took it. She frowned. Who would know to send mail to her here, she wondered. Then she shook off her thoughts and opened the envelope. What she saw made her gasp. It was a photo of Luis Alcazar fucking Zander. Literally. Elizabeth felt tears burn in her eyes and her hand shook. She dropped the photo and it floated down to the floor, landing upside down. She noticed there was writing on the back and snatched it up again. Simple message. *Docks. 10PM. Don't be late.* Elizabeth glanced at her watch. She had six hours to wait. She would need the time to figure out how to slip away.


* * * * *


Luis watched Zander come out of the surf. The boy was wearing only a pair of cutoffs, very short cutoffs that were now soaking wet. His skin was bronzed and glistening and his hair, which was past his shoulders now, looked like wet, black, satin. He was so beautiful that it made Luis swell in response. He rubbed his hardness as he watched Zander approach him. "How is the water?" Luis asked.


Zander moved to kneel before him on the blanket. "It's great. You should go in." He shook his head like a wet dog then grinned.


"I'll go in later," Luis replied. "Right now I'm more interested in getting you naked." He grabbed Zander by the front of his shorts and hauled him closer, then he popped the button.


"Why do I even bother with clothes?" Zander countered, teasingly, heaving a dramatic, mock sigh, as he was pushed down onto his back and divested of the wet shorts. He didn't get a reply because Alcazar was busy. Zander moaned as a warm mouth latched onto his cock. Moaned again as a thick finger pressed inside him. When he came he felt Alcazar pull off and Zander knew why. His own semen would be used as a lubricant.


Luis kissed Zander then moved back to sit down. He had freed his cock and slicked it with Zander's cum. "Sit on me," he ordered the beautiful boy, and then Zander was over him, gripping the base of Luis' cock and guiding it into him. Luis gripped Zander's slim hips and pushed him down, moaning as he was sheathed in Zander's tightness. He heard Zander's moan of pain and held still so that the boy could adjust to him. It was agony to wait, but then Zander began to move over him, fucking himself on Luis' cock. It felt amazing and he closed his eyes. Then he felt his balls tighten and Luis wrapped an arm around Zander's waist, holding him down onto him as he came, his hips thrusting just a bit. Once spent he bit Zander's shoulder. "I will never let you go," he whispered.


Zander yelped as Alcazar bit him again. "I'm not going anywhere," he replied. He made to rise but Alcazar held him fast.


"Just let me hold you like this," Luis whispered. "I love being inside you." He was pleased when Zander relaxed against him. It would be their last moment like this for a while. Luis had a surprise for Zander. A surprise that might change everything.


* * * * *


Elizabeth had slipped away from the penthouse and had made it to the docks on time. A car was waiting for her and she got inside. The driver gave her a cell phone and she answered it. She spoke with Luis who told her to come to him and Zander would be safe. All she had to do was stay in the car. Elizabeth had agreed. They had driven to a private airstrip and Elizabeth had boarded a plane. She had fallen asleep to wake up here, on some Island. And another driver had appeared. Now she was being ushered inside a beautiful villa. Inside the foyer she stopped dead. Standing before her was Zander.


He was dressed in white shorts and nothing else and his skin was bronzed and glowing, his hair was loose about his shoulders, he was smiling as he talked with Alcazar, and Elizabeth had never seen him look more beautiful. "Zander.." she said quietly.


"Elizabeth?" He had turned to see her and looked stunned. But then he ran to her, lifting her into his arms and whirling her around. "What are you doing here? Did you come for a visit?" Zander asked, as he put her back on her feet.


"Yeah...a visit," Elizabeth replied, not knowing what else to say. She knew that something was wrong. Alcazar had done something to Zander. Something to make him forget all the bad stuff. She wouldn't say more until she spoke with him in private. "You look great, Zander," Elizabeth stated, putting a smile on her face. He looked so happy that she didn't want to spoil it.


Zander blushed. "Thanks. Everyone looks good here, Elizabeth. It's all the sun and stuff. You look beautiful, as always. But a little tired. Long trip?"


Elizabeth nodded. "Very long. I'd love a chance to freshen up."

"Zander will show you to your room," Luis interjected. He moved to Zander's side and let one hand stroke over the boy's chest.

"That would be great," Elizabeth replied. She watched Alcazar caressing Zander, and took note of Zander's easy acceptance. She knew that Alcazar was putting on a show for her. She wanted to get Zander away from him so they could talk. She smiled at Zander. "So...show me the way," she requested.


Zander nodded then frowned. "Um...where are your bags?"


Elizabeth had forgotten about the fact that she had no luggage. "Oh...um.." She wasn't sure how to explain that one.


"I told her I would buy whatever she needed," Luis interjected. "So she can dress native since it's so warm here. In fact, there are some things already in her room."

"Great," Elizabeth replied. "Thank you." Then she took Zander's hand.

He got the hint and led her towards the stairs. But he turned back to Alcazar to ask, "Which room?"


Luis smiled. "The peach room."

"She'll love it," Zander stated, then he pulled Elizabeth with him. They climbed the stairs then made their way to the end of the hallway. Zander opened the last door on the right. "Come on in," he invited.

"It's beautiful," Elizabeth said, as she entered the room. And she supposed it was. She was more concerned about Zander. "How are you doing?" Elizabeth asked him, point blank.


Zander frowned. "I'm great. Why?"


Elizabeth cupped his face in both hands. "Is Alcazar treating you okay?" It was a loaded question but Elizabeth needed to understand Zander's rationale.

"Of course," Zander replied. "He loves me."

"Do you love him?"

Zander pulled away from Elizabeth. "Why are you asking me that? What's going on?"


Elizabeth shrugged and tried to play it off as nothing. "I just want you to be happy, Zander. That's all."


"I am happy." He put a smile back on his face. "Why don't you rest for a while. I'll come back in a few hours and we can take a walk and catch up on things."

"I'd like that," Elizabeth replied. She smiled until Zander was out of the room. After the door was closed, Elizabeth let her tears fall. She was scared for herself. But most off all she was terrified for Zander. And it broke her heart because she knew that in the end, Alcazar was going to hurt him. He was going to break Zander again, and Elizabeth wasn't sure she could stop him.



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