Dark Desire

Chapter 28


Zander dreamed. It wasn't clear like some dreams, it was almost like a strobe light effect of images, and it was more what he felt than what he saw. Bodies and faces and hands moving over him, touching him, and he felt cold pleasure mixed with pain. Burning pain. And then he felt it, a hardness pressing into him. Too hard and too thick and the pain brought tears to his eyes. Zander struggled against it but he couldn't move. He wrists were bound, his legs were pinned, and the hardness kept thrusting into him, rocking his body, splitting him apart...


"NOOO!" Zander came awake with a scream, sitting bolt upright in bed, the sheet slipping down to his lap. He could feel himself shaking, feel the sheen of cold sweat on his skin. He realized his throat felt hoarse and dry and he hoped no one heard him. Dark hair fell in his eyes and Zander brushed it back, impatiently. His hair was way too long but he didn't dare cut it. Still shaking, he slid out of bed and had to catch himself. He felt a bit weak and a bit nauseous and he needed something to drink to ease the dryness in his throat. Zander noticed the glass of mango juice on the bed stand. He forgot to drink it last night. It was old now so he took the glass into the bathroom and dumped the contents. Then he rinsed it out and filled it with cool water.


After drinking the water, Zander felt a little better. He turned on the shower and got in, letting the hot water warm him. Eventually the shaking eased. He lathered up and rinsed off, then washed his hair. After drying off, Zander slipped into linen pants and a white gauze shirt. It was hot already, but he still felt a bit cold. And a bit unsteady. He figured maybe he'd feel better after breakfast.


Zander headed for the stairs and he met Elizabeth on her way down. "Good morning," Zander offered in greeting.


"Good morning," Elizabeth replied. "You okay, Zander? You look a little pale."


"I'm fine." He smiled. "Any plans for this morning? Since Luis is gone on business, I figured we could do whatever we like."


Elizabeth frowned. "Luis is gone?"

Zander nodded. "Yeah. He left last night after you went to bed. Business."

"For how long?"

"A couple of days. Why?" Zander was surprised by the look on Elizabeth's face. She looked...hopeful.


Elizabeth shook her head and smiled. "I just wondered. Um...maybe we could go shopping? I overheard some of the servants talking about this wonderful street bazaar. And I really could use some more things."


Zander considered. Luis had told him he and Elizabeth could roam the island if they wanted. So long as they stayed on the east side. "Sure...we can do that." He took her hand. "Let's eat then we can take off. Do you mind if we bike ride to the bazaar? It's really not that far and the path is pretty shady most of the way."


"That would be fun," Elizabeth replied.

"Great." Zander led Elizabeth into the dining room and they both filled their plates. Zander started out good, and he felt less shaky after finishing some toast and a bit of eggs, but then he took a drink of juice and his stomach recoiled. "I'll...I'll be right back," Zander blurted out, even as he bolted out of his chair and headed for the door. There was a guest bathroom down the hall and Zander barely made it in time to puke. He wretched until he was heaving and only then did he realize hands were holding his hair back for him.

Elizabeth was quiet as she spoke. "Should I call someone?"


Zander eased away from the toilet, but remembered to flush. He fell back against the wall and shook his head. "No...I'm okay." Oddly enough he did feel a bit better. "I just really need to brush my teeth." He let Elizabeth help him up then he used one of the wrapped toothbrushes left for guests. Zander brushed his teeth then splashed cold water on his face. "All better, "he announced.


"You do look a little less pale," Elizabeth allowed.


"I must have eaten something last night that didnít' agree with me. But I cleared out my stomach and I feel better."

Elizabeth tucked a lock of hair behind Zander's ear. "Yeah...well...maybe you should go lay down for a while and rest. We can go to the bazaar later. Or tomorrow."


Zander shook his head. "We can go now. Seriously. I just need to change into shorts. You might want to do the same. And don't forget to bring a shady hat. Oh...and use lots of sunblock. Paleface," Zander teased.


"Brat," Elizabeth shot back, smiling. "I can't help it if you're part Indian. I swear, your skin looks like bronze."


"I'm a Florida boy, remember?" Zander hugged Elizabeth then they headed for their rooms. As Zander changed into white shorts and a white tank top, he thought about how glad he was to have Elizabeth here. But that happiness was marred a bit when an image flashed in his head. An image of Luis slapping him, then tearing at his clothes before pushing Zander over a table. Zander shook his head to clear the image, but his body clenched, remembering the pain. And Zander knew something was wrong. There was something he was forgetting.


A knock sounded on the door and shook Zander out of his reverie.


"Zander...are you decent?" Elizabeth called out.

"No!" He called back, then laughed when she opened the door anyway. He studied her in her pale blue short outfit. "You look gorgeous," Zander stated.

Elizabeth smiled through a blush. "Thank you sir. And may I return the compliment. White is a great color on you."


Zander chuckled. "Thanks. Ready?"




They headed out and Zander hoped to keep his demons at bay.


* * * * *


Jason's cell phone rang and he snapped it open. "What?" He listened for a moment then closed the phone. A smile almost played on his lips. One of his contacts had spotted Zander and Elizabeth on the east side of the Island. It seemed almost too easy, but Jason didn't ponder on it. He just headed out.


* * * * *


It was too hot to spend alot of time at the Bazaar, but Zander and Elizabeth had fun while they were there. Elizabeth bought a few more outfits, they had something to eat, then they rode their bikes home. There was shady cove on the estate and Zander suggested swimming. Elizabeth was all for it. She changed into a tiny bikini then joined Zander on the beach. After a few minutes she suggested, "Mind if I skinny dip?"


Zander looked stunned. "Are you serious?"

"Very. You look surprised." Elizabeth watched Zander's reaction carefully. She had spent the morning questioning him about his relationship with Alcazar, and the things he remembered from his past, without trying to be too obvious. Zander had assured her he was happy with Luis, but he had seemed hesitant at times. Almost confused. Elizabeth had no doubt but that Alcazar was drugging Zander in some way, and if she could somehow make him remember the truth, that Alcazar was a monster, then she could get Zander to leave with her. Somehow.


"I am surprised," Zander allowed. "You don't look like the Skinny dipping type."

Elizabeth pouted at him. "Well...maybe there's just alot you don't know about me," she stated. Rising to her feet, Elizabeth shucked off her bikini. She felt comfortable in her nudity, and she knew it was because she was comfortable around Zander. She watched as he looked at her and she could see desire in his eyes. Elizabeth wanted to play on that. "You afraid to skinny dip?" she taunted.

Zander chuckled, even as he stood up and doffed his trunks. "Are you kidding me? Around here I seldom wear clothes. No point in it." He frowned as another image of Luis danced in his head. Luis ripping Zander's shirt open, his hands rough on him, then a hardness inside him.


"Zander?" Elizabeth was concerned when she saw Zander get lost in thought. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." He shook his head and forced a smile. "Are we swimming or not?"

Elizabeth smiled back. "Let's go. Last one in is a rotten egg!" She took off. She still lost, but she had so much fun in the water, she didn't care. She wanted to stay in the warm surf forever, but all too soon Zander told her she needed to get back into the shade. Just then a wave washed over Elizabeth, knocking her off balance. She would have gone under if Zander hadn't caught her. She could feel his warm skin against his. Feel his arousal and it made her instantly wet with desire. Without thinking, Elizabeth tangled her fingers in Zander's long hair and kissed him. She was thrilled when he kissed her back.


Zander broke the kiss and set Elizabeth from him. "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have done that."

"It's okay, Zander. I wanted you to. I liked it. I want more." Elizabeth went into full, seductive mode.



The both froze then turned to see Luis standing on the beach. Watching them.


Elizabeth could feel Zander shaking. She realized that she was still nude, but that didn't stop her from striding out of the water and over to Alcazar. "Don't hurt him," she warned. "I kissed Zander."


"I know," Luis replied. "I was watching." He watched Zander approach then kissed him in greeting, one hand stroking down the boy's chest to curl around his cock. "I missed you."


"I missed you too," Zander replied, then he whimpered as Luis' fingers stroked his hardness.

Elizabeth watched them for a moment then turned to go. She could guess where this was leading and she was flushed with shame. A part of her wanted to watch. Zander looked so beautiful in this moment. Elizabeth was so wet.


Luis saw her. "Stay," he purred. "We don't mind an audience. Do we, Zander?"


"Luis." Zander began, but he was silenced by a kiss.


"Shh..." Luis whispered against the sweet lips, then he pushed Zander down onto the blanket.

Elizabeth couldn't look away as Luis slick his fingers with suntan oil and pressed one inside of Zander. She listened to Zander's moans of pleasure and she had to bite her tongue. This was so wrong but she felt excited by what she saw. And then Alcazar pulled back and freed his own cock. He slicked it then sat down, before pulling Zander over his lap. Elizabeth watched Zander bite his lip as he pressed down onto Alcazar's cock. She could almost feel what he was feeling, being filled with thick hardness and her own fingers stole between her legs to stroke herself. Elizabeth felt shame, yet she still could not look away as Luis stroked Zander's cock as they moved together. After Zander found his release, Elizabeth watched Luis push him onto his hands and knees, then he pistoned into Zander, hard and fast before coming with a cry. Elizabeth moaned as she came, having brought herself to orgasm. She felt beyond embarrassed and she grabbed a towel, wrapped it around herself and fled.


* * * * *


Later that night Elizabeth had two visitors in her room. Zander came first, to apologize for the show. She knew he was embarrassed and she tried to convince him that she was the one who was sorry. She shouldn't have watched, but then she admitted to finding it rather hot and asked Zander if he liked being watched. He told her he didn't, but allowed it because it made Luis happy. He looked so miserable that Elizabeth's heart ached for him. She knew that this was going to end badly, and that she had to find some way to free them both.

Her second visitor was Alcazar. He asked if she had enjoyed the show, laughing when Elizabeth had glared at him. Then he had invited her into their room. He wanted her to have sex with Zander. Elizabeth had admitted to wanting to be with Zander, but that she wasn't going to put on a show for him. Alcazar had shrugged then stated that it was her choice. But that he was going to watch a show tonight, one way or another. It could be her and Zander, or Zander and one of the guards. Elizabeth had been too stunned to respond and Alcazar had walked out.

But now she found herself outside of Alcazar's room. She knocked on the door and he opened it, ushering her inside. But she put a smile on her face when she saw Zander standing there. He was wet, obviously from a shower, and only had a towel wrapped around his waist.

"What are you doing here, Elizabeth?" Zander asked.

Luis answered. "She's come to play with us."



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