Dark Desire

Chapter 7


Zander stood in the shower, letting the hot spray wash over him. He was shaking and he couldn't seem to stop. He closed his eyes but the memory of unwanted hands and lips on his body made him open them. Not knowing who was touching him, stroking him, making him come. And the memory of his orgasm, of his body's betrayal, made Zander sick to his stomach with shame. Reaching for the soap, Zander lathered his body, over and over again, trying to wash away the feel of it all. But the imprint of it all felt burned into him.


Only when the water started to run cold did Zander step out of the shower. He didn't even bother to dry off, he simply wrapped the towel around his waist then automatically brushed his teeth. Then he headed out of the bathroom and wasn't the least bit surprised to find Alcazar waiting for him.


"Come here," Luis ordered. He was sitting in a chair by the fireplace.


Without hesitation, Zander obeyed. He told himself that Alcazar wouldn't hurt him. But he flinched when fingers unwrapped the towel from his waist and he was pulled between Alcazar's long legs. Zander's cock was almost on level with Alcazar's face and Zander closed his eyes in embarrassment. He bit his lip and swallowed a whimper of shame when strong hands stroked over his skin, then he felt it, fingers curling around his cock. A whimper did escape Zander.

Luis touched Zander's face with his free hand. "Open your eyes." When Zander obeyed he smiled. "You are so beautiful...so perfect."


"No...I'm not." Zander felt himself harden in Alcazar's fist and it felt like another betrayal.


"You are beautiful...and perfect...and mine." Luis' hand tightened over Zander's cock but then he pulled away, but only to slick both hands with warming oil. Then he curled his fingers around Zander's thick shaft again, while his other hand cupped one hard buttock. After a moment, Luis slid a finger into the crack and found the puckered opening.

Zander flinched as a finger slid inside him. He started to pull away but the hand on his cock tightened painfully and Zander froze.


"Look at me!" Luis demanded.


"Please..." Zander begged, even as he obeyed. He couldn't do this.


Luis smiled. "It's okay, Zander. I won't hurt you. Iím going to make you feel so good." He continued to stroke Zander's cock even as he thrust his other finger deeper inside the tight channel. Then he crooked his finger and he felt Zander jump.

Zander felt his knees buckle as a wave of intense pleasure washed over him. He had never felt anything like it before. And then he felt it, the tingling in his spine and the tightening of his balls and he was coming hard and fast, coating Alcazar's hand and spattering come on his pants. Zander had to lock his knees to remain standing.


"Good boy," Luis whispered as he pulled his finger out and then he reached for discarded towel to clean his hand, and then he cleaned Zander's cock. Rising to his feet, Luis kissed the boy's sweet lips then he guided him over to the bed. He pushed Zander onto it then covered him. On the bed stand was a syringe and Luis reached for it. "I'm going to give you something to help you sleep, Zander."

"Okay." Zander wanted to sleep. He wanted to forget. He closed his eyes and felt the pinprick in the crook of his arm. Warmth spread through him even as darkness closed over him. But before Zander drifted off he felt fingers in his hair and warm lips on his.


* * * * *


Zander came awake with a start. He felt jittery and confused, but then the images from last night came rushing back to him and he shook his head. He didn't want to remember. Climbing out of bed, Zander made his way to the shower. He didn't stay long and he dressed quickly as well, Zander didn't want to be alone with his thoughts. He wasn't hungry but he headed for the dining room and found Brenda there reading a magazine and sipping coffee.

"Good morning, Zander," she greeted him.


"Good morning." Zander poured himself some coffee then sat down. "Where is Mr. Alcazar?"


Brenda shrugged. "Off on business. He left you a note." She held it out.

Zander took it, read it, and felt relief wash over him. Alcazar would be gone for a few days and he wanted Zander to work on the files he left behind. That was something he would be happy to do. He smiled at Brenda. "Feel like a walk?"


"Sure. Just let me put some sneakers on." Brenda left the room.


Zander took the time to grab a bagel and he was smiling as he munched away.


* * * * *


Two days passed smoothly. Alcazar was due tomorrow night and Zander was bored. Brenda had a headache so there was no one to keep him company. Zander decided to see a movie. It finished relatively early and Zander considered making a pit stop at Kelly's, but decided that would be pushing his luck. But he did stop on the docks on his way home and lady luck was against him. Elizabeth appeared as if from out of his thoughts. Zander felt fear ripple through him and he made to leave.


"Don't go!" Elizabeth beseeched him.


"I have to." Zander almost made it to the stairs before she blocked him.


Elizabeth touched his arm. "Did I do something wrong, Zander?"

He shook his head at her. "No."

"Then why are you trying to run away?"


"I have to go." He tried to step around her but she kept pace. "Elizabeth...please..." Zander heard the desperation in his tone.


She frowned at him. "I thought we were friends."


Zander froze then whispered, "You thought wrong." He saw the pain that flickered in her eyes at his words and regretted causing it, but Zander couldn't put her in danger. So he took advantage of her surprise to slip around her and disappear into the night.


* * * * *


When Zander got home, he wasn't surprised to find Alcazar waiting for him. He could tell that the man was angry. At him.


Luis glared at Zander. "I told you to stay away from Elizabeth."


"I tried...I swear. I ran into her on the docks by accident." Zander was desperate for Alcazar to believe him. And so focused on convincing him that he didn't see the hand coming till it cracked against his cheek. Even as Zander pressed a hand to his face, hands were on him, dragging him off and he knew where they were going. Zander didn't even have time to struggle before he was tossed into the tiny room. No cuffs or blindfold this time, but the darkness made him feel trapped and helpless anyway. The moment he heard the lock click into place, Zander started crawling for where he thought the door might be. It took him a while to feel for it then he was on his feet and pounding on it, begging to be let out. But there was no response.

After his voice went hoarse and his knuckles were split, Zander gave up. He found a corner and tucked himself into it. Then the door suddenly opened and Zander blinked against the sudden light. He watched as Alcazar came in, followed by Geraldo. Zander felt himself shiver as Alcazar crouched down before him. But he didn't flinch as fingers ruffled his hair.


Luis smiled coldly. "You understand why it has to be like this...don't you, Zander? Why you have to be punished?"


"I didn't do anything wrong," Zander protested.


"Shhhh..." Luis pressed a fingertip to Zander's lips. "I'll let you out, but you have to earn it."


Zander nodded. "What do I have to do?" At this moment he would do just about anything.


Luis was pleased. "I want you to jack off Geraldo."

"What?" Zander was stunned and shook his head no. He tried to press himself deeper into the corner as Alcazar reached for him.


"Do this for me, Zander," Luis whispered as he framed Zander's face in both hands. "Then I can let you out."

Zander was shaking and tears stung his eyes. He didn't want to do this but he couldn't bear the thought of being locked up in the darkness. Couldn't bear the thought of what might happen to him this time. He told himself that this would be the lesser of two evils. Pushing to his knees, Zander crawled over to Geraldo. His hand was shaking as he undid the guardís zipper and Zander couldn't look at him. He focused only on the cock he released from the white briefs. He had never touched another man's cock before. His hand still shaking, Zander wrapped his fingers around the hard length and stroked it. To Zander's relief it didn't take long for Geraldo to come but the spray of seed took him by surprise as it dripped over his hand and some spattered on his pants. Zander swiped at it with his free hand.

Luis had a handkerchief and he wiped Zander's hand before pulling him to his feet. He said nothing as he led Zander out of the room and towards the stairs. Once in Zander's bedroom, he spoke. "You pleased me very much, Zander. You're a good boy." As he spoke, Luis began undressing Zander.


"I'm tired," Zander whispered, and he felt tired in his soul. He let Alcazar push him into bed and was almost relieved to feel a pin prick in his arm. He wanted to sleep forever.


* * * * *


The next two days passed by in a kind of haze for Zander. He slept most of one day away and felt groggy for several hours after he finally did wake up. To his relief, Alcazar made no mention of what had happened and Geraldo didn't look at Zander any differently. It was business as usual and Zander could almost convince himself that nothing had happened. And what free time he had he spent with Brenda. Not once in two days did Alcazar touch him.


That night Zander went to sleep and dreamed of Alcazar in his bed, touching him and sucking his cock and Zander's eyes flew open when a finger slid inside him. He gasped as he realized it was no dream. Alcazar was between his legs, his mouth on Zander's cock, a finger thrusting inside him. Zander gasped as pleasure washed over him and he was coming hard and long and his body twitched in the aftermath. Then Alcazar was kissing him and Zander could taste himself and it made him shudder but he didn't pull away.


"My beautiful, Zander," Alcazar whispered, before sliding off the bed. He picked up the syringe and smiled when Zander offered his arm. "Sweet dreams," he whispered.


Zander closed his eyes and welcomed the darkness.


* * * * *


When Zander woke up it was morning. As he showered and dressed he almost convinced himself that he had dreamed about last night. And when he went down for breakfast, it was to learn that Alcazar was gone on business for a few days. Zander was relieved. And when Alcazar called to tell him to handle a business meeting for him, Zander was pleased. He had done the paper work and he was proud that Alcazar trusted him to handle things. And he did well. Back home he called Alcazar from his office and Zander almost glowed from the praise he received. He hung up and decided to look over some new files. Zander was deep in concentration when he heard footsteps approaching. He looked up to see Geraldo standing before him. "What do you want?" Zander asked.


Geraldo smiled leeringly. "A blow job."

"What?" Zander was so surprised that he dropped a file. "Get out!" Even as he gave the order, Zander watched Geraldo stalk around the desk. Rising from the chair, Zander tried to back pedal but strong hands grabbed him and wet lips were on his. Without thinking, Zander bit him and was pleased by Geraldo's howl of pain. He was not so thrilled by the ringing in his ears after Geraldo cuffed him up side the head.


"You will blow me, pretty boy...or I'll hunt down Elizabeth Webber and fuck her until she breaks in two."


Zander froze and fear washed over him. He looked into Geraldo's eyes and knew that the man would do as he threatened, but he still shook his head no.


Geraldo leaned in close, his lips pressed to Zander's ear. "Do it...or I'll tell Alcazar you're fucking the bitch. And what do you think he'll do to her then?"


"Why are you doing this?" Zander asked, even as he sank to his knees. He would do whatever he had to, to keep Elizabeth safe.


"Because I can," Geraldo growled, as he freed his cock. Then he curled his fingers in Zander's hair. "Do it bitch! Suck me!"


Zander felt ill but he did as he was told. He curled his fingers around the base of Geraldo's cock then took the tip into his mouth. He didn't even have time to adjust to the size of it before Geraldo was thrusting and Zander gagged as the hard shaft bumped the back of his throat. Then Geraldo was gripping his head and pumping harder and faster and it was all Zander could do not to puke. Blessedly it didn't take long for the guard to come and Zander tried to pull away as hot come spilled into his mouth, but Geraldo held him by the hair, forcing Zander to swallow or choke. Then he felt Geraldo pull out and Zander wiped at his mouth with the back of one hand.

Geraldo yanked Zander to his feet. "This will be our little secret, bitch!" he hissed, then he shoved Zander away, tucked himself back into his pants, then strode from the room.

Zander barely made it to his room before he puked.


* * * * *


Luis came home late and found Zander curled up in a chair by the fire. "Come to bed," He said gently, easing Zander from the chair. He undressed him then tucked him into bed before reaching for the syringe. As Zander's eyes closed, Luis leaned in and kissed him and when Zander pulled away he allowed it. He watched him sleep for a few minutes, his fingers stroking through the dark hair, then he quietly left the room.


* * * * *


Zander was surprised to see Alcazar in the morning. He didn't remember him coming home. He told him about a new company that might be worth investing in and then he spent the morning going over the files with Alcazar. That afternoon, Zander spent with Brenda. That night he played chess with Alcazar and won.

The next day was pretty much a repeat of the first, only after lunch Zander and Brenda took a walk and she tried to get him to talk about his family. Zander shut her out. He spent the late afternoon on business with Alcazar and that night Zander and Brenda played chess. Brenda won. Then Alcazar took Zander to a room on the third floor and surprised him with a brand new pool table. They played three games and Zander won them all. That night he slept without drugs and without dreaming.


Alcazar greeted Zander and Brenda at breakfast with his briefcase in hand. He was off on business and wouldn't be back for two days. Zander was ready to handle things while he was gone. He worked in the office till dinner, then spent the evening with Brenda. They played pool then she suggested a swim. They splashed about for almost an hour then Brenda headed off to bed. Zander decided to swim a couple more laps. When he was done he stepped out of the pool and froze when he found Geraldo standing there, watching him.

"What do you want?" Zander asked, fear making his voice husky.


"I want to fuck you," Geraldo replied, his eyes roaming over Zander.

Zander felt panic flutter in his gut. He was wearing a pair of trunks but felt naked before the heat of Geraldo's stare. This wasn't going to happen. He wasn't going to let it. Zander felt his defense mechanism kick in. He glared at Geraldo. "Go fuck yourself!" It was the wrong thing to say. A fist slammed into Zander's temple and he saw stars. By the time the lightshow had faded, Zander realized that his wrists were bound behind his back and Geraldo was dragging him over to the wet bar. Zander cursed as he was pushed face down onto the bar top and he struggled for all he was worth when he felt his trunks yanked down to his ankles.


"No!" he hissed as a finger thrust inside him. A thick finger with a dry penetration and Zander cried out as another was added then another, stretching him for what was to come. And then he felt it. The fingers were removed and the thick bulbous head of Geraldo's cock was pressing into Zander. He tried to pull away but strong hands gripped his hips and Zander was bent over so that he was off balanced with his hands bound behind him. He was helpless and exposed and pain ripped through him as Geraldo thrust hard and his cock slid in half way. Zander couldn't hold back a cry as another thrust rocked him and then he found himself spitted on the thick shaft. IT burned and Zander felt as if he were being split open as Geraldo began to move inside him. Hard thrusts that rocked his body forward and back and the throaty grunts as Geraldo worked towards his release echoed in Zander's ears.


Humiliation burned almost as sharply as the pain of penetration and Zander closed his eyes against the sting of hot tears. He moaned as Geraldo suddenly slumped over him and wet lips were pressed against his ear.


"You were fucking made for this, pretty boy. Made to be my bitch...so fucking tight. Better than pussy any day."

Shame twisted in Zander's gut and the thrusts came faster and harder yet the pain eased a bit and Zander realized that there was a warm slickness that eased the friction and it confused him because Geraldo hadn't come yet. But as if on cue the guard howled his release, and Zander felt warm wetness filling him, slicking him, and it was almost a relief. Then Geraldo was pulling out of him and Zander felt as if his insides were going to follow. He felt fingers undoing the belt that bound his wrists and then he was allowed to drop limply to the floor. Zander didn't react when Geraldo gripped his hair and kissed him. He said nothing as the guard thanked him for the *fuck*. Once he was alone, Zander reached for the towel that was draped over one of the stools. He wrapped it around his waist as he rose, shakily, to his feet. Then he felt it, a slow drip down his thigh and Zander knew what it was. Geraldo's semen. He swiped at it with the end of the towel and almost choked when he saw that the towel was stained red. Semen and blood. His blood. Zander made it to his room before he retched.



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