The Hot Zone

Chapter 5


It was morning and Sonny was anxious. Zander never came home last night. When Carly asked about him, Sonny told her that he went out of town for a couple of days. She let it drop and took off with Michael. Soon after, Jason arrived. Alone. "What did you find out?"


Jason ran a hand over the back of his neck. "Arroyo is in town for a couple of days. He came in last night."

"Well…that explains where Zander is," Sonny replied. He felt relieved.


"I'll go pick him up." Jason headed for the door.


Sonny stopped him. "No. When Arroyo is done with him, he'll send Zander back. That was the deal." Sonny caught the glare sent his way. "Leave it alone, Jason," he ordered, then he left the room.


Jason watched Sonny go, then he walked out.


* * * * *


Zander came awake slowly, feeling his body ache. His wrists were raw, his face was bruised, and his ass hurt inside and out. He felt a wave of shame, remembering what Arroyo had done to him. And Zander knew that he couldn't, wouldn't, remember it all. After being fucked in the limo by Arroyo and two other guys, Zander had blacked out. Not waking up until now. He rather wished he could go back to that sweet oblivion.


On a positive note he was alone. Naked, but alone. He slipped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Zander felt some of the aches ease as he stood under the hot spray. He scrubbed himself until his skin felt almost raw, then he washed his hair. He didn't get out until the water ran cold. Zander dried off, wrapped a towel around his waist, then found a tooth brush and paste and brushed his teeth. He finger combed his hair and stepped back into the bedroom with the intent to find something to wear. He froze when he saw one of Arroyo's muscle men waiting for him. Given the way the man eyed him, Zander figured he was one of the others who had fucked him in the limo. A shiver rippled over Zander, raising goosebumps on his skin.


The muscled goon smiled. "Mr. Arroyo would like for you to get dressed then join him in the dining room."

"I don't have any clothes," Zander countered.

"On the bed."

Zander looked. He frowned at the sight of shorts and a tank top. "That's it?"


The goon smirked. "You could go down in the towel," he replied.

"Fuck you!" Zander snapped. Then he glared when the goon just stood there. He grabbed the clothes and made to head back to the bathroom to dress, but a big hand grabbed his arm.


"Change here," said the goon.


Zander didn't want to do this. He knew the guy was messing with him, but in the end it would be easier just to do it. So Zander shucked the towel, feeling the goons' heated gaze on him, and quickly dressed. It didn't take long to pull on shorts and a tank top. Zander realized there were no shoes either and he shivered again. He knew something bad was going to happen. "I'm ready," he stated. Might as well get it over with. He followed the goon out of the room and down the stairs.

Arroyo was sitting at the table when Zander entered. He smiled. "Did you sleep well?"


"Just peachy," Zander drawled.


"What would you like for breakfast?"


Zander locked eyes with Arroyo. "I'm not hungry, and I'm not staying."


Arroyo chuckled. "You're staying. You belong to me now. Bought and paid for."


"Nobody owns me!" Zander snarled. "Not YOU and not Sonny!"


"You can take that up with Sonny later. But I do own your sweet ass, Zander," Arroyo replied, an amused smirk curving his lips. "Now...I want to see the goods. Undress for me."

Zander was shaking with fury. "Fuck you!"


Arroyo almost launched himself out of his chair at Zander, slapping him hard across the face. "You will obey me!" he roared.


"Not in a million years!" Zander shot back. He was furious and terrified at the same time, but he held his ground. Until two of the guards came up behind him and grabbed him. Zander struggled but each guard was twice his size and they held him easily.


"Accept the fact that you belong to me now," Arroyo purred as he fisted one hand in Zander's hair. He cupped Zander's cheek with the other then kissed him, ravishing his mouth with his tongue.


Zander tried to bite him but stopped when the fingers in his hair threatened to yank it out by the roots. He struggled again, or tried to, when Arroyo's hand slid inside the shorts to fondle him. Relief washed over him when Arroyo pulled away, but it was short-lived. The man turned back with a knife in his hands and made short work of cutting off the shorts and tank, leaving Zander naked and feeling far too exposed and vulnerable. But Zander wasn't going to let it show. "I will never belong to you," he stated. "Never."


Arroyo brushed the pad of his thumb over Zander's lower lip, "Such a beautiful, spirited, boy," he whispered. "I wonder how long it will take to break you." He nodded to his goons and the pulled Zander over to the table.

"NO!" Zander tried to break free when he realized Arroyo's intent. But he was forcibly bent over the table and he had to bit his lip to keep from crying out as thick fingers were jammed inside him. He was already sore and the pain brought tears to his eyes. But it was nothing compared to the pain of Arroyo's cock, pressing its way inside of him. Zander heard himself whimper as he was penetrated. His body was rocked by Arroyo's hard thrusts and Zander prayed for it to be over soon. He almost wept with relief when he felt Arroyo cum. He moaned as Arroyo pulled out and then Zander was pulled up off the table. He was shaking but he held Arroyo's gaze. He would not let the bastard break him. "Can I go now?" Zander asked, and he was proud when his voice didn't tremble.


" may go back to your room," Arroyo allowed. He waved for the guards to escort Zander.

Zander held on to whatever scrap of dignity he could as he walked back to his room. Hard to feel any dignity when he was naked and he could feel the drip of cum down his inner thigh. But Zander wouldn't break. He couldn't. He had Alexis to think about. Alexis and the baby. And he had to do whatever it took to make sure Sonny kept his secret.

He was so caught up in his thoughts and his internal pep talk, that Zander didn't realize he had reached the room. He was pushed inside and then a fist slammed into his ribs. Zander doubled over then took a knee in the ribs on the other side. Then more fists pummeled him as he fell to the floor. He curled up as best he could and simply waited for it to be over. He must have blacked out because when he came back to awareness, he was alone. Zander remained on the floor, waiting out the first fifteen minutes, which were always the worst. Then he made himself rise to his feet and he made it to the bathroom, before he puked.


* * * * *


Nikolas went to the Hot Zone. To see Zander. Zander had become his addiction and he couldn't explain why. Not even to himself. But the dancers came and went and Zander was not among them. Nikolas spotted Jason across the room and he confronted him. "Where is Zander?"


"What's it to you?" Jason shot back.


"I'm just asking."

Jason nodded. "Why?"


Nikolas didn't have a good comeback. "Do you know where he is or not?"


"Out of town."


"I see." Nikolas knew Jason was lying but he let it go. For now. "Thanks," he said, then he turned away.


* * * * *


Zander managed to shower after the beating. He had to practically crawl into the bedroom and into the bed, but he made it. Then he closed his eyes and managed to drift off to sleep. He didn't know how much time had passed when he felt a hand stroking his bruised ribs and the pain jolted him awake.


Arroyo smiled at Zander. "How do you feel?"


"Never better." Zander would never let the man see the pain he caused him. This was the only pride he had left.


"You need something to distract you from the pain." Arroyo tugged down the sheet to expose Zander to his heated gaze. "Jack yourself off," he ordered.


Zander shook his head. "No." He knew what he was risking, but he didn't care.


Arroyo was amused, but there was a coldness in his eyes. He reached for a syringe on the bedside table. "This is morphine. Highly concentrated. It won't take long to get you addicted to it. You’ll beg me for a fix, Zander. You'll do anything I tell you to get it."


"Your point being?"


"Jack yourself off or I give you the first injection. Your choice."

Zander closed his eyes. It wasn't much of a choice. He would be fucked either way. But he didn't want the addiction. He knew how bad it could be. A friend of his had been addicted and it had been horrible to see. If he let it happen, then Arroyo would win. Zander opened his eyes and locked them on Arroyo's face as he let his hand curl around his cock. He remembered what Jason had said about taking his own pleasure and that's what he would make this about. Biting his lip, and letting himself relive the moment in the shower with Jason's hand over his, Zander stroked himself to hardness. Then he thought about making love with Emily in the boathouse and he came in a rush.


Arroyo was stroking himself through his pants, and panting a bit. "Good boy, Zander," he drawled. He took the hand soaked with cum and licked it off. Then he kissed Zander. When he pulled back he nodded towards the corner. "I called in my personal physician to examine you. To make sure you're all right."


"I'm fine!" Zander hissed. He didn't want to be examined. It bothered him that he hadn’t even realized the other man was in the room. That he had watched Zander as he jacked himself. A hot flush of shame suffused Zander's skin.


"Do as I say!" Arroyo countered, his tone clipped. He clapped his hands and an ever present goon appeared.

Zander tried to move out of reach, but with his injuries he wasn't fast enough. And they inhibited his ability to fight back. The pain his struggles evoked made Zander dizzy and he came back to awareness only to realize that Arroyo had bound his wrists to the bed posts. And now he was sliding a thick pillow under Zander's hips. Then the doctor was there, staring down at him. Naked, open, bound and on display. Zander closed his eyes as his humiliation was complete. He kept them closed as warm hands brushed over his rib cage, biting his lip against a moan of pain. Then the hands were on his thighs, pushing his legs further apart, and when Zander tried to resist he felt beefy hands grab his knees and force them wider open. When a gloved finger pressed inside him, Zander was hard put not to whimper. He knew that Arroyo was doing this to shame him. Another way to break him. Zander refused to give in to it, but it was hard. He felt something cold being slicked inside him and it made him squirm as it heated up and tingled, then he felt kind of numb, like a novocaine effect.


The doctor finished and Arroyo returned to the bed. He shooed the guard away and undid his pants to free his cock. He stroked the hardness for a moment before moving between Zander's legs. Then he positioned himself and pressed in.


"Fucker!" Zander hissed as he was penetrated. He had known this was coming and his eyes were still closed. He didn't want to see the smirk on Arroyo's face.


"You were made for this, Zander," Arroyo purred. "Made for me. And you will always belong to me." He panted between words as he fucked Zander hard and fast. He came in a rush and pulled out, using a corner of the sheet to clean himself before tucking his cock back into his pants. Then he kissed Zander before covering him with the blankets. "Rest, pretty one. Sweet dreams." That said, Arroyo left the room.


Zander tugged on his restraints, wanting to be free. He could feel Arroyo's cum oozing out of him and he knew it was meant to be a reminder to him. It was Arroyo's way of marking Zander as his. His whore. Zander squeezed his eyes tight. He would not let the tears that burned his eyes escape.


* * * * *


Arroyo left town in the morning. Early. He fucked Zander as a wake up call, then released him. He kissed him goodbye, laughing when Zander tried to bite him. Then he smacked him on the ass before leaving the room.


Zander showered and dressed in black jeans and a black shirt, then one of Arroyo's goons drove him back to Sonny's. As the elevator doors opened, Zander was pleased to see Sonny there, waiting to go down. He didn't hesitate. He drew back his right arm then threw a right cross. Zander smiled as Sonny staggered back, a hand pressed to his face. "Bastard," he said calmly.


"I guess I deserved that," Sonny allowed, waving Max back when the big guy advanced on Zander. "Let's go inside and talk."

"Sure...let's talk." Zander led the way into the penthouse. Once the door was closed behind them he snarled, "You sold me like I was your property! You sold me to that sonofabitch!"


Sonny nodded, then he moved to the wet bar and wrapped some ice in a linen napkin and held it to his jaw. "I did that," he allowed. "But this arrangement is beneficial to us both."

Zander snorted. "Bullshit!" He waved away anything else Sonny might have said and headed for the stairs. Once in his room, Zander closed the door and leaned against it. He felt about a hundred years old. One hand pressed lightly to his ribs, Zander made his way to the bed. He reclined against the pillows, reaching out for a framed photograph from the bedside table. A picture of Alexis in the baby's nursery. She was standing next to the crib. Zander had taken the picture last week when they had completed the room. Alexis had had it framed for him. She was the reason Zander would see this through. That and the fact that Sonny held Zander's secret over his head. But it was Alexis that made Zander want to be strong.


"Zander?" Jason called through the closed door. Then he knocked.

"Leave me alone!" Zander called back. He didn't want to see anyone right now.


Jason opened the door and came in. "I want to examine you."


Zander almost laughed. Jason was nothing if not direct. But he could be direct too. "No."


"I need to make sure you're all right."


"I'm fine. Arroyo had his personal physician fix me up." Zander couldn't help but shudder at the memory. It had been the final humiliation this morning. Before Arroyo's goon would drive Zander home. The doctor had examined him again, latexed fingers probing inside him and slicking him with some kind of gel. It did help the pain but it wasn't worth the shame Zander had felt.


Jason moved to the bed. He reached out to touch the bruise on Zander's cheek.

Zander knocked Jason's hand away. "Don't worry about me, Jason," he said coolly. "I'll deal with this. Sonny may have made the bed...but I'll lie in it like a good little boy, and let myself be fucked." As he spoke, Zander slid off the bed, wincing at the pain in his ribs and pushed past Jason. The walls felt like they were closing in on him. So Zander left the penthouse and headed for the docks.


He stood at the railing for a long time, staring down into the water and wishing that he were home. Zander laughed at his thoughts. His life had to be fucked up for him to be thinking about home in a positive light. Then suddenly he sensed a presence and he turned. To find Nikolas Cassadine watching him.



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