The Promise

Chapter 11


The next day Zander was allowed to go home. Dr. Baldwin reminded Lucky not to push anything and to call her if Zander seemed distressed or anything happened that worried him.


Lucky was glad to take Zander back home. He made them both lunch then fended off Zander's advances. But it was hard when Zander ended up on his lap. Zander knew how to kiss and how to move over Lucky to make him achingly hard. Plus the fact that they hadn't been together for a few days made it worse. "Zander...Zander...You have to stop," Lucky insisted, as he pushed his beautiful lover off his lap.


"I don't want to stop." Zander was pouting. "I want you to fuck me. Don't you want to fuck me?"

"You're not ready for sex, Zander," Lucky said firmly. "You need to heal."

Zander frowned. "Heal from what?"


Lucky suddenly remembered that as far as Zander was concerned, he had never been raped by Alcazar. "Um...I'm just saying that you've been through a rough couple of days and you need to rest. Um...why don't you go take a shower then you can nap for a bit."

"Okay." Zander smiled then kissed Lucky before heading off into the bedroom.


"That was way too easy," Lucky told himself as he cleared away the lunch dishes. He left them in the sink to do later, then he sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. He watched the sports channel for a bit, until he thought he heard the shower turn off.




Lucky heard Zander call for him and he was off the couch in a heartbeat and at the bathroom door. "You okay?"

There was a moment of silence, then, "Can you come in? I need your help."

"What's wrong?" Lucky was already opening the door as he asked, then he froze. Zander was sitting on the closed toilet seat. Naked Zander. Wet and naked Zander jacking himself off. It was the most erotically beautiful sight Lucky had ever seen and he felt his cock go instantly hard in his jeans.

"I could use your help with this, Lucky," Zander purred, then he moaned and stroked himself harder.

Lucky knew he was lost. He moved to Zander and fell to his knees before him. He batted Zander's hand away and replaced it with his own, then Lucky was sucking the tip of Zander's cock into his mouth. He could taste the precum and he savored its bitter flavor. Then he took the thick shaft deep into his throat and every whimper of pleasure that came from Zander, zinged straight to Lucky's cock. By the time Zander flooded his mouth with his release, Lucky was ready to explode.

Zander curled his fingers in Lucky's hair, bringing his head up to kiss him. "That was so fucking amazing," Zander whispered against his lips. "Thank you."


"My pleasure," Lucky replied, and he meant it. He let his hands roam over Zander's bare skin. It was like caressing satin over steel.


"I want to make you feel good," Zander breathed.


Lucky wanted that more than anything. He knew Zander expected him to fuck him, but Lucky knew he wasn't ready for that. So he whispered, "I want to feel your mouth on me."

Zander chuckled. "I can do that." He pushed Lucky back so he could stand up. "In the bedroom."


"Good idea," Lucky replied. He followed Zander into the bedroom, admiring the view. Zander had the most perfect ass in the world and Lucky could stare at it all day. So he distracted himself by getting naked.


"Lie down on the bed," Zander ordered.


Lucky obeyed. His cock was standing at attention. He moaned as Zander moved over him and he whimpered when warm lips closed over his tip. Zander knew how to drive him insane with pleasure. Lucky closed his eyes and fisted his fingers in the sheets. He was so close to coming, but every time he thought he would explode, Zander would grip his base and ease up, keeping Lucky poised on the edge. He felt warm lips on his and tasted himself as Zander kissed him. His cock was leaking and Lucky was desperate to cum.

But Zander had other ideas. "I want you inside me," he whispered.

"No…not this time. I want to come in your mouth." Lucky opened his eyes and locked them on Zander's. "Please…baby. Let me cum in your sweet mouth." He held his breath, expecting a protest, but then Zander shifted back down and took Lucky into his mouth. A heartbeat later Lucky exploded. He pulled Zander back up for a kiss. "Thank you, baby. That was amazing."


"Just returning the favor," Zander replied, then he yawned.

Lucky cuddled him into his side. "Go to sleep." He watched Zander's eyes close and the lean body relaxed against him. Not long after, Lucky slept too.


* * * * *

Zander still wanted to be fucked. Jason was his next intended, since Lucky still refused to give in to him. But Lucky felt sympathetic as he watched Zander lap dance on Jason. He knew what that felt like. When Zander got naked, Lucky knew it was time to leave. He shot Jason an apologetic look then almost ran for the door. When he came back an hour later, he winced as he stepped over books and a few broken items. "Guess Zander had a bit of a tantrum?"

"He's mad at me." Jason spoke without inflection.


"You wouldn't fuck him either?"


Jason stood up. "He's asleep now. I found other ways to wear him out."


Lucky nodded. "Thanks. I was going crazy. He's very...persistent...when he wants something."


"Yes he is." Jason headed for the door.


"Oh...Can I ask a favor?" Lucky called out.

Jason turned to him. "Ask."

Lucky stepped over the remote. "I have to go back to work tomorrow and Zander has a doctor's appointment. Dr. Jones wants to check his internal stitches. Can you take him?"


"What time?"


"Ten A.M."

Jason nodded. "I'll pick him up at nine thirty," He replied, then he was gone.


Lucky closed the door then heaved a sigh of relief. He didn't want to be the one to face off with Zander in the morning.


* * * * *


"NO!" Zander glared at Dr. Jones.


Jason swallowed a sigh. Any other time Zander was ready and willing to get naked for pretty much everyone. But now he needed to be examined, he was balking. And when Zander made a beeline for the door, Jason blocked him. "You're not leaving until Dr. Jones examines you," he stated.

Zander turned his glare on Jason. "Not gonna happen. Nothing is wrong so I don't need to be examined. Now get the fuck out of my way!"


"No." Jason held Zander's glare.


Tony looked from one to the other then said, "I'm going to leave you two to work things out. Have me paged when you're ready." This to Jason.

Jason nodded, then moved aside just enough for Dr. Jones to slip out the door. Then he was back blocking Zander again. "You can get undressed on your own, or I can do it for you. But this is going to happen, Zander. One way or another."


"No…it's not." And without warning, Zander threw a punch.



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