The Promise

Chapter 12


Jason reeled back from the blow, but recovered quickly. He lashed out with his right hand, but kept it open, not fisted, as it cracked against Zander's face. It had the desired effect of rendering Zander frozen and speechless. Jason made his move. He picked Zander up and plopped him on the exam table, and even as Zander thought about getting up, Jason already had one wrist in restraints. He was grateful they were already on the table. Leaning over Zander to keep him pinned down, Jason strapped the other wrist securely as well.


"You bastard!" Zander snarled, tugging at the restraints.


"You chose to do this the hard way," Jason replied. He wasn't finished. Next he pulled off Zander's boots then he tugged off the jeans. Not a simple task when Zander was fighting him all the way. It was Jason's lucky day that Zander had decided to go commando this morning, so there were no briefs to remove. He knew why Zander had done that. From the moment Jason had arrived at the Loft to bring him here, Zander had tried to seduce him. Resisting Zander in full seduction mode hadn't been easy. Not even for Jason. Now he reached for a sheet and draped it over Zander. But they still weren't done. Zander had to be in position for Tony to do an internal exam. So Jason pulled up the stirrups at the end of the table.


Zander watched him and shook his head. "No! NO! No way!" He kicked out at Jason only to have his leg grabbed by steel fingers.


Jason pulled and shifted Zander down to the end of the table then strapped his legs into the stirrups. He hated having to do this but Zander left him with no choice. When he was finished, he felt his resolve weaken a bit when Zander looked at him with eyes wide and shimmering with tears. But this wasn't about punishing Zander, it was about making sure he was okay. Keeping that in mind, Jason hit the call button.


Tony appeared a moment later. He saw Zander strapped down to the table and looked at Jason. "Are we ready?"

"We're ready." Jason moved to Zander's side.


"Don't do this to me," Zander begged. "Please...please, Jason. I'm sorry, okay? Don't do this."

Jason simply looked at Zander. They would see this through.


Tony grimaced as he grabbed the rolling tray, then moved his stool so he could position himself between Zander's legs.  He shifted the sheet and quickly went to work. "You're going to feel some pressure, Zander," he stated.

Zander shifted, trying to pull away, only to find Jason's hands pinning his hips down.


"Be still!" Jason hissed. "It's almost over." He could see how difficult this was for Zander and anger welled up in him. Anger at the people who had hurt Zander and anger at himself for being on that list. He studied Zander's face. He was pale now and his eyes were closed. Jason watched him tugging on the restraints and he could feel him shaking. This was becoming a highly traumatic moment for Zander which, in itself, was telling. Jason wondered what he was thinking right now. What he was feeling beside fear.


"Almost done," Tony interjected. A moment later he pushed the stool back and peeled off his gloves. "You can get dressed now, Zander," he stated, then he looked at Jason. "Can we talk outside?"

Jason nodded. He undid the restraints even as Dr. Jones freed Zander's legs from the stirrups. Then he patted Zander's shoulder. "I'll be outside. Get dressed." He ignored the fact that Zander wouldn't look at him and followed Dr. Jones out the door. "Is he okay?" Jason asked.

Tony rubbed his face and sighed. "He's healing. The stitches tore a bit but he should be okay. There's still tenderness which is to be expected. Make sure he uses the ointment for a few more days."

"I will."

"That was brutal for him."

Jason nodded. "I know."

Tony sighed again. "I spoke with Dr. Baldwin after I left you. I told her the situation. She's expecting Zander in her office. I think it would be a good idea to have him see her before you take him home."

"Thank you." Jason said nothing more. He turned and went back inside the exam room. Zander was dressed and glaring at him.


"I hate you!" Zander snarled.


Jason nodded. "I know. Dr. Baldwin is waiting for you."

Zander shook his head. "I don't have an appointment today."

"You do now." Jason locked eyes with him. "Your choice, Zander. The easy way or the hard way." Jason almost smiled when Zander brushed past him and stalked out of the room.


* * * * *


Zander was pacing. He didn't want to be here. He didn't want to talk to Dr. Baldwin and answer all her intrusive questions.


"Zander...I know what happened. I want you to tell me how it made you feel."



Gail sighed. "Because it was a very traumatic experience for you. And I think it would help you to talk about it."

Zander dropped into a chair. He knew Jason was waiting outside. He also knew that the only way he was getting out of this office was to talk. So he decided to tell her what she wanted to hear. "I hated it," he stated. "I hated being strapped down and I hated having Dr. Jones touch me like that." Zander closed his eyes at the memory then jerked as other memories filled his head. Memories that had haunted him during the procedure. Faces of men he couldn't see...looming over him. Holding him down so he couldn't move. Cocks thrusting hard inside him, hurting him. He opened his eyes and launched himself out of his chair. "Why did he do that?"

"Who, Zander? Who are you talking about?"

"Jason. He strapped me down and I begged him to let me go. He made me come here and he wouldn't let me go. I'm not hurt...this didn't have to happen." Agitation made Zander shake.

Gail moved to him, gently touching his shoulders. "Take it easy, Zander. It's okay. It's over now."


Zander pulled away from her touch and shook his head. "He loves me...he didn't have to do that."

"Did it hurt you?"


"It scared me."

Gail moved back to her chair. "Why did it scare you?"

Zander pressed himself into the corner. "Because I was helpless. That scared me."


"Are you angry at Jason?"


"I'm mad at him for making me feel that way."

Gail scribbled in her note pad. "Do you think he was trying to hurt you?"

Zander closed his eyes. "No...Jason would never hurt me. He loves me. I know he loves me."

"Do you remember that?"

"I just know it." Zander pushed out of the corner and ran for the door. Too many images were dancing in his head and he had to escape them before they became real.


* * * * *


Jason was at the elevators and when Zander tried to take off, he caught him. Zander wasn't happy about it, but in the end he made it easy on both of them. Jason drove back to the loft.


Lucky was waiting for them. "I took an early lunch," he explained, when Jason gave him a look. Lucky then focused his attention on Zander who looked pale and shaken, and he had a bruise on his cheek. "What happened?"


"Ask him!" Zander stabbed a finger in Jason's direction then stalked off to his room. He slammed the door behind him.


"What the hell happened?" Lucky demanded, glaring at Jason.


Jason shrugged. "I slapped him."

Lucky was stunned. "You what? What the hell is wrong with you?"

"If you're going to get pissed at me, you might as well really be pissed," Jason countered, his tone as neutral as his expression. "I also strapped him down to the table then stripped him so that Dr. Jones could do the exam. Zander didn't handle that very well. But in case you're interested, he is healing, but he still needs to use the ointment." Jason said his piece then made to go.

"What the fuck!" Lucky moved to block him. "How could you do that to him?" he demanded.

Jason locked eyes with Lucky. "Isn't that why you asked me to take him? Because it needed to be done, but you knew you couldn't handle putting him through that. So I handled it for you."


Lucky shook his head. "I don't believe you!" But his anger wasn't as justified as it could have been because Lucky knew that Jason was right in his accusations. That was the reason why Lucky had asked Jason to take Zander. Because he knew it was going to be a rough time. But he wouldn't admit to it. "You didn't have to strap him down."

"Yes...I did. How else did you think the exam was going to happen? That Zander would just lie there like a good little boy? We both know he loves to be fucked and will pretty much get naked for anyone. But having a gloved finger shoved up his ass didn't seem to be Zander's idea of foreplay--" Jason suddenly rocked back on his heels as Lucky's fist connected with his chin. He said nothing but simply turned and walked out.

"Shit.." Lucky muttered, as he shook his fist. Jason had a hard chin. He sighed then went to find Zander. To his surprise Zander was stretched out on the bed, sound asleep. Lucky stretched out next to him just needing to be close.


* * * * *

Two days passed and Jason was a no show. Zander, however, was his cheerful and horny self again. The only thing he balked at was talking to Dr. Baldwin. Lucky called her and she told him not to push Zander after what had happened. He could come back to session the following week, unless something happened.


Lucky was making supper when Zander came up behind him and began nuzzling his neck. "Behave," Lucky chided him, even though he felt his cock grow instantly hard. All the more so when Zander's hand slid inside his pants. "Stop that, brat!"


"You want me," Zander purred.


"Always." Lucky couldn't, and wouldn't, deny that.


Zander eased back so Lucky could turn around. "I miss Jason. Where is he?"


Lucky sighed. He had been relieved that Zander hadn't asked about Jason before now. "I think Jason is mad at me. I punched him."

"So did I. So he's probably mad at me too." Zander nibbled at Lucky's lower lip. "Come to bed with me," Zander requested.

"I can't, Zander.
I want to...but I can't. You're not healed yet." Lucky's cock was aching and it was hard to say no, but he knew it was the right thing to do.


Zander was pissed. "Fuck you!" he snapped. "There's nothing wrong with me, Lucky! When are you going to get that through your thick head? I donít need to heal. But hey...fine. You don't want me? I'll go find someone who does." That said, Zander whirled around and headed for the door.

Lucky started to follow but his pager went off. He was being called in to work. "Fuck!" he hissed. He was worried about what Zander might do, yet he couldn't blow off work. He had called in too many times of late as it was. So Lucky headed into the bedroom to get into uniform, resisting the urge to call Jason. He told himself Zander was just blowing off steam and that he would be all right.


* * * * *


Jason was reading when he heard a knock on the door. He opened it to find Zander standing there, smiling at him.


"Can I come in?" Zander asked.

"Sure." Jason stood back to let him pass by, then he closed the door. "Did you want something? I'm busy." He wasn't but Zander didn't need to know that.

Zander pouted. "I miss you," he purred as he invaded Jason's space. Then he let one hand drift down to cup Jason's crotch. He smiled as he fondled the bulge. "I think you miss me too."

Jason gripped Zander's wrist then pushed him away. "Go home."

"I don't want to go home. I want to stay here and play with you." Zander shed his jacket and stalked Jason. "Don't you want to fuck me, Jason? I know you do. I can see it in your eyes. Or are afraid to hurt me the way Lucky is. Are you afraid I'm going to break? I won't you know. I'm unbreakable. You can fuck me as hard as you want. Lucky's afraid to do that, you know.  But I bet you can do it." Zander leaned in to nip as Jason's lower lip. "Come know you want to."

"This is your last chance to leave, Zander," Jason stated. He knew he could break Zander, but he also knew he wouldn't go that far. But the kid was pushing his buttons and Jason was tempted to teach him a lesson neither one of them would forget.

Zander sighed then strolled over to the side bar. He poured himself a shot and downed it in one, smooth, swallow. "I'm not going anywhere," he drawled. "Mind if I make myself comfortable?" It was a rhetorical question. Zander was already undoing his jeans and freeing his cock. He bit his lower lip as he stroked himself to release. It didn't take long.


Jason watched and it was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. And when Zander started licking his own cum off his hand, something inside of Jason snapped. He moved across the floor and grabbed Zander, taking the cum soaked hand and using it on his own cock, which he freed from the confines of his jeans. Then Jason turned Zander and bent him over the back of the couch, yanking jeans down to bare the perfect ass. He bent down to bite the muscled globes then he spread them so he could rim Zander. It was all done quickly and efficiently, then he shoved one finger in and found the hot spot, then another finger to stretch him. Then Jason was lining up his cock and thrusting inside the tightness. He felt Zander's body shudder, but the boy wasn't pulling away. Rather he was pressing back to take Jason in deeper. Clenching his inner muscles around Jason's cock, trying to control the rhythm and the moment. But Jason gripped Zander's slim hips and set the pace, pumping in and out, hard and fast, and when he came it felt never ending. He watched his seed seep out around his cock and when he pulled out it dribbled down Zander's thigh. Jason leaned in to lick it off. Then Zander was turning around to kiss him. "Mind if I use the shower?" he asked.

"Go ahead." Jason tucked himself back in his pants and watched Zander go. Then he poured himself a drink.


* * * * *

Zander stripped off his clothes and entered the shower. He turned the water on as hot as it would go then he lathered his skin and started to rinse off. But his knees buckled and he found himself sliding down the wall into a crumpled heap. Everything had been fine while Jason had fucked him, until an image had flashed in his head. Another time and another man, fucking him over a couch, then a table. Zander still couldn't see his face, but this time he knew that it was real. But he didn't want to remember. He wanted it to just fade away.



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