The Promise

Chapter 13


Lucky had been glad to get the call from Jason that Zander was there. He was relieved when Zander finally came home and he tried to get him to talk but Zander said he was tired and went to bed. But in the morning he was cheerful again and Lucky felt hopeful.

The next three days passed by without incident. Beyond Zander trying to seduce Lucky into fucking him every night. Lucky managed to find a way around it, leaving them both satisfied before cuddling together and falling asleep. He figured tonight would be the same routine.


"I miss Jason," Zander commented, as he led Lucky into the bedroom.


"I miss him too," Lucky replied. He had tried calling Jason once only to have Jason state he was busy and would call him back. Jason never called and Lucky was damned if he was going to be the one to make the next move.

Zander smiled and kissed Lucky softly, nipping at his lower lip. "Do you trust me?" he asked, his voice deep and sexy.


Lucky grinned as he reached down and curled his fingers around Zander's cock. They were both naked, having just come out of the shower. Lucky had given Zander a blow job that had left him weak at the knees. Yet his cock twitched in Lucky's hand. Zander had good recuperative powers when it came to sex. "You know I trust you, with my heart and with my life."

"Good," Zander drawled. "Then go lie down on the bed."

"Okay." Lucky did as he was told. He hissed as Zander straddled his hips and his already hard cock pulsed at the contact of skin against skin. He watched Zander remove a black silk scarf from under the pillow. "What's that for?"


Zander grinned. "Blindfold. Trust me." He placed it over Lucky's eyes then tied it at the back of his neck. "Now relax," Zander requested, as he began massaging Lucky’s chest.


Lucky moaned with pleasure, as the massage continued onto his arms. But he stiffened when he felt something cold wrap around one wrist. He tried to pull his arm down but couldn't and he realized what Zander was doing, cuffing his arms to the headboard. "Wait!" Lucky protested.

"I thought you trusted me," Zander replied.


"Zander.." Lucky began, but broke off when warm wetness surrounded the tip of his cock and he felt himself being sucked into Zander's sweet mouth. He was so close to cumming when Zander pulled off and Lucky whimpered. He moaned when he felt Zander slicking his cock and he knew what was coming. "Don't," Lucky begged. He knew Zander was going to fuck himself on his cock, and as much as Lucky longed to be inside him, he didn't think Zander was ready. He didn't want to hurt him. But his plea was ignored and all Lucky could do was moan as he felt his cock sliding into velvet heat. He heard Zander whimper a bit and that worried him.


Zander leaned over Lucky and kissed him was he was fully spitted on Lucky's cock. "How does that feel?" he asked, his tone sexy but playful.


Lucky panted. "You know it feels know I've missed being inside you, Zander. But.."


"No buts!" Zander kissed Lucky until they were both breathless, then he sat back up and began to move. Controlling the rhythm and the pace.


"Fuck fuck fuck!" Lucky cried as he felt the familiar tingle in the base of his spine. Then he exploded into pleasure and he came hard and long, feeling Zander's inner muscles clenching around him, milking his last drop of seed. Then his body went limp and Lucky felt Zander pull off of him, then the blind fold was removed. "Did I hurt you?" Lucky asked, studying Zander's face for any sign of pain.


Zander shook his head. "You could never hurt me, Lucky. Don't you get that by now?"


Lucky sighed. "I'm sorry...I just...I worry about you, Zander. You don't remember the things that happened to you...but I do. I just want to protect you and keep you safe."

"Yeah...I get that." Zander leaned in to kiss him. "Thank you. But I'm a big boy. I can take care of myself. You have to start trusting me, Lucky. For real."

"I do trust you!" Lucky insisted.


Zander shook his head. "You can't just say the words, Lucky. You have to mean them." Zander kissed him again, kissed a trail from Lucky's mouth to the tip of his, now soft, cock, then he slid off the bed.


Lucky yanked on the cuffs. "You can take these off now," he said.


"Maybe later." Zander's eyes sparkled with mischief and he offered a wicked grin before heading for the closet. He pulled out jeans, grabbed a black shirt then some socks, then headed for the bathroom.


"HEY!" Lucky called after him. He watched the door close and kept yelling, but gave up when he heard the shower running. He was relieved when Zander appeared ten minutes later, dressed and looking gorgeous. He felt unease settle over him when Zander kissed him then headed for the door. "Wait…where are you going? You have to take the cuffs off!"


Zander turned back and shook his head. "I don't have to do anything you tell me to do, Lucky. Consider tonight to be a lesson I expect you to learn. I'll be back later. Get some sleep." That said, Zander was out the door.


Lucky was furious. "Sonofabitch!" He cursed, tugging on the cuffs but giving up when the bit into his wrists enough to hurt. He realized Zander had turned the tables on him in a big way. Most probably in a bad way. For Lucky had the feeling that wherever Zander was going, something bad was going to happen. But there was nothing he could do about it now.


* * * * *


Lucky fell asleep but woke up when he heard a jangling sound. He sat up and realized his arms were free. "Zander?" It was dark and it took a moment for his eyes to adjust. But just then the lights came on and Lucky blinked in the sudden brightness. Then he frowned when he saw who was standing beside the bed. "Jason. What are you doing here?"

"Zander called me. Told me you were *Tied up* and could use some help." Jason locked eyes with Lucky. "I almost didn't come."

"Look, I'm sorry about what happened. I did dump the bad stuff on you. I shouldn't have done that."

Jason nodded. "Well it's done with."

Lucky frowned at him. "But you're still mad at me, aren't you?"


"I have things to do."

"Wait.." Lucky slid off the bed and grabbed him by the arm. "Did Zander say where he was going?"

Jason shook his head. "No."

Lucky sighed then went to the dresser to get a pair of briefs. He pulled them on the reached for his jeans. "We have to find him. I have a really bad feeling that he's in trouble."

"When isn't Zander in trouble."

"I'm serious, Jason!" Lucky pulled on a tee shirt. "Look...if you don't care, fine! I'll find him on my own."


Jason blocked Lucky from leaving the room. "I'll drive," he said coolly, then he led the way out.


* * * * *


They drove around Port Charles for over two hours, checking all the likely spots that Zander might go to. No luck. Then Lucky's cell phone rang.



"'s me."

"Zander!" Lucky felt relief wash over him, followed quickly by anger. "Where the hell are you?"


Zander laughed. "Did Jason free you?"


Lucky sighed. "Yes...he freed me. Now where are you?"

"Ever here of the Gothic Lounge?"


"It's on the outskirts of town. It's basically a sex club. Great place. Come dance with me." Zander laughed again then broke the connection.

Lucky cursed and tucked his phone away. He looked at Jason. "Ever heard of a place called the Gothic Lounge?" His reply was the squeal of tires as Jason did a one-eighty and headed north. Lucky braced himself against the dash and tried not to panic as he watched the speedometer climb. If Jason was in a hurry to get there, it had to be bad.



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