The Promise

Chapter 14


Julian watched the young man as he danced on the bar top. Willing hands had guided him up there and the boy was smiling as he gyrated to the seductive beat of the music. He was sex in motion. Julian's cock was throbbing in his pants. He would have him. But first the kid had to be initiated. It was Julian's own rule for his club and he would not break it. Not even for such a prize as danced before him. So he turned away from the glass to face the others in his office above the club. "Gentleman, you've seen the prize. His name is Zander and he's the most beautiful specimen we've had in a long time. So what do you bid for him?"


"Ten thousand!" one man shouted.


Julian smiled as the bid escalated outrageously. But it was still pocket change to these men, all of whom were seriously wealthy and as seriously perverted as they come.


* * * * *


Lucky was worried. "This club…you know about it," he ventured, and he was not reassured when Jason stomped harder on the gas pedal.


"I've heard about it," Jason allowed.

"Tell me."

Jason glanced over at Lucky. "Let's just say Zander could be in big trouble."

Lucky glared at Jason. "I need to know what we're up against."

"White slavery."


Jason gripped the steering wheel hard, his knuckles turning white. "Zander is just the type they're looking for. Young, beautiful, and lost."


Lucky felt his stomach twist into knots. "How much further?"


"Another hour and a half." But even as Jason spoke there was a gun-shot type sound and the car spun out of control.


* * * * *


Zander was having a good time. He knew that someone had spiked his drink and he was feeling no pain. Nothing but warm pleasure and it was exciting in this place. He felt in control here in a way that he couldn't explain. He knew everyone was watching him dance, and he could see how they wanted him and he played with them. Letting them touch him, kissing some of them, taunting them and teasing them, knowing that there were unspoken rules here that would keep him safe. Unless he wanted to break the rule. But what he really wanted was for Lucky and Jason to show up. He wanted his lovers to be back in synch with each other. He missed them being together, the three of them. And Zander figured if they thought he was in danger again, they would come running. And somehow he would make them realize how stupid they were being and then they could all dance together then end up in bed together. It had been too long since the last time.


Slipping down from the table, Zander reached for a drink. He was thirsty. He emptied the glass and turned to ask for another when he realized someone was standing before him. A tall man, very pale, dark eyes and dressed in black. He had a white blond pony tail and he wore eye liner. Someone had told Zander that he was the owner of the club.


"I'm Julian," said the man. "Would you like to come play with me, Zander?"

"Play?" Zander had to admit he was intrigued, as well as more than a little bit horny. No doubt the drugs and the atmosphere. And since Lucky and Jason hadn't shown up yet, Zander figured there was no harm in a little fuck. He smiled. "Sure…I'd love to play with you."

Julian smiled back. "Come with me." He led Zander towards the stairs in the back. Then into a luxurious bedroom. "Will you undress for me?" he asked.

Zander chuckled. "You get straight to the point." He moved to Julian and cupped his face. "How about a kiss first?" And Zander put actions to words, kissing the man hot and wet and deep. This was all about sex, though. Pure and simple.


"I could become addicted to the taste of you," Julian purred, as they broke away. "You're very beautiful, Zander. I want to see all of you."


"Okay." Zander sat down on the end of the bed to yank off his boots. He peeled off his socks then he shucked off his pants and shirt. He had gone commando so now he was totally naked. He felt a bit vulnerable, especially given the way that Julian was looking at him.


Julian moved to Zander and brushed a hand over his chest. "Where did you get those scars?" He leaned in to lick them.

Zander shivered. "I got shot."


"They make you more perfect." Julian licked his way down Zander's chest to his navel, then he fell to his knees to worship his cock.

"Fuck!" Zander about died when he realized that Julian had a tongue piercing. He had felt it while kissing him and now the stud being rubbed over the slit of his cock was electrifying. His knees buckled and he felt himself shifted over to the bed and laid out upon it. Then the tongue was back on his cock and Zander moaned and writhed, his fists clenching in the sheets.


Julian pulled off to look at him. "So beautiful in passion," he whispered. "I want to tie you up. I want to make you scream with pleasure even as you beg for it."

Zander was panting. His cock was so hard it ached. "Fine…sure…whatever," he blurted out. Anything to get release. He felt on fire from the inside out, his body almost tingling with arousal and need. He slid up on the bed and let Julian cuff his wrists. But he balked at the blindfold, until Julian kissed away his doubts. Then he felt warm lips on his cock again but Julian teased him, unmercifully. Not letting Zander come until he was begging for it. And when he came the intensity of it shook him. Zander felt lips on his and he could taste himself. Then he felt a pillow being pushed under his hips and he lifted up to help. Then he felt warm slickness pressing into him. Fingers. They crooked and found his hot spot and the jolt of pleasure was almost too much in the aftermath of his release. Then something hard and unyielding was sliding inside of Zander. He started to protest and even shifted his hips, but then he felt a vibration and realized what it was. And when Julian shifted the vibrator so the tip was over his prostrate, making pleasure jolt through Zander repeatedly, he thought he would go insane.


* * * * *


"You all right?" Jason asked, as he loomed over Lucky. Lucky nodded then winced. He touched the back of his head which had connected with the side window. It was tender but there was no bump. "I'm fine. You?"

Jason said nothing.

"What happened?"


"Blow out."

Lucky cursed. "But we have a spare, right?"


Jason eased out of the car. "Right. But the car isn't going anywhere."

"What?" Lucky then realized that he couldn't get out through his door because it was flush against a tree and tipped a bit. "We have to get to Zander!" Panic set in.


"We walk until we flag down a car." Jason reached out and grabbed Lucky by the arm, helping him to exit the car. Once they were both out, Jason headed for the highway.


Lucky rubbed his head again then followed. But he couldn't shake the feeling that they were already too late.




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