The Promise

Chapter 15


The never ending jolts of pleasure were about to make Zander insane. He began to beg for Julian to make it stop but his pleas were ignored and Zander began to writhe on the bed in desperation when suddenly, strong hands gripped his hips. holding him fast. Zander gasped as he felt the vibrator yanked out of him, but he didn't have time to adjust before he felt a cock thrusting into him, hard and deep. A cock that was too thick and too long and it burned, despite the fact that he had been opened for it. Blessedly, it wasn't long before Zander felt warm wetness slick his insides and the cock slid out of him. Then his wrists were freed and he sat up, yanking off the blindfold. Zander was surprised to see a dark skinned man standing next to the bed, tucking himself inside his pants. He realized that it was that man, and not Julian, who had fucked him. "What the hell is going on?" Zander demanded, even as he reached for the blanket to cover himself. Only to find his hand slapped away.

The dark man hissed, "You will not cover yourself!"


"Excuse me?" Zander felt anger flare up inside him. "Who the hell are you?" he demanded, only to receive a slap for an answer. Zander pressed a hand to his stinging cheek.


"This is your new master," Julian interjected, moving to the side of the bed. "He will expect obedience from you, Zander. He paid a small fortune for you."

Zander stared at Julian in disbelief. "What the fuck are you talking about? He's my master? I don't think so." Zander made another grab for the blanket only to have a dark hand grab his wrist. "Let go of me you sonofabitch!" Another slap was his reply and this one made Zander see stars. And when he came back to his senses he realized he was being held down and then there was a pinprick in his arm before he could even think to struggle. Darkness swirled over Zander, then claimed him.


Julian watched the boy relax into the mattress. The sedative was strong and he would not awaken until long after he had reached his journey. Turning to the dark man, who was Turkish and fabulously wealthy, Julian smiled. " he worth the price?" he asked, gesturing to Zander.


"He is worth far more than two million," Jemal replied as he studied his new possession. "He is the most beautiful of all your merchandise, Julian. I am pleased."

"I'm glad. It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Jemal." Julian ushered him to the door. "Why don't you enjoy a few drinks while I have my people clean Zander up and dress him for the journey to his new home."


Jemal bowed his head in agreement. "We leave in one hour."

Julian nodded. "Zander will be ready." He watched Jemal walk out then closed the door before returning to the bed. Julian reached out to comb his fingers through Zander's dark hair. "I will miss you, Zander. You were a gift." Julian leaned down to kiss him on the lips, then he moved away from the beg and picked up the phone. It was time to get Zander ready.


* * * * *


Lucky's insides were twisted into knots. He and Jason had managed to flag down a ride to the club, but it was late, after three a.m. The place looked closed. Lucky had been calling back home but no response. Which wasn't to say that Zander wasn't home and just refusing to answer the phone. So Lucky left a couple of messages for him. Still nothing. He had a feeling something bad was going to happen. So he was expecting the worst as he followed Jason into the club.


Jason strode over to the bar. The only person in the place was wiping down the counter top. "Where is Julian?" Jason demanded.


"Upstairs," the man replied. "But you can't go up there."

"Watch me," Jason countered, then he headed for the circular staircase.

Lucky followed him and soon they were entering the room at the end of the hallway. He stared at the man seated behind the mahogany desk. He had pale skin and pale hair and surprisingly dark eyes.


Jason locked eyes with the man. "Hello, Julian," he stated.

"Hello, Jason," Julian replied as a smile curved his lips. "Long time no see. Who's your friend?"


"Lucky Spencer." Jason leaned in over the desk. "We're looking for someone. Zander Smith. A little shorter than me, dark hair, hazel eyes, very sexy and young and beautiful."


Julian's smile broadened. "Yes...I remember him. He's exquisite and he tastes divine."

Lucky felt anger surge through him at Julian's words. "You fucked him?"


"More or less," Julian allowed. "He was begging for it." He might have said more but couldn't when a hand clenched around his throat.


"Let him go, Lucky," Jason ordered. He pulled Lucky back then shoved him into a nearby chair. Then Jason focused his attention on Julian. "Where is Zander?"

Julian rubbed his throat then shrugged. "He's gone."


Jason let a cold smile curve his lips. "I can stop Lucky from killing you, but there is no one who can stop me."


"Good point," Julian allowed.


"Where is Zander!" Lucky interjected. But he fell silent again when Jason turned around to glare at him. He realized he wasn't helping.


Jason looked back at Julian. "You sold him."

Julian nodded. "For two million."


"What?" Lucky couldn't keep quiet at what he was hearing. "What are you talking about? You sold Zander? To who? For what?" The questions tumbled out of Lucky on top of each other, and he wasn't really sure he wanted answers.


"I sold him to Jemal," Julian replied, then he locked eyes with Lucky. "I'm sure you can imagine for what. Zander was born to be fucked but he has a fire to him that Jemal adores in his sex slaves."


Lucky about choked. "Sex...slave?" he repeated. Then he looked at Jason. "Is he telling the truth? Some bastard bought Zander to have sex with him?"


Julian chuckled. "You’re very innocent in your own way, aren't you, Lucky Spencer?"


"When did they leave?" Jason asked.


"About two hours ago. And don't ask me where they were going. Jemal likes his secrets, as you well know."

Lucky was out of his chair and he grabbed Jason by the shoulders. "You know this Jemal guy?"


Jason nodded. "I know him."

"Will he hurt Zander?" Lucky asked, and he did not like the long pause before Jason answered him.


"Jemal likes obedience."

Lucky got a sinking feeling in his stomach. "We have to find him."

Jason was already heading out the door. But over his shoulder he called out, "We will."


* * * * *


Zander came awake slowly. He opened his eyes but everything was blurry so he blinked them a few times and gasped when everything came into focus. He was in the most obscenely luxurious room he had ever seen. There were silk tapestries on the walls. White candles everywhere, giving the room a soft, golden, glow, and the sheets on the huge bed he was lying on felt like silk and white netting draped down from the ceiling and surrounded the bed, making Zander feel as if he were in a tent. And the room itself was huge and he could see glass doors leading out onto a terrace. It was an incredible room but Zander had no idea why he was here. Then he saw her, a beautiful young girl in a white outfit like a harem girl might wear. "What's going on?" Zander asked her.

"I have come to prepare you for your master," she replied.

"Fuck!" Suddenly Zander remembered the dark skinned guy who had proclaimed to be his master. Zander slid off the bed. "I’m out of here," he stated, heading for the door. Only to find his way blocked by three hundred pounds of muscle. Zander backed away from the big guy.

The girl touched his arm. "Please…come with me. Let me prepare you."

Zander looked at her. "What the hell does that mean, exactly?"


"I am to bathe you and help you to dress so that you may pleasure your master."

"Are you kidding me?" Zander could not believe what he was hearing. "Forget it. I'm going home!" He realized how much he missed Lucky and Jason. He hoped they weren't too worried about him.


The girl gripped Zander's hand, her dark eyes wide with desperation. " what is expected of you. It will make your life easier to bear."


Zander felt a ripple of fear. "And what, exactly, is expected of me?"


"To...entertain...the master, and his guests," the girl replied. She was shaking a bit.


"Entertain?" Zander questioned, but then her meaning sunk in and he felt himself grow pale.



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