The Promise

Chapter 16


Zander was nervous. The young woman, Nalia, had taken him to what she called the bathing chambers. A huge room with a shower stall that was rather like a waterfall. There was a sauna type area and a sunken tub that was like a Jacuzzi. Nalia had insisted on helping him bathe, lathering his skin and washing his hair and Zander had returned the favor, bringing her to orgasm with his mouth and fingers. She had kissed him as a thank you, apologizing for not doing more but Jemal would have punished her. Zander would need his energy for his performance for Jemal's guest. That was the thing that made him so nervous.


On the plus side, he had been allowed to dress in jeans and a white shirt, but no underwear, socks or shoes. Then Nalia led Zander to a chamber-like room where Jemal and his *guests* awaited. Zander realized it was like a giant bedroom. Only there wasn't a bed so much as a giant mattress that pretty much filled the center of the room. It was draped by sheer fabric, giving it a tent-like feel and there were soft pillows strewn about. Candle light made the room glow and soft music was playing in the back ground.

Jemal and his guest were sprawled about the mattress. There were seven other people besides Jemal. Three were women, the rest were men. Jemal smiled when he saw Zander and called him over. He then clapped his hands to get the attention of his guests. Some were already naked and engaged with each other. But they all came to attention as Zander approached. Jemal announced him. "My newest possession, everyone. His name is Zander."


"I want him," announced a woman with waist-length, coal-black hair. She was mostly naked and had been pleasuring the man beside her. He was older with gray hair and a slight scar on his left cheek. He was a big man, heavily muscled, and he focused on Zander as well.


"We will have him," the man stated, rising to his feet.


Zander stumbled back as he approached. The guy was scary.


Jemal stood up as well and waved a hand at his friend. "Easy, Rafiq. You shall have him. But first, let him undress for you."


"I want to strip him!" The volunteer was a woman with reddish-brown hair. She looked like an exotic Halle Berry, right down to the short hair.


"Be my guest, Sela," Jemal offered.


Sela was wearing a turquoise dress that flowed to her ankles. When she reached Zander she turned her back to him. "Unzip me."

Zander did as he was told and watched her dress puddle around her feet. She was naked underneath and she was very beautiful. His body reacted to her beauty and to her touch. She caressed him through his jeans as she leaned in to kiss him and Zander kissed her back. He could deal with this, being one on one with her. He could tell himself they were alone and everything would be cool. He was jerked back to reality a bit when she broke the kiss and fisted her hands in his shirt, only to rip it open. Zander couldn't hear the buttons fall since the carpeting under his feet was too thick. He moaned when she bent her head to bite his nipples, then she licked her way down his chest and abs to the button on his jeans. She slapped his hands away when he tried to help her. She didn't need any help. In seconds she had him naked and her hand gripped his cock, stroking him to aching hardness. Zander moaned then did what came naturally. He picked her up and laid her out on the mattress before moving between her legs. He suckled her feminine folds, tasting her even as he slid a finger inside her and when she flooded his mouth with his juices, Zander thought he would come just from her screams.


"Mine now!" Rafiq hissed, moving to grab hold of Zander and haul him further onto the mattress. He then pushed him down on his back and leaned over to kiss him, practically sucking Sela's taste from Zander's lips. Then thrusting his tongue into his mouth to ravish him.


Zander felt like he couldn’t breathe. He started to push at Rafiq's chest only to have strong hands grip his wrists and pin them down. And just as Zander was ready to scream for air, the other man broke the kiss. Zander was about ready to thank him when warm wetness closed over his cock and he gasped instead. The woman with the long black hair was sucking on his cock. Then she was moving over him to impale herself on his hardness. Zander wanted to touch her but hands still gripped his wrists. He opened his mouth to protest only to find a cock shoved in it. He almost gagged, but then he adjusted to it. It wasn't like he had a choice. Then Zander felt his release hit him, even as the cock in his mouth pulsed and he was almost choking as he tried to swallow the cum. The cock pulled out of his mouth only to be replaced by lips that cleaned up the drips that had escaped him.


Rafiq allowed the others to move over Zander for a moment, but then he claimed him again. Turned the boy onto his stomach, gripped the muscled buttocks then opened them so he could press his tongue into the puckered opening. He rimmed Zander to open him for him.


"God…stop!" Zander begged, as he tried to squirm away. But another set of hands gripped his wrists, pinning him. But only until Rafiq was ready for him. Then Zander felt hardness pressing into him. Too thick and he hissed in pain. But the cock pushed in relentlessly and Zander whimpered as he was filled. Then an arm wrapped around his waist, pulling him up and onto Rafiq's lap and Zander had to bite his lip to hold back a cry. He had never had a cock that big inside of him before. He felt as if he were being split open. But he couldn't protest because soft lips were kissing him even as fingers combed through his hair. And then he felt Rafiq moving beneath him, thrusting into him, shallowly. It hurt at first but Zander tried to focus on the kiss. And then the pain eased as Rafiq flooded him with his release. But it was a short lived relief. Zander was pulled off Rafiq's cock and pushed onto his back. Then Jemal was between his legs, lifting them over his shoulders before plunging deep inside Zander. But any sound Zander made was muffled but the pussy that pressed down over his face.


* * * * *


"Where are we going?" Lucky asked Jason. They had borrowed a car from Julian and Jason was now driving down the highway as if the hounds of hell were after them.


"To get Zander back," Jason replied, grimly.


Lucky sighed. "I know that. know where he is?"

Jason shot a glance at Lucky. "I know a few places he could be."


"How well do you know this Jemal?" Lucky asked.


"Well enough."

Lucky didn't like the sound of that. "Will he hurt Zander?"


Jason lifted one hand off the steering wheel to rub his face. "He'll use him until he breaks."


"Zander doesn't break easy."


"I know."


Lucky slammed his fist into the console before. He was so worried and frustrated. "Why does this keep happening? Why does everyone think they have a right to fuck with Zander?"


Jason didn't have an answer. He just continued to drive.


* * * * *

Zander whimpered as the images in his head became clearer. He remembered Ric fucking him in the panic room. Jax fucking him on the Haunted Star. Lorenzo Alcazar and Scotty Baldwin. Even Nikolas Cassadine had fucked him.
A sob escaped Zander. He was nothing but the town whore. His eyes flew open and he sat up, wincing in pain. He was sore inside and out. But that was to be expected given the fact that he had been fucked at least a dozen times last night.

A tear slid down Zander's face as he left the bed. He had been bathed before being put to bed last night, but he still felt dirty. He padded into the bathing chamber and stood beneath the shower spray for a long time. He lathered himself over and over again but he couldn't wash away the memories. He could feel cocks in his mouth and cocks in his ass. He couldn't even keep the faces straight in his head anymore. Too many hands and mouths on him. Too many cocks in him. Zander curled up in the corner of the shower and rocked himself as he whispered over and over again, "I'm sorry Lucky...I'm sorry Lucky...I'm sorry Lucky...."




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