The Promise

Chapter 17


Lucky felt wired. They had reached what he could only call a massive compound. It was like a mini city with a high fence surrounding it. It was also well guarded. Lucky doubted they could get in there. He looked at Jason who was leaning against a tree. "So I take it this is Jemal's place?"


"How do you know him."


Jason locked eyes with Lucky. "Does it really matter?"


Lucky sighed and rubbed a hand over his face. "I guess not. The only thing that matters it getting Zander."


"Which isn't going to happen," Lucky countered. "We'll never get in that place."

Jason stood up. "We'll get in," he stated, then he ran off.

Lucky cursed then followed.


* * * * *


Nalia found Zander in the shower, huddled in the corner and shaking, the water running ice cold. He was aware of her presence and responded when she led him out and dried him off. He was shaking and couldn't seem to stop. He felt cold from deep inside his soul.


"What's wrong?" Nalia asked him, as she led him over to his bed.


"Please..." Zander whispered, not certain what he was asking for. He only knew he needed something to warm him. Something that felt familiar and safe.


Nalia shook her head. "Please…what?"

Zander replied with a kiss. He cupped her face gently in his palms and kissed her. And when she kissed him back he laid her out on the bed. When she would have protested he whispered again, "Please.."


"Yes," Nalia replied, her fingers curling in his hair. She drew him down on top of her and their bodies melded together.

"Thank you." Zander was still shaking when it was over, but more from exhaustion this time. He cuddled against her and closed his eyes. Then he drifted off to sleep.


* * * * *


Lucky tried to be quiet as he followed Jason through the catacomb of tunnels. He didn't know how Jason knew about them, and he didn't care. They were inside Jemal's compound and moving closer to Zander by the minute. Lucky knew that getting Zander out wasn't going to be easy. He didn't care. He just wanted him back and safe and he would do whatever it took. And he pitied anyone who dared to get in his way.


* * * * *




The cry woke Zander and it took a moment to orient himself. Then he saw Jemal grab Nalia by the hair and yank her off the bed. He made to slap her and Zander shouted, "NO!"


Jemal froze and looked over at his possession. "She has defiled you!" he spat. "She must be punished."

"Punish me," Zander countered, rising from the bed. He was naked and vulnerable, but he was also angry. Nalia had helped him and he would not let her suffer for it. "I made her sleep with me."


"I see," Jemal drawled, his eyes flashing with anger. He shook Nalia for a moment then shoved her away from him. She landed in a heap. "Get out!" he shouted at her.

Zander watched as Nalia scrambled to her feet, then ran out, not even bothering to collect her clothes. He then looked at Jemal. "Thank you for not hurting her."

Jemal smirked. "I have not hurt her...yet. Whether or not she is punished will depend on you, pretty one."


"Meaning what?" Zander could guess but he wanted to hear it.


"You do whatever I want and, perhaps, Nalia will be allowed to live," Jemal replied.

Zander remained frozen in his place as Jemal stalked towards him. Nalia had helped him so he would do whatever it took to protect her. There was nothing Jemal could do to him, or his body, that hadn't already been done to him. "What do you want me to do?" Zander asked.


Jemal stopped in front of him, then let his eyes rove over Zander's naked form. He smiled then said, "Kiss me."


"Of course." Zander didn't hesitate. He took the extra steps to close the distance between them and cupped Jemal's face in his hands. He pulled the other man's head down then kissed him, letting his tongue slide between the thin lips. But Zander soon lost control of the kiss as Jemal's fingers tangled in his hair, gripping hard, so he could deepen the kiss. After a while Zander felt like he couldn't breathe.


"Undress me," Jemal ordered, panting a bit as he caught his own breath.

Zander did as he was told, undoing the sash that Jemal wore over a silk shirt. Then he undid the shirt and pushed it off the broad shoulders. He knelt down to free Jemal of pants and boots, then the other man was naked as well.

Jemal was smiling. "Suck me, pretty one."


Zander took Jemal's cock in one hand the sucked the tip into his mouth. He rather hoped to be allowed to make him cum this way, but no such luck. He was pulled off before Jemal could explode. Zander let himself be pulled to his feet and stood still as his own cock was stroked by rough fingers. He didn't want to find his own release in this. He just wanted to do what had to be done to protect Nalia.


"Get on the bed, on your knees, and grip the headboard," Jemal ordered.


"Okay," Zander replied.

Jemal pulled him back when he started to obey. "Call me Master," he demanded.

Zander flinched but did as he was told. "Okay, master." He was pushed towards the bed and he climbed onto it and got into position. He gripped the headboard hard as a finger was shoved inside him without warning. It was a dry penetration and Zander prepared himself for the pain that would come. Another finger was added as Jemal stretched him. Barely. Then the fingers were gone and Zander almost sighed in relief. He heard Jemal moving around behind him and waited to be breeched.


But Jemal had other plans. "Come sit on me, pretty one," he ordered.


When Zander turned around it was to find Jemal smiling at him, his legs stretched out and his hands a bit behind him for support. His cock was slick with oil and standing at attention. Zander bit his lip, not wanting to do this, but it wasn't as if he had a choice. He crawled over to Jemal and was told to face him as he impaled himself. Zander waited as the other man leaned back to allow him room, then Zander straddled Jemal's legs before positioning himself over the thick cock.  He gripped its base to hold it then he pushed down, taking it inside him. The stretch and burn made him wince. He was still sore from the earlier fuckfest. But Zander kept pressing down until the throbbing hardness was all the way inside him. Then he went still.


"Fuck yourself on me," Jemal commanded.


Zander closed his eyes and began to move.


* * * * *


Jason entered a chamber through a sliding panel. He held it for Lucky to enter then closed it quietly.


Lucky gazed about. "This place is huge. How are we going to find Zander?"


"I know where to start looking," Jason replied. "Jemal has private chambers and he keeps his...lovers...close to him."

"You really are going to have to tell me how you know so much about this guy," Lucky countered. "Did you sleep with him?"


Jason locked eyes with Lucky. "I did business with him, that's all you need to know. Understand?"

Lucky nodded. "Fine. Let's get Zander and get the hell out of here."


"Be quiet and stay close," Jason ordered, as he headed for the door. He opened it carefully and checked outside it before slipping into the corridor. He gestured for Lucky to follow. They reached another door and Jason entered, his gun drawn. They were in Jemal's master chambers. They were empty. Jason didn't hesitate as he strode across the room to a door at the far end. He motioned for Lucky to be careful, then opened the door. He moved forward silently, then froze at the sight before him. Jemal and Zander were on the bed, naked, with Zander in Jemal's lap. It was obvious Zander was spitted on Jemal's cock and the Arab was fucking him slowly, while kissing Zander. Jason felt anger wash over him and he strode forward, his gun raised. "Long time no see," he drawled.


Jemal broke off the kiss, his arm tightening about Zander's waist as he turned his head and smiled. "Hello, Jason," he purred. "I've been expecting you."



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