The Promise

Chapter 3


Jason was surprised by the kiss, but he recovered quickly and took control, fisting one hand in Zander's hair, letting his other hand drop down to Zander's ass. Kneading it with his fingers and pulling Zander closer to him.


Lucky watched for a moment, shifting his feet as he watched Jason's hand on Zander's ass, then he cleared his throat. "Uh...Zander?"


The kiss continued.

"Zander!" Lucky jumped at how loud his voice was, but at least it made Jason and Zander break apart. "You need to rest," Lucky stated.

"I've been resting," Zander replied, with a pout. He looked around and smiled. "So...this is our place?"


Lucky nodded. "Yeah. Anything seem familiar to you?"


Zander walked around a bit then shook his head. "Nothing. I like it though. Who decorated?"


"It's kind of a mix of all three of us," Lucky replied.


"Zander, you should rest," Jason interjected. He could see the boy swaying on his feet.

Lucky took Zander by the arm. "To bed with you," he declared.


Zander smiled. "Sounds like a plan." He turned to face Lucky, one hand pressing over Lucky's crotch. "Oh....somebody's hard."


"Stop that." Lucky slapped Zander's hand away and tried not to blush scarlet. "Bed."

"I need a shower first," Zander countered.


Lucky sighed. "Okay. Shower first. But then to bed."

Zander nodded and rubbed his forehead. "Sounds good. I am a little tired."

"Does your head hurt?" Jason queried.


"A little," Zander admitted. He followed Lucky into the bedroom area and smiled at the King Sized bed that dominated the room. "Niiiice," Zander drawled, then he swayed again.


Lucky caught him. "I don't think you should shower, Zander. You're not steady on your feet."

Zander made a face. "I have to shower...I feel all grungy and I smell like a hospital. Please? You can come into the shower with me."


"All right," Lucky agreed, but he knew he was going to regret it.


"I'll get the bed ready," Jason offered.

Lucky led Zander into the bathroom. He tried to ignore his aching erection as he undressed.

Zander didn't ignore it. He reached out and curled his fingers around Lucky's hardness. Stroking it until Lucky pried his hand away. "I want to play," Zander said, pouting.


"Get in the shower." Lucky pushed Zander into the stall and under the spray of water. He washed Zander, or tried to, but it was hard when Zander kept kissing him. Lucky tried not to kiss back, but he lacked the will power. One thing Zander had not forgotten, was how to kiss. "Let me wash your hair," Lucky said, turning Zander away from him. He was careful of Zander's injury as he lathered in the shampoo, then spent a bit of time massaging Zander's scalp. The moans of pleasure that escaped Zander were just about Lucky's undoing. And it didn't help that the moment Lucky rinsed out the shampoo, Zander's ass pressed hard against his cock and Lucky was ready to explode then and there.

"Fuck me," Zander whispered.


Lucky wanted to do that more than anything. But now was not the time. "You're hurt," he gritted out.


Zander chuckled. "I hurt my head," He tapped his skull. "This head...Not the one below. And my ass is just fine."

" is," Lucky muttered beneath his breath.


"Please...fuck me," Zander begged, then he leaned forward so that his palms were pressed against the tiled wall, his torso bent over a bit, his ass a luscious invitation.


Lucky knew he should resist, but he couldn't. They kept lube in the shower and he grabbed for it. Lucky slicked his fingers then pressed one into Zander, finding his hotspot on the first try.


Zander whimpered. "In me…now!" he hissed.

"Yes." Lucky slicked his cock, lined himself up and pushed inside. He knew how far to go, when to stop for Zander to adjust, when to push all the way in. Then he was sheathed in velvet glove tightness and a moan escaped him. He reached around Zander's waist to find his cock and as he began to move, Lucky fisted Zander until warm cum spilled over his hand. Then he was coming as well, pulsing his seed inside of Zander. It was like coming home in the best way. It was a connection between them that would always make sense. Lucky leaned over Zander's back, staying inside him as he grew soft, until he felt Zander trembling. "You okay?" Lucky asked, as he pulled out carefully.


"Yeah...just a little tired." Zander turned around and kissed Lucky. "That was nice."


Lucky chuckled then kissed the tip of Zander's nose. He could see that he was tired and pain shadowed the hazel eyes. "Time to get you into bed," he announced. He made short work of washing them both again, then he turned off the water and helped Zander dry off. Then he dried himself and they exited the bathroom. Naked. Lucky saw Jason standing by the bed, eyeing them both, appreciatively.


Zander crawled into bed without being told to. He curled up on his side and closed his eyes.


"Is he okay?" Jason asked, watching Lucky pull the blankets over Zander.


"I think so," Lucky replied. He smoothed a lock of damp hair off Zander's forehead. "He just needs to rest." Lucky turned from the bed and moved to the dresser to pull out boxers and a tee shirt. He started getting dressed. "Jason...can you stay with Zander? I have to get to work and I don't think he should be alone."

Jason nodded. "I can stay." 


Lucky was grateful. He finished getting dressed in his uniform then gave Zander a kiss on the cheek before heading towards the door. "I'll call to check on him," Lucky said over his shoulder. "Thanks, Jason." Then he was gone.


By the time he heard the outer door close, Jason had his boots off and had stretched out on the bed next to Zander. And for a while he was content to simply watch the younger man sleep.



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