The Promise

Chapter 4


Jason had dozed off. But he came awake to the reality of warm wetness wrapped around his cock. He opened his eyes so see Zander's head bobbing over his lap. Jason bit back a moan, but Zander seemed to sense it. He lifted his head and smiled at Jason, then he crawled over him for a kiss. Jason had to bite back another moan. The sight of naked Zander was making his cock ache. Then he lost all train of thought as Zander did kiss him while grinding their naked cocks together. It was going to make Jason insane. So he took control, keeping in mind Zander's injury. He moved Zander onto his back then moved between the strong legs, taking Zander's cock into his mouth and bringing him to release with flicks and licks of his tongue, before sucking him deep into his throat. Jason swallowed the warm cum that flooded his mouth, then moved over Zander's body for a kiss.


Zander almost devoured Jason's mouth before declaring," That was amazing. Now let me return the favor."

"God…yes," Jason whispered. He helped Zander divest him of his clothes then waited for Zander's mouth to close over him again, but Zander had other ideas. He straddled Jason's hips and made to take his cock into his body. "Wait," Jason protested, pushing Zander off him.

"I don't want to wait," Zander replied, pouting. "I want to feel you in me."

Jason groaned as his cock pulsed at the thought of being sheathed in Zander's tight ass. But first things first. "I need to stretch you,' Jason stated, reaching over Zander for the lube that was on the nightstand. "On your stomach," he ordered, biting back a moan as Zander obeyed and his luscious ass was presented to Jason. He slicked his fingers with lube and pressed one inside of Zander. Then another. Zander was relaxed so it was easy to stretch him. Then Jason bent his head, letting his tongue press into Zander's opening, rimming him until the boy was whimpering and writhing, begging Jason to fuck him. "Easy," Jason said, as he rolled Zander onto his side. He pushed Zander's top leg forward, then Jason pressed himself against Zander's back before pressing his way into the puckered opening. He thrust his hips and slid in an inch before meeting resistance. Another easy thrust and he was halfway in.


Zander wriggled. "More...please...Jason," he begged.


"Hold still," Jason commanded, gripping Zander's hip. Then he thrust again and he was all the way in. Jason reached over Zander's hip, seeking out his balls to knead them as he moved in easy thrusts. Pulling out long to press in deep, over and over again until he was pulsing his release inside the beautiful young man.


"You feel so good," Zander whispered.

Jason felt the same way about Zander. He was still buried inside him and he had no desire to leave. "Go to sleep," Jason ordered, even as he closed his own eyes. Then he drifted off, feeling a contentment that was rare, but welcome.


* * * * *


Lucky came home from work to find Jason in the living room, watching the news. "How's Zander?"

"Sleeping," Jason replied, rising to his feet and clicking off the TV. "He took some pain pills so he'll be out for the night."


"Thanks for staying."

Jason nodded. "No problem." He headed for the door.

Lucky intercepted him to steal a kiss. "Talk to you tomorrow?"


"I'll be over," Jason replied. Then he was gone.


"Man am I tired," Lucky muttered to himself, as he turned off the lights and headed for the bedroom. He stripped along the way and was naked by the time he reached the bed. He stood there for a moment, looking down at Zander who was sprawled on his back, one arm over his head. The blankets had hitched down, riding low on his hips, barely covering him, and one knee was poking out. Lucky bent down to kiss Zander on the cheek, then he smoothed the dark hair back. After shifting the blankets over Zander, Lucky headed for the shower. He was out in two minutes and climbing into bed. He had just settled himself comfortably on his back when he felt Zander roll into him. Lucky was pleased when Zander fitted himself against him, so they were skin to skin. It would seem there were some things, Zander hadn't forgotten. "Sweet dreams," Lucky whispered to his lover. Then he closed his eyes and drifted off himself.


* * * * *


Lucky came awake with a start and reached over to find the bed empty. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, then realized he was hearing the shower running. Lucky smiled at the thought of naked Zander. He stretched out the kinks in his muscles and was just about to get out of bed with the thought of joining Zander in the shower, when a very wet and very naked Zander suddenly appeared before him. Lucky felt his cock twitch. And with each step closer that Zander took, Lucky's cock got harder. He felt his mouth go dry as he watched Zander prowl over to the bed. And by the time Zander had crawled onto it, and over Lucky, Lucky's cock was at full mast and begging for attention.


"Good morning," Zander whispered, before licking Lucky's lips.


"Morning," Lucky squeaked out, then he buried his fingers in Zander's hair, which felt like wet silk, and he claimed the sweet mouth. He kissed Zander until they were both panting, then Lucky whimpered when Zander pulled away from him.

Zander chuckled, deep in his throat. "I just need to get something," he whispered, reaching over to grab the lube from the bed stand.

Lucky nodded, liking the way Zander was thinking. Then he watched as Zander scooted back so he could slick Lucky's cock. Lucky couldn't take his eyes off Zander's face. Zander was biting his lower lip as he fisted Lucky's erection. It was just about Lucky's undoing. Until he realized Zander's intent. Zander was moving over Lucky, positioning himself to take Lucky inside him. "Wait!" Lucky protested. "You're not ready for me, Zander. I need to stretch you."

"Trust me...I'm ready for you," Zander replied, and then he pressed down, taking Lucky into him.


"Fuck!" Lucky hissed, as he was sheathed in Zander's tightness. As always, Zander's muscled walls seemed to seal around Lucky's cock like a suede glove. And there was no place his cock would rather be. "God…you're perfect," Lucky breathed. Then he just let himself go along for the ride, because Zander was in complete control. He set the rhythm that brought Lucky to an incredible release. But once he was able to form coherent thought again, Lucky realized that Zander was still hard. "Your turn," Lucky whispered, as he pushed Zander off him and down onto his back.


Zander smiled at Lucky, then moaned as warm lips wrapped around his cock. He closed his eyes and gave himself up to the moment.


Lucky brought Zander to release, then he moved over him to kiss him, knowing that Zander would taste himself. Lucky loved watching Zander be surprised by it, but then he would give Lucky's lower lip this little lick that made Lucky hard all over again. And he was thrilled when Zander did it again. It gave Lucky hope that Zander's memory would soon return. "Nice wake up call," Lucky whispered in Zander's ear, as he moved to lay on his side before drawing Zander to him.


"Very nice," Zander purred, as he laid his head on Lucky's chest. Then he bit one of Lucky's flat nipples, laughing at the outraged yelp that came out of his lover. "So what are we going to do for the rest of the day?" Zander queried.

"You're going to rest," Lucky replied. "I took the day off to make sure you do just that."


Zander sat up and pouted. "That's no fun."

Lucky sighed. " have a concussion. You need to take it easy. We can have fun when you're better."

"I'm better now," Zander insisted.


"Brat!" Lucky countered, fondly. Then he giggled when Zander found a ticklish spot. Soon they were wrestling a bit, Lucky being mindful of Zander's injury at all times. Ultimately he won, pinning Zander down by the wrists and by draping himself over his legs. Lucky looked down into the beautiful hazel eyes. "I love you, Zander," he said softly.


Zander frowned and his eyes shadowed. "I feel that from you," he stated. "Even though I don't remember it. I'm sorry."

Lucky kissed Zander, tenderly. "Don't be sorry. You'll get your memory back soon enough. Then you can make it up to me."

"Yeah...doing what?"

"We'll think of something," Lucky replied, a devilish glint in his eyes, as he dove in to nuzzle Zander's neck. He knew right where the ticklish spot was and soon he had Zander begging for mercy.


* * * * *


After fooling around a bit more, Lucky and Zander ate breakfast, then Lucky noticed that Zander was suddenly very quiet. When he looked closely he could see that his lover was pale and that pain glittered in his beautiful eyes. Lucky had guided Zander back into the bedroom, made him lie down, gave him a pain pill, then covered him up and closed the curtains. To his surprise, Zander had fallen right to sleep. It had worried Lucky enough that he kept checking on Zander every five minutes and he had finally called Jason for his opinion on whether or not he should be worried. Jason had assured him that it was to be expected and to simply let Zander rest. So Lucky had curled up next to him and dozed between watching TV and watching Zander.


Jason came to visit at lunch time. Zander woke up around then, claiming he was hungry. He didn't eat alot, but he was in a good mood, sticking his tongue out at Jason when Jason threatened to force feed him. After lunch Jason left and Lucky and Zander played video games for a while. Then Zander said he wanted to shower. He came out rubbing his head.

Lucky gave Zander another pain pill and put him back to bed. He combed his fingers through Zander's hair until he fell asleep, then he watched some TV and played a few more video games by himself. By supper time Zander woke up and said he felt much better.

"Let's go out somewhere," Zander suggested.

"No," Lucky replied, as he cooked them some burgers.

Zander sighed. "I'm bored."


Lucky chuckled. "You'll get over it. We can rent some gay porn and laugh at how unintentionally funny they are." It was a reference back to the first time they had been together. Lucky had found a drunk Zander on the docks, brought him home, then asked if he could fuck him. Lucky had referenced gay porn movies as giving him the information he needed to do the job right. Lucky watched Zander closely, to see if he got the meaning behind his words, but Zander just frowned at him. "We can watch a Jackie Chan movie or a Die Hard movie or something," Lucky amended.


"I want out of this place," Zander countered, grumbling. "I feel like the walls are closing in."


"Zander…we're in a loft. Nice try though. We're staying in." Lucky set a plate with a burger and onion rings on it in front of Zander. "If you eat everything I'll fold and we can watch a Steven Segal movie." Lucky hated the actor, but Zander loved his movies. He told Lucky he couldn't explain why. He just did.


Zander took a half hearted bite of his burger. "Do I like Steven Segal movies?" he asked.

Lucky nodded. "We have them all."


"Huh." Zander ate a few more bites then rose from the table and stalked over to where Lucky was sitting. "Don't you want to go out?" Zander drawled, as he pushed the table back a bit so he could straddle Lucky's lap while facing him. Zander then sat down and wriggled a bit.


"Stop that," Lucky admonished, gripping Zander by the hips. One smoldering look from Zander and Lucky's cock was throbbing. His jeans were now way too tight.

Zander didn't stop. He pressed down and did a bit of a grind. "Make me stop," he challenged.

Lucky shook his head at Zander. "I know what you're're trying to seduce me into taking you out. Not happening."


"You suck!" Zander shot back, making to move off Lucky's lap. But a strong arm wrapped around his waist and held him.


"I do indeed," Lucky purred, and he put action to his words by tugging on Zander's shirt with one hand until the buttons popped, then he bent his head and sucked on one of Zander's flat nipples.

Zander curled his fingers in Lucky's hair. "Hey...I'm supposed to be seducing you here. Geez..." He tried to sound serious, but the whimper that escaped him killed the moment.


Lucky then stood up, bringing Zander with him, feeling the strong legs wrap around his waist. Zander was solid muscle, yet it never ceased to amaze Lucky how slim and light he felt in his arms. Yet he knew Zander would bend before he would ever break. He was a tough kid. And it was a good thing, or he never would have survived all the shit that had happened to him a year ago. Stuff that Lucky actually wished could, permanently, be erased from Zander's mind. But he set aside those thoughts as he laid Zander out on the couch. Lucky slapped away the hand that reached for his belt. "My way this time," he stated. It didn't take long for Lucky to get them both naked. Zander was only wearing light sweat pants and a loose tee shirt, and that was only because Lucky had told him that he was too distracting when he was naked. Zander hadn't wanted to bother with clothes. After getting Zander naked again, Lucky wondered why he had wanted Zander dressed. Naked Zander was a sight to behold.


"Lucky...please,' Zander begged, as he squirmed beneath Lucky's caressing hands. But his pleas turned to moans as Lucky suckled him to orgasm.


"God...I hope you're ready for me," Lucky hissed, as he used Zander's cum to slick him open. Lucky shucked off his own jeans then pressed Zander's legs open. He lined himself up then pushed into heaven. He didn't last long before pulsing his release into his lover.


Zander hauled Lucky into a hug. "Ain't sex grand?" he whispered between kisses.

Lucky nodded. "It is. Especially when it's with you."

"Want to shower?" Zander asked.


"Later," Lucky replied as he pulled out of Zander. "You wore me out."


Zander chuckled. "Old man," he teased, then he yelped when Lucky smacked him on the ass as he moved off the couch. Zander rubbed the sore spot as he headed for their room.


Lucky rested on the couch until Zander returned, but moaned when he saw that Zander was only wearing a towel. A towel that rode low on his hips. And when Zander sat down next to him, the towel opened and Lucky bit his lip. Hard. The pain helped keep his cock in check. For about two seconds. Because then naked Zander was leaning over him, luscious butt in the air, as he reached for the remote. It dropped on the floor and Zander leaned over farther still. Lucky could resist. He bent his head and bit the luscious globes.


"Hey!" Zander shouted, flying back off Lucky's lap.

"Not my fault," Lucky replied. "You have a bitable ass."

Zander grinned. "And you have a bitable cock. Shall I prove it?"


Lucky grabbed Zander before he could put actions to words. "Maybe later. Want to play video games?"


"You're no fun," Zander shot back, somewhat huffily. He fell back against the couch.

"You need to put some clothes on," Lucky stated.


Zander glared at him. "Why?"

Lucky sighed. "Because you're too distracting when you're naked...that's why."


"Naked is comfortable," Zander stated. "Take your clothes off then I won't be so distracting."


"I'm not going to win this I?" Lucky countered. And he was okay with that. The view was great. So what if he lost every game.


Zander smirked as he reached for his set of controls. "Nope," he stated. "So which game are we playing?"


Lucky shrugged. "You pick. I'm gonna lose no matter what."


"Scooby Doo?"


"Fine." Lucky made an attempt to look at the TV Screen in preparation of the play. But by the time naked Zander had put in the DVD, bending down to pick up the case he dropped, then moving back over to the couch, having to step over Lucky, for some reason, to get back to his spot, Lucky was finished. The game started but after about a minute he tossed his controls aside and grabbed Zander. Then he pinned him down and kissed him until nothing else mattered but each other.


* * * * *

Zander smiled at Lucky's prone figure. They had fucked until they were both exhausted. But Zander had recovered in record time, thanks to all the sleeping he had done all day. He had slipped out of bed and into the shower, then he had dressed in black jeans and a tight, black, tee shirt. He paused long enough to watch Lucky sleep for a minute, then he tiptoed out of the room.


Once in the living room, Zander searched in the closet. He found a light jacket that looked to be his size and when he checked the pockets he was pleased to find a fifty dollar bill. It just seemed like a good place to stash some cash. Zander stuffed the money in his jeans pocket. Grabbed the keys off the hook by the door, and slipped out. IT was time to have some fun.


* * * * *


Faith was stunned to look up and see Zander Smith enter the Haunted Star. She had heard a rumor that he had lost his memory. Smiling to herself, Faith made her way to Zander. When he smiled at her she tangled her fingers in his hair then kissed him. A long moment passed before she broke the kiss to say, "Long time no see, Zander."

He smiled and said, "I take it we know each other?"


"That we do," Faith purred. "That we do. Care to get reacquainted?" She looped her arm through Zander's and drew him off.


* * * * *

From across the room, Ric Lansing watched...and smiled.



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