The Promise

Chapter 5


Zander liked Faith. He liked the Haunted Star. He played Black Jack, starting with a ten dollar bet and an hour later had a thousand dollars in his pocket. He figured the pretty red head who kept kissing him between hands to be his good luck charm. Zander was feeling no pain. Faith kept buying him shots, but he felt tipsy after just three and made that his limit. Zander wondered if he was a good drunk. Then he shrugged off such thoughts when the red head took his hand and guided it under her, barely there, skirt. She was panty free and very wet. Zander moaned then leaned in to kiss her. When she took his hand and guided him towards a door in the back, Zander followed her. Willingly. But they had barely stepped through the door when Faith was there.

"Get out!" she told the red head.

Zander made to follow, but Faith stopped him with a hand on his chest. "Sorry," Zander said.


Faith smiled at him. "Don't be sorry, sweetie. Just fuck me." Faith moved enough to lock the door, then her fingers went to work on Zander's jeans. She had his cock in her hand in no time.

"God.." Zander moaned, even as his own hands went to work on Faith's zipper. She was naked underneath and dripping with readiness, so Zander lifted her and she guided him into her. Then Zander turned to press her against the wall and he nuzzled her breasts, sucking on the tips, as he thrust into her. Since Faith was holding on to him, Zander freed a hand to stroke her, pinching her nub to bring her release, and his soon followed. "That was wonderful," Zander breathed against her neck.


"As good as I remembered," Faith allowed.

Zander was stunned. "I've fucked you before?"


Faith nipped his lower lip. "You sure have, and you never disappoint, Zander. Ever."


"Cool." Zander laughed, then he let himself slip out as he lowered her to the floor. He held out her dress to her, then found a towel to clean himself before zipping his jeans back up. He headed for the door.


"Going somewhere?" Faith asked, cutting him off as he reached for the knob.


Zander smiled at her. "Back to the tables. I'm on fire tonight."

Faith chuckled, then she leaned in and kissed Zander, hard. "You sure are," she purred. She unlocked the door. "We'll have to do this again...soon."

"My pleasure," Zander replied. He kissed her this time, then he headed back out to the gaming tables. The room suddenly seemed too loud and too crowded, and Zander decided to head outside for a breath of air. He stood at the docks for a moment, inhaling the cool, night air. Then he sensed it, a presence behind him. He turned to find a dark haired man standing there, smiling at him. "I know you?" Zander asked.


"We've...met," Ric replied. "In fact...we're intimately acquainted, Zander." Ric moved to him and tangled his fingers in Zander's dark hair, pulling him into a kiss.

Zander broke free when he needed air. "Intense," he whispered.


Ric smiled. "What we had was very intense, Zander."


"Were we together before I hooked up with Lucky and Jason?" Zander queried.


"Something like that," Ric stated. "Need a ride home?" As he spoke, Ric let one hand reach behind Zander to cup his ass, pulling him hard against his own erection.


Zander bit his lip to stifle a moan. "Um...are you hitting on me?" he asked.

Ric nodded. "I've missed you."


"What's your name?" Zander asked.



Zander nodded then rubbed himself against Ric, letting their cocks feel the friction even with layers of cloth between them. "Who's home?" His was not a good idea, since Lucky was there.


Ric squeezed Zander's ass, grinding against the boy for a moment, then whispered hoarsely, "Mine!" He kissed Zander hard, then led him off.


* * * * *


Lucky came awake with a start. He felt a moment of panic when he realized that Zander wasn't next to him, but made himself calm down. Until he made a circuit of the loft and realized that Zander was gone. "Fuck!" Lucky hissed, even as he reached for the phone. He called Jason with the news.


"How long has he been gone?" Jason asked.

"I don't know!" Lucky glanced at his watch. "Iíve been out for a few hours. I don't know when he left."


Jason was silent for a moment. "Stay there in case he comes back. I'll find him." He hung up.


Lucky punched the off button then tossed the phone on the couch. He began to pace. "Dammit, Zander! Where are you?" He was scared to death at what could happen to his lover. Zander seemed to attract danger like a magnet. And he had been hurt enough. Once Jason brought Zander safely home, Lucky was going to chain him to the wall, if necessary. At least until Zander got his memory back. Rubbing a hand through his hair, Lucky continued to pace.


* * * * *


The first place Jason went to was Jakeís. No sign of Zander and the waitress said Zander hadn't been there. Kelly's was closed. On a hunch, Jason went to the Haunted Star. It was getting ready to close for the night. Jason confronted Faith. "Have you seen Zander?"

Faith smirked. "You mean as in recently?" she purred.


"No games, Faith. Yes or no?"

"He was here," She allowed. 

Jason felt a surge of hope. "When did he leave?"


Faith shrugged. "About an half hour ago."

"Did he say where he was going?"

"Nope." Faith let her fingertips dance over Jason's chest until they were batted away. "But then...we were too busy fucking to do alot of talking. He didn't leave alone, though."

Jason cursed beneath his breath. "Who was he with?"

Faith smirked again. "Ric Lansing."

"Fuck!" Jason hissed, then he turned and took off.


* * * * *


The moment Zander entered Ric's home, the other man was on him. Zander giggled as he was efficiently stripped until he was completely naked, but the giggle turned into a moan as warm lips closed around his cock. Zander had to grab the back of the couch to remain standing, as Ric suckled him to orgasm. Then he found himself bent over the couch and slicked fingers were pressing inside him. "Eager are we?" Zander countered, then he whimpered as a knuckle brushed over his hot spot.

"I've been waiting a long time to fuck you again, Zander," Ric replied. He pressed the head of his cock to Zander's opening, but before he could press in the door banged open. Ric turned around just in time for a fist to connect with his chin. He crumpled to the floor in a heap.

"What are you doing?" Zander demanded, as he turned around to find Jason standing over Ric's inert form.

Jason glared at Zander. "Get dressed!" he ordered.


Zander shook his head. " had no right to hit Ric. We were just going to--"


"I know exactly what you were going to do!" Jason snapped. He picked up Zander's jeans and tossed them to him. "Get dressed, Zander. Now."

"Why are you so angry?" Zander asked, as he did as he was told. He pulled on the jeans, then the tee shirt. Then he pulled on his boots. He watched Jason grab his jacket, then fingers clamped onto his arm and Zander found himself almost dragged out the door. When the reached the car he pulled away. "I'm not going with you!" Zander hissed.


Jason locked eyes with Zander. "Get in the car." He held open the passenger door.

Zander shook his head. "Fuck you, Jason. You can't order me around like this. You don't own me."


"Get in the car," Jason repeated.

"No." Zander made to turn away but found himself stuffed into the car. And as he made to slide out through the driver's side, something cold clamped around his wrist. A metal handcuff. Zander was stunned, all the more so when Jason threaded the other cuff through the door strap. "What the fuck are you doing?" Zander shouted, as he tugged on the cuff.


Jason shut the door then moved to the driver's side and got in. He started the engine then said, "I'm taking you home. Where you belong." He drove off, ignoring Zander's cursing.


Zander fell silent after a moment, deciding to change tactics. He reached out and let his fingers squeeze Jason's thigh. Then he cupped his hand over the bulge between Jason's legs. But when Zander tried to undo the zipper, steel fingers clamped over his wrist.


"Behave!" Jason ordered.


"You suck!" Zander shot back, but he kept his hands to himself for the rest of the drive.



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