The Promise

Chapter 6


When they reached the loft, Zander made another attempt to escape the moment Jason undid the cuffs. Only to find himself tossed over Jason's shoulder like a sack. And when he made to struggle, a hard hand smacked against his ass. So Zander went still but he cursed Jason every step of the way into the loft.

When they reached the door, it opened and Lucky was standing there. He was stunned by what he saw. "What's going on?" he asked, as Jason surged past him with his burden.


"He's a jerk!" Zander stated in reply, as he was dumped into a nearby chair. He made to get up until Jason glared at him. Zander looked at Lucky. "See? He's a jerk!"


"Move and I will handcuff you again," Jason stated.

Zander stuck his tongue out but didn't move otherwise.


Lucky pulled Jason off to the side. "What the hell is going on here? You handcuffed Zander? Why?"

"I found him at Ric Lansing's house. Naked. Bent over the couch with Lansing ready and willing to fuck him." Jason spoke without emotion, but his eyes were flashing.


"What?" Lucky shook his head. "No...I don't believe it! Why would Zander do that? I mean...after what Lansing did to him before!"


Jason cut Lucky off. "He doesn't remember what happened."

Lucky sighed. "Right...I forgot. But...he knows we're together now. Why...why would he cheat on me?"

"I don't think Zander sees it as cheating. You told him the two of you are together, but he doesn't remember it. There is no emotional attachment to you, Lucky." Jason patted him on the shoulder. "You can't take it personally. Zander wasn't trying to hurt you."


"Yeah…I know." And Lucky did know, but it still hurt. He locked eyes with Jason. "Thanks for bringing him home."


Jason nodded. "You going to be okay?"

Lucky managed a smile. "Yeah...I'm okay. But…um...I need a few minutes to myself. I'm gonna go for a walk. Will you stay with Zander?"


"I'll be here," Jason allowed. He watched Lucky leave.

"Where is Lucky going?" Zander asked, making to rise from his chair, only to be pushed back down by Jason's hand on his chest.

Jason glared at Zander. "Lucky is upset."

Zander frowned. "Why?"


"Because he loves you and you were about to let another man fuck you." Jason decided to be blunt.


"Oh." Zander sighed and combed his fingers through his hair. "I didn't mean to hurt Lucky. I mean…I really like him. But...I was just a fuck, you know. And Ric said we used to be together."

Jason nodded. "Yeah...I know. But let me explain something to you, Zander. Lucky loves you, so what you do is going to affect him. Remember that. And as for Lansing...he hurt you in the past."


Zander was surprised. "Hurt me? How?"


"Just keep in mind that he hurt you. That's all that matters."


"Okay." Zander made a puppy dog face. "I could use a shower. Do you mind?"

Jason nodded. "Go ahead. You've got five minutes."

Zander jumped up with a smile. "Want to wash my back?" he invited, passion glowing in his eyes.


"Not tonight," Jason replied, although he was tempted.


"Okay." Zander headed off.

Jason heaved a dramatic sigh.


* * * * *


Lucky came home. Jason was watching TV in the living room, but he stood up and left the moment Lucky came in. They kissed then Lucky locked the door behind him. He made his way into the bedroom to find Zander still awake.


"I'm sorry, Lucky," Zander offered, as he slid off the bed.


"I know, it's okay, Zander," Lucky replied. He was a little bit distracted by the fact that Zander was naked. Naked and aroused. Lucky felt his own cock stirring at the sight of his beautiful lover.


Zander moved to Lucky and leaned in for a soft kiss. "Jason told me why you were upset. I didn't mean to hurt you. Really."

Lucky smiled then tangled his fingers in Zander's hair and kissed him for real. "I know that. This is going to be an adjustment period for both of us. can't just go around letting people fuck you, Zander. Ric Lansing hurt you."

"That's what Jason told me. He wouldn't tell me the details though." Zander began undressing Lucky.


"The details don't matter," Lucky replied. He helped Zander get him naked, then he gasped when Zander's warm mouth wrapped around his cock. " are so good at that," Lucky whispered.


Zander couldn't reply. He continued sucking on Lucky's cock until fingers tugged on his hair. He pulled off. "I want to make you feel good," Zander protested.

Lucky knew why and he appreciated the thought but, "I want to be inside you," he stated, drawing Zander up and over to the bed. "On your hands and knees," Lucky requested.


"Anything for you," Zander replied. He got into position then yelped as Lucky bit his ass.


"You are so incredible," Lucky stated, as he reached for the lube on the bedstand. He coated his fingers and stretched Zander open, then he slicked his cock and pushed his way in. Perfect fit every time.

Zander began to move, coaxing Lucky to thrust hard. "You won't break me," he whispered.


Lucky took Zander up on his invitation. He gripped the slim hips and found a rhythm of hard thrusts that brought him over the edge in no time. Then he eased them both down onto their sides, still connected to Zander. "Thank you for that," Lucky whispered in his lover's ear.


"My pleasure," Zander replied. Then he cleared his throat. "Um…can I tell you something without you getting mad?"

"You can tell me anything," Lucky assured him.


Zander cleared his throat, nervously, then blurted out, "I fucked Faith."

Lucky was so stunned he didn't respond for a moment. Then he realized that Zander was waiting to be yelled at. Lucky wasn't happy about it, but he did understand. He bit Zander's earlobe, teasingly, then said, "It's okay. This time. But...try to behave, okay?"


"I'll try," Zander countered. "It's just...I really like sex."


"Yeah...I know," Lucky replied with a chuckle. "But let me try to keep you satisfied. Deal?"

Zander was quiet for a moment then he whispered, "I'll try."

Lucky wasn't happy with the reply, but he accepted it. For now. First chance he got, however, he was going to talk to Gail Baldwin about Zander's behavior. Maybe she could give him a pill or something. And it was with that thought in mind, that Lucky drifted off to sleep.


* * * * *


The next day, Lucky took Zander to the hospital. Dr. Jones wanted to do a follow up check up on Zander. While Zander was thus occupied, Lucky went to see Dr. Baldwin. She had a free moment and ushered him into her office.


"How is Zander doing?" Gail queried.

"Good question," Lucky replied as he took a seat. "Dr. Baldwin, this is kind of embarrassing but...Zander seems to have become highly sexual. I mean...he always has been...but it's more so now. It's like he's...horny...all the time. And he has no qualms about having sex with anyone." Lucky told Dr. Baldwin about the encounters with Faith and the almost encounter with Ric. "And it's like he's very flirtatious and I'm worried. I mean...Zander in full seduction mode is hard to resist. And I can't keep him cooped up in the loft forever. So...what do I do?"

Dr. Baldwin considered her options. "Let me talk to Zander before I give you an answer," she stated. "When he's finished with Dr. Jones, bring him here. I'll clear my schedule."


Lucky stood up and smiled "Thank you. I really appreciate it. Zander went through hell last year and I just...I want him to be safe. He has enough bad memories to last a lifetime, I don't want him to add more before he gets his memory back."

"I understand," Dr. Baldwin replied, as she showed Lucky to the door. "I'll see what I can do."

"Thanks again," Lucky said, then he headed down the hall, a smile on his face. He was sure that Dr. Baldwin would be able to help.


* * * * * 


Lucky was wrong. Dr. Baldwin talked to Zander, then she spoke to Lucky afterwards. She basically told him that Zander was showing exhibitionist tendencies and that his almost nymphatic type behavior was not totally uncommon. Unfortunately there was no pill she could give Zander so, basically, Lucky would just have to keep a close eye on Zander.


One thing Dr. Baldwin did explain to Lucky was why Zander was acting out this way. She believed that his subconscious mind was taking control and making sure that this time around, whenever Zander was in a sexual situation, it was because he wanted to be. Because HE was in control. That made sense to Lucky. And in a way it made it easier to deal with. He vowed not to take whatever Zander did personally. Now that he understood, a little bit, of why Zander was acting this way.


But it wasn't easy.

For one thing, Zander liked being naked. Alot. In fact, he was naked most of the time and it drove Lucky insane. With desire. He found it hard to concentrate when *naked* Zander was fixing dinner. Or *naked* Zander was sitting next to him, watching TV. Most of the time Lucky ended up naked too, in self defense, which meant they ended up having sex, everywhere. All the time. Lucky was beginning to think he was going to have to start sedating Zander to keep him from being so horny. Because an AWAKE Zander was a horny Zander.


In desperation, Lucky agreed to take Zander to Kelly's for supper. At least that way Zander would be dressed. But Zander was also in full on flirtation mode. To the point where Lucky was getting embarrassed. Zander flirted with everyone from Elizabeth to the woman at the table next to them. And he didn't even mean it in an overtly sexual way. It just came across that way, as if Zander were emitting some kind of sexual vibe. It was affecting Lucky. He had a hard on that begged for attention, mainly because Zander kept groping him under the table. To the point where Lucky had to excuse himself and go into the bathroom. When he came back out a few minutes later, Zander was gone.

Lucky ran to Elizabeth. "Where is Zander?"


"Um...he just left."



Elizabeth nodded. "Yeah. I think he said something about going to the docks."

Lucky didn't even take time to thank her, he just ran for the door.


* * * * *

Zander made his way down to the docks. He liked being near the water. It felt familiar to him somehow. He was leaning against the railing and had closed his eyes, almost remembering something, when he heard a deep voice call his name. Zander turned to find a tall man with dark hair, smiling at him. "Do I know you?" Zander queried.


Alcazar nodded "We've met. I have some business I'd like to discuss with you, Zander. Would you like to join me on my yacht?"

"You have a yacht?" Zander was duly impressed.

"It's right out there." Alcazar pointed to her. "Well?"

Zander smiled. "Lead the way."



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