The Promise

Chapter 7


Lucky ran to the docks but they were empty. No sign of Zander. Lucky cursed then he grabbed his cell phone and called Jason. Jason told him to stay where he was and he would drop by the loft on his way to meet him. Maybe Zander had gone back home. Lucky had called and there was no answer, but that didn't mean anything for certain. So Lucky agreed to wait. But he had a bad feeling about this.


* * * * *


Zander smiled as he stepped onto Alcazar's yacht. She was a beauty indeed. He accepted the offer of a drink, then a tour. The tour ended in the master bedroom. Zander turned in a circle as he studied its opulence. "So...what business do we have to discuss?" he asked.


"This," Lorenzo replied, as he slammed Zander against the door and kissed him, all the while ripping at Zander's clothes.


"Wait!" Zander pushed Alcazar off him. "What are you doing?"


Lorenzo grinned. "Getting you naked." He continued stripping Zander and caressing him as each patch of bare skin was revealed to him.

Zander couldn't help but react to Alcazar's touch. The man knew what he was doing. But the image of Lucky danced in Zander's head, along with Jason's words about hurting him.
"Wait...wait!" Zander protested.


"I can't wait," Lorenzo replied, pushing Zander towards the bed. "It's been too long."

"I don't want to do this," Zander insisted. But his body had other ideas. When Alcazar's fingers curled around his cock and stroked him, Zander couldn't help but moan. Then his moan was swallowed by a kiss and when Zander's knees buckled, he found himself stretched out on the bed. Once again Zander tried to protest, but then a warm, wet, mouth was sealing around his cock and Zander was lost. He came in a rush, his body going lax. He felt Alcazar moving over him and it didn't register what was happening until Zander tried to sit up. He was brought up short by the fact that his wrists were now bound by black silk to the headboard.

Lorenzo slid off the bed, just long enough to get himself naked and retrieve a bottle of lubricant from the nightstand. He then climbed onto the bed, settling himself between Zander's strong legs. He slicked his fingers and let one press inside the boy. "So fucking tight," Lorenzo whispered. "Just like I remembered."

Zander squirmed as he was stretched. "Please don't do this!" he begged, but it turned into a whimper as a knuckle brushed over his hot spot. Zander, silently, cursed his body's betrayal. "I don't want to do this," Zander insisted.


"Your body says otherwise," Lorenzo countered. He withdrew his fingers, slicked his aching cock, then lined himself up. A hard thrust of his hips and he was in an inch. Going still when Zander hissed in pain.


"God..." Zander whispered. He tried to shift his hips but strong fingers held him fast. "Look...I love to fuck and be fucked, okay? But I can't do this with you. Lucky will get mad at me. And...I don't want to hurt him."


Lorenzo bucked forward again and his cock slid halfway in this time. He sighed in pleasure. Another hitch of his hips and he was sheathed in suede glove tightness. "Lucky will get over it," Lorenzo purred, as he began to move. "'s not like it's going to matter."

Zander bit his lip, hating the moan that escaped him as Alcazar shifted position so that the tip of his cock brushed over his hot spot with every thrust in. "What...what do you mean it won't matter? Of course it matters. Lucky loves me."


"Do you love him?"

"I..I don't remember," Zander admitted. "But....I'm sure I do. He's wonderful and...oh!" Zander felt himself cumming again. Just a few splatters but it was enough to send a warm lethargy throughout his body. He melted into the mattress even as Alcazar's thrusts became deeper and faster. Then Zander felt the warm wetness that flooded his insides before Alcazar collapsed over him. Zander squirmed and remembered that the man hadn't answered his question. "Why doesn't it matter about Lucky?" Zander persisted.

Lorenzo slid out of Zander and rolled to his side. He kissed the boy then slid off the bed and reached for a robe. He pulled it on then he was reaching into the nightstand drawer again. He removed a syringe and pulled off the cap.

Zander eyed it with suspicion. "What's that for?"

"To help you sleep," Lorenzo replied as he reached for Zander's arm. He held him firm and gave the injection with quick precision.


"What are you doing?" Zander demanded, even as he felt himself grow pleasantly drowsy. The stuff worked fast.


Lorenzo combed Zander's hair back. "I'm keeping you for myself," he replied. "Sweet dreams."

Zander watched Alcazar leave the room. He wanted to scream at him, to protest what was happening. But darkness claimed him.


* * * * *

Lucky was ready to panic. He and Jason had searched all over town for Zander, but no one had seen him. It was as if Zander had vanished into thin air. "He's just gone," Lucky whispered, as he dropped down onto a nearby bench and buried his face in his hands. They were back where they had started. On the docks.


Jason glared at Lucky, even though the other man wasn't paying attention. "He's not gone. He's here...somewhere...and we will find him."

"Where? We've looked everywhere!" Lucky's well of optimism had run dry.


"Not everywhere," Jason replied. "We just looked in the obvious place. Now we start looking in the unlikely ones." As he spoke, Jason gripped Lucky by the arm and hauled him to his feet. "Let's go."

Lucky sighed but followed Jason up the stairs. He had to believe that they would find Zander, he just hoped that Zander would be okay.



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