The Promise

Chapter 8


Lucky was in a full blown panic. They had looked everywhere and no sign of Zander. It was as if he had fallen off the face of the earth. Lucky didn't know what to do next. And it bothered him that Jason didn't seem to have a clue either. Then it hit him. Lucky grabbed his cell phone and punched in a number. When Jason looked at him he stated, "I'm calling my dad."


* * * * *


When Zander woke up, he was unbound. He felt a bit groggy but a shower had helped and when he got out of the bathroom he found clothes laid out on the bed for him. So Zander got dressed in the black pants and silky feeling black shirt. He was amused by the fact that there was no underwear. But there were black socks and black shoes and a black belt. Zander finished getting dressed then prowled the room. He had already tried the door. No surprise to find it locked. He ended up by the window and stared out, wondering if Lucky and Jason were looking for him. He rather hoped they were.


"Come with me."


Zander jumped at the gravelly voice. He turned to find a muscle bound guy looming in the doorway. One of Lorenzo's guards, no doubt. Zander had a sudden flash of being on another yacht, with Lorenzo, and of a muscle bound goon being around. But he also saw a blurry image of a dark haired woman and he wondered who she was. And if he was remembering something or just having a weird moment because of the after effects of the drug Lorenzo had given him. Either way, Zander shrugged it off and followed the goon out of the room.


He was led into the dining cabin where Lorenzo was waiting for him.


"Are you hungry, Zander?" Lorenzo asked, as he moved forward to greet him.


"A little," Zander replied. He had decided on a strategy. He still hoped that Lucky and Jason were looking for him, but just in case they couldn't find him, Zander figured he needed to get out of here on his own. And to that end he would seduce Lorenzo so that he was distracted, then make a run for it. Not a great plan, but it would do in a pinch. "Got anything good to drink?" he countered.


Lorenzo smiled. "I have nice wine."

Zander smiled back. "Sounds good. I think. I don't know if I like wine or not."

"You'll like this," Lorenzo stated. He poured them both a glass.


"It's nice." Zander did like it and continued to sip at the red liquid. But he didn't want to drink too much. He would need a clear head. "So...nice boat you have here."

Lorenzo chuckled. "I like it."

Zander nodded. " this where we're going to live?"


"For a while." Lorenzo moved to Zander and kissed him. "I take it you don't mind staying now?"


"I had some time to think about it," Zander replied, as he set aside his glass. "I figure why not? I guess it's kind of like being a whore, but I'm betting you'll give me anything I want."

Lorenzo nuzzled Zander's neck. "Anything," he agreed.


Zander let himself moan a bit. It wasn't hard to pretend arousal. Lorenzo was good at what he was doing, and now his hand was inside Zander's pants, stroking him. "I want you to fuck me," Zander whispered.


"My pleasure." Lorenzo pulled Zander over to the dining room table and pressed him down over it. He then tugged the black pants down, exposing Zander's ass. There was lubricant on the table and Lorenzo was liberal in his usage. It wasn't long before he was pressing inside Zander. All the way in and he went still.


"Move...move!" Zander begged. He could feel the stretch and burn and the pressure of Lorenzo's throbbing cock, too deep, inside him.


But Lorenzo wanted to take things slow. He eased out to the tip of his cock then pressed back in, equally slow. Then he reached around Zander's waist to fist his cock, stroking Zander in time with the thrusts in the boy's tight ass.


Zander whimpered as he was stroked and it didn't take long for him to cum. Then he felt Lorenzo's release inside him. So far so good. He felt the other man slump over him and Zander bided his time. When he felt Lorenzo pull out, Zander made to turn around, but a hand in the middle of his back held him firm. Then he felt a soft cloth swiping away Lorenzo's release. Then Zander was allowed to turn around and equal attention was paid to cleaning his cock. When that was done, Zander let a seductive smile cross his face as Lorenzo hitched his pants up for him and redid the fastenings. "That was nice," Zander drawled, making his move. He leaned into Lorenzo, buried his face in the man's dark hair and kissed him for all he was worth.


"’re good at this," Lorenzo drawled, when he pulled back for air.


"I try," Zander purred. He turned Lorenzo around so that he was leaning against the table, then he kissed him again. Zander had his eye on a lead crystal candle holder. He scooped it up with his right hand even as he broke the kiss, then he slammed the crystal into Lorenzo's temple. Zander watched the other man fold to the floor then he was running for the door. He made it out and onto the side deck, and he was making a move towards the railing when strong hands caught him. Zander struggled against them even as another image flashed in his head. Another struggle, with strong hands holding him. Then a splash and his body in the water...


Lorenzo appeared, holding a linen napkin to his temple. "Take him to my room and bind him!" he ordered his men.


Zander snarled his fury as he was dragged off. He found himself hauled onto Lorenzo's bed, his wrists bound to the headboard, then the goons left him. "Fuck!" Zander hissed, as he tugged against the restraints. But they held fast. He heard footsteps approaching then Lorenzo appeared in the doorway. "What now?" Zander snapped.


"Now I'm not going to be so nice," Lorenzo replied. He had a bandage on his temple and he moved towards the bed with knife in one hand.

"You going to kill me?" Zander queried, as a sudden knot of fear formed in his belly.


Lorenzo smiled. "No. I'm going to teach you how to behave. Lesson one. You have to earn everything. Like clothes." As he spoke, Lorenzo began cutting away Zander's shirt.


Zander was stunned. "What do you mean?"


"If you don't want to be naked, then you have to earn clothes."

"Earn them how?" Zander held still as his pants were cut away. Then he was stripped of socks and shoes. Now he was totally naked.


Lorenzo bent to lick one of Zander's flat nipples. "By pleasing me," Lorenzo replied. He then fondled Zander's cock and balls for a moment, before letting a finger slide inside him. Unerringly he found Zander's hot spot and he tortured him with sweet pain until Zander was whimpering. "You'll learn to beg," Lorenzo whispered.

Zander glared at Lorenzo, biting back a sigh of relief as the fingers inside him slid out. "Not in a million years!" he shot back. "Besides...I like being naked."

"In public?" Lorenzo countered, then he chuckled when he leaned in to kiss Zander and the boy turned his head away, defiantly. "I'll be back later for lesson two," Lorenzo drawled, then he left the room, closing the door behind him.


Zander cursed. Whatever happened, he knew it wasn't going to be good.



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