The Promise

Chapter 9


Luke had unusual contacts. It took a bit of cash, but in the end he found an old man who had seen Zander on the docks. Talking to a man who, by the old guy's description, would be Lorenzo Alcazar. Luke then informed his son that Lorenzo had a yacht that had recently left the docking and headed out to sea.


Lucky turned to Jason. "We have to find that yacht."

"We will," Jason stated, reaching for his cell phone. Twenty minutes later they were on a speed boat. Now it was only a matter of time before they found Zander.


* * * * *


Zander tugged on his restraints. Lorenzo had returned with another man in tow. One of his muscle bound goons and the guy was crawling on the bed. Zander knew that Lorenzo was going to let the guy fuck him and he wasn't about to make it easy for him. But when Zander tried to kick out at the goon, beefy fingers grabbed him, then the hulk was between his legs, his heavy weight settling over Zander as wet lips sealed over his and a thick tongue pushed into his mouth. Zander felt like gagging. But it was a whimper that escaped him as a finger pushed inside him, clumsily stretching him open. But barely. Then Zander felt it. A thick cock pressing into him. No lubrication to speak of and the pain ripped through him. He choked back a cry, then the guy was kissing him again, swallowing Zander's whimpers as he was fully breeched by a cock that was too thick and too big. Zander closed his eyes but that only made it worse. For as his body was rocked by hard thrusts, the image of another time, another place, and another man flashed in his head. Another rape.


* * * * *


Lucky followed Jason over the side, dropping quietly onto the deck. They had waited until dark to board the yacht. Lucky was willing to do whatever it took to get Zander back, but his stomach had twisted into knots at the thought of having to shoot someone to rescue Zander. Until Jason had handed him a tranq gun. Lucky had no problem shooting the guards with a tranquilizer dart. And the effect was instantaneous. The moment it pierced the skin, the person dropped like a stone. So it wasn't long before the six guards were out for the count.


"Get Zander," Jason ordered. "I'll take care of Alcazar.

"Be careful," Lucky warned, then he headed below. He had to check each cabin and it wasn't until he went down two decks that he found the room Zander was in. His heart almost stopped when he saw Zander's form curled up in the bed. Lucky went to him, blinking back tears. "Zander?" He touched his lover's shoulder and felt a surge of panic when Zander didn't react. Lucky shook him and still no response. "Fuck!" Lucky hissed, as he checked for a pulse. His shaky fingers found a rhythmic beat and the knots in his stomach unwound a bit. Lucky realized that Zander was drugged. He yanked back the covers and saw that Zander was wearing light sweats and a tank top. It was chilly on the water so Lucky took one of the blankets and wrapped it around Zander before lifting him into his arms. It never ceased to amaze him how light Zander felt. He was all lean muscle and tough as nails, but surprisingly light weight. A thought that Lucky shook out of his head. Now was not the time for such trivial thoughts. He moved to the door. It was time to go home.


Not surprisingly, Jason was already at the railing. Lucky didn't ask about Lorenzo. He knew that the man would never hurt Zander again and that was all that mattered.


Jason looked at Zander. "Is he all right?"

"He's been drugged," Lucky replied. "We should take him to the hospital when we get to shore."

"We will," Jason replied.

They got Zander into the speedboat and headed back. Lucky sat with Zander in his arms, wishing that he would wake up and smile at him. But Zander never once moved and Lucky was worried.


* * * * *


"How is he?" Lucky asked Tony Jones. He had been pacing the waiting area for over an hour. Lucky wished he could be more calm, like Jason. The other man hadn't budged from his spot near the vending machine.


Tony sighed. "Well...Zander was heavily drugged as you probably figured out. We're trying to flush his bloodstream with a saline IV. Mostly the toxin is going to have to work its way out of his system."

Lucky nodded. "So then he'll be all right. Right?"


"He should be, but..." Tony paused.

"But what?" Lucky prompted.

Tony sighed again. "There's no easy way to say this. Zander was raped."

Lucky felt himself grow pale. He had known that Alcazar would fuck Zander and, given Zander's overstimulated sex drive of late, he figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal. So to speak. But he had not expected this. "That sonofabitch!" Lucky exploded. He whirled around and paced a few steps, resisting the urge to punch a nearby wall.


"How bad?" Jason interjected.


"Bad enough," Tony replied. "He required stitches. But he will heal without any permanent damage. The thing is, I can't tell you how he'll react psychologically. This traumatic event might trigger his memory or it might not. So I can't gauge what his reaction might be. I'm going to go talk to Dr. Baldwin about him, so that she'll be ready to talk to Zander when he wakes up."


Lucky made himself calm down. "Can I see him?"


Tony nodded. "Of course. I'm guessing you'll want to stay?"

"If you don't mind."

"Actually, I think it will be a good thing to have you there for when Zander wakes up." Tony patted Lucky on the shoulder. "I'll have a cot brought into the room. You can see Zander any time." That said, Tony headed off.


Lucky swiped at his eyes with the back of one hand. He couldn't believe this was happening. Zander didn't deserve this. None of them did. "It's not fair," Lucky whispered.

Jason touched his arm. "Life is never fair," he stated, then he kissed Lucky gently. "Zander will get through this. He's tough."


"Good thing." Lucky tried to be hopeful but failed miserably. "I kind of hope he doesn't remember it. Ya know? Maybe...maybe his amnesia will make him forget."

"I don't think it works that way," Jason stated. "Call me if you need me." Then he was gone.


Lucky headed for Zander's room. He moved to the bed and studied the still figure of his lover. "'re so beautiful," Lucky whispered, as he reached out to smooth a lock of dark hair off Zander's forehead. "Beautiful and all mine." Lucky pulled the stool next to the bed and sat down. "I'm sorry, Zander," Lucky said, his voice hoarse with emotion. "I promised to keep you safe and I failed you."

Zander stirred a bit, his head rolling on the pillow and a whimper escaped him.

"Zander?" Lucky wondered if he was about to wake up. Then his heart skipped a beat when he heard Zander speak.


Relief washed over him. "I'm here," Lucky stated. He waited for Zander to open his eyes but they remained closed. It didn't matter. Lucky was sure that this was a sign. Zander would be okay. Everything would be okay.



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