8 october 2006

Long time, no news until now...
  • according to enation's mailing list, their new album will be recorded soon! It will be released early next year!!
  • they have also scheduled another concert:

    Quality Inn & Conference Center, Vancouver, WA 
    on November 4, 2006 @ 7 pm - All ages
    ** $10 door, special prices available
    w/ special guest Amber Sweeney  

    check this
    flyer or the official enation website for more information

  • Welcome to my new affiliate: Boy Meets World Online!

28 august 2006

Welcome to my new affiliates: Unbreakable Love and Eva Longoria Net!

26 august 2006

I'm sorry I only give you the news now and not sooner but I had some trouble with my email and didn't find out until now myself, so anyway, here it is: 
  • If you haven't already bought enation's Identity Theft OR want to give it as a present to a friend, BUY it now on CDbaby - because then, you will receive a bonus free CD of previously unreleased songs which won't be available any other way! Go here to order!
  • Don't forget the concert next weekend!!!
  • Regarding the rumor below...apparently, Jonathan had lunch with GH executives...stay tuned!

9 august 2006

It's great to come back from vacation to find great news and interesting rumors abound! :-)
  • This is especially great news for some of the international enation fans:
    enation's current album Identity Theft is finally available on iTunes WORLDWIDE!!!!

  • New concert date:
    September 2, 2006 @ 7 pm
    Quality Inn & Conference Center, Vancouver, WA 
    ** $7 advance, $10 door, $5 hotel guests
    w/ Amber Sweeney and Dynamik!
    check the official enation website for more information and updates

  • The interesting rumor is in regards to Jonathan's previous role of Lucky Spencer on daytime soap General Hospital. Genie Francis, who played his mother Laura Spencer [of the famous supercouple Luke & Laura from the 1980s], will be coming back short-term for the 25th wedding anniversary and rumor has it with her coming back will be Jonathan (aka the REAL Lucky), apparently also only short-term...let's see how all of that pans out :-). I'm a bit torn by this news, for one thing I loved Jonathan as Lucky, but then again that was years ago, the role is now being played by Greg Vaughan, the second actor after Jonathan to play Lucky, and besides, SHORT-TERM? But anyway, I just wanted to put that out here as well :-)
    source: http://www.wubs.net/ (click on GH Scoops) - she usually is very reliable :-) 

6 july 2006

  • Oops, I forgot a concert: July 7! [THAT'S TOMORROW!!!!]

    The Epiphany 
    Vancouver, WA @ 8pm 

    for more information about the concerts visit: www.MySpace.com/EnationMusic 

5 july 2006

Sorry but soccer keeps me pretty busy these days...and for anyone not following the World Cup: Yesterday, Germany lost in the semi-finals in a killer/tragic match - we're all pretty sad. And it was the ONE game I was watching with friends in a restaurant downtown where tens of thousands of fans were celebrating hours before the game began. It was weird having to go home with long faces and some (very few) Italian fans shouting their happiness....

To my American visitors: I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July :-)

Okay, now back to business LOL
  • We have a new date for a concert: July 14!

    Quality Inn & Conference Center 
    Vancouver, WA @ 7pm
    with special guests Amber Sweeney and Cary Judd
    tickets $10 at the door

  • In other news regarding Richard: He's made another movie!!!
    According to The Columbian:

Richard Lee Jackson just wrapped up filming "Mystery Woman: Oh, Baby," a Hallmark Channel movie scheduled to air at 9 p.m. Aug. 19.

It's the second Hallmark movie for Jackson, a former Battle Ground resident who spends most of his time in the Los Angeles area these days pursuing his acting and music career.

He appeared in the Western "Love's Long Journey" in December. The movie was released on DVD in March.

The latest movie is a murder mystery.

  • Congratulations to Jonathan and Lisa for their 4th wedding anniversary on June 21 as well as to Caleb who turned 3 on June 21!

14 june 2006

Sorry for the long wait but nothing much happened...except the World Cup (Soccer or Football, however you call it :) ) is happening right at my front door!!! :-D So I'm alternating between trying not to get trampled by any fans who are on their way to either our stadium or to the fan fest at the Olympic Stadium to watch the game OR watching the games myself :-D
  • However, Gigi found out that someone very nice posted 2 clips of an enation concert on You Tube!
    Click here and here to watch them! Enjoy
  • I also finally updated the tribute list! Quite a list - I'm impressed!!! Thank you!!! I hope you all like the website and continue to visit it despite phases of serious droughts.... :-D

24 may 2006

  • Still haven't heard anything about enation's concert on May 20...but I'm sure it was great as always!
  • added new affiliates Wentworth Miller Online and Jason Dohring [dot] com! Welcome :-)

13 may 2006

  • Tony Geary was interviewed by Soap Columnist Mimi Torchin - and he talks a bit about Jonathan too!
    Check it out here! Then click on "The One, The Only - GH's Tony Geary"
  • I updated the biography page

11 may 2006


have a wonderful day today!!!

7 may 2006

  • added new affiliates Romola Garai Online, Louis Garrel Net and Amazing Ian! Welcome :-)

1 may 2006

  • I added some photos that were donated to this site from Jessica and Amanda from Saturday's Event - Thank you both very much!!!!!
  • added new affiliates Emile Hirsch Online, the united states of GOSLING and Alexis Bledel Fan! Welcome :-)

30 april 2006

27 april 2006

  • enation added 2 new songs to their myspace website - Come Clean and I'm on Your Side! You can listen to them here!!!

25 april 2006

Forgot to add some reviews and such....
  • This is a review about Venom from TeenHollywood.com
  • And here is another review about A Little Thing Called Murder from the New York Post
  • enation changed the layout of their website...it now includes a gallery!
  • Don't forget about these dates: April 29, May 11, and May 20!!!! (see below why)

24 april 2006

  • Jonathan and Richard were interviewed by CU@USC - click here to see the video!
    - this video shows also a clip of their new music video for "Flint" - AWESOME!
  • I added a new affiliate! Welcome Blake Woodruff Resource!

19 april 2006

I have finally moved!!! ...yet I still have lots to do in my new apartment...but whenever I find the time, I will update with lots of movie stills since I bought the Prisoner of Zenda, Inc. DVD! I also still need to do the Riding the Bullet DVD (which is already waiting to be done) and then Venom (which I haven't bought yet...) - I also plan on changing the news section into a blog (depending on my skills LOL), so you will be able to comment on the news section!!! I'm trying to make this place a little more lively... :-) 
  • New date for a concert: May 20!

    Quality Inn & Conference Center 
    Vancouver, WA @7pm 
    w/ special guest Amber Sweeney 
    tickets $10   
    for tickets visit: www.MySpace.com/EnationMusic

    btw, enation changed their website content - now with photos and a nice promo video!!

  • REMINDER: Jonathan will be appearing alongside his former GH-dad Tony Geary as well as both his successors as Lucky on GH: Jacob Young and Greg Vaughan on April 29 in Los Angeles!! If you still have no ticket, don't bother: it's SOLD OUT!!!! For anyone going: I would LOVE to have someone report back!!!
  • Also a reminder: Coming up is Jonathan's 24th birthday on May 11!!!
  • I added a new affiliate! Welcome Clive Owen Online!

23 march 2006

Sorry for the long wait in updates, but I'm moving out and into a new apartment - which seems to take forever...when I'm finally settled, things should get normal again...I hope ;-) - just to let you know I am NOT forgetting about this website!!! 
  • REMINDER: enation will be performing on March 25 - check here for details!!
  • Jonathan will also be doing a once-in-a-lifetime appearance alongside his former GH-dad Tony Geary as well as both his successors as Lucky on GH: Jacob Young and Greg Vaughan!


General Hospital's longtime superstar, Anthony Geary, rarely makes personal appearances. Therefore, few GH fans, or daytime fans in general, have had the opportunity to meet the four time Emmy winner. But, that's all about to change as he will headline his first ever fan event on April 29th in Los Angeles. 

But, he's not taking the stage all alone. Joining Geary will be the three popular actors who have been lucky enough to act opposite him on GH, his first "Lucky" son, Jonathan Jackson, current All My Children star Jacob Young (and a former GH Lucky), and the actor most recently tackling the role, Greg Vaughan.

The actors will appear at the Beverly Garland Hotel, in North Hollywood, CA at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 29 (the day after the Emmy Awards). Not only will they  field questions and talk about their roles and experiences in daytime, but there will be photo and autograph opportunities, as well - plus, door prizes and special surprises. 

Limited tickets are available on a first come basis, by mail only (limit four per order). Please send two SASE envelopes and money orders only for $75. per ticket, to: Jim Warren, P.O. Box 3555L, Hollywood, CA 90078.

Date:  Saturday, April 29, 2006
Time:  6:00 - 8:00 PM 
Price:  $75. 

Location:  Beverly Garland Holiday Inn
                4222 Vineland Avenue
                North Hollywood, CA  91602

GH FanClub Website

4 february 2006

I can finally post the most exciting news since it's FINALLY been made public (and yes, I've known about it for quite some time now but out of respect I didn't say anything - that's to all those who can't understand why I don't have any pics of Caleb on my site):
  • Lisa and Jonathan welcomed their second child last summer, a baby girl they named Adora! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 

Soap Opera Weekly 2/14/06
"I just look for good stories," explains former General Hospital star Jonathan Jackson, allowing that he has played mostly shady characters since leaving Lucky behind in 1999. "[My roles] end up being in darker stories but it's not intentional."

The three-time Daytime Emmy winner has scored roles in Stephen King's Riding the Bullet (2004) and Venom (2005), and appeared as real-life killer Kenny Kimes in January's Lifetime premiere of A Little Thing Called Murder with Oscar nominee Judy Davis (Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows.)

"I don't really watch horror movies," he admits, "but sometimes those roles tend to be better.  Riding the Bullet was a good script and a good character.  But I'm glad that I got to do Tuck Everlasting (2002) because that was a really pure-hearted character."

Not unlike Lucky, who started it all for Jackson.  "I still keep in touch with Tony [Geary, Luke] quite a bit," he reports.  "I hear from Genie [Francis, Laura] once in a while; it's one of those relationships that's intact whether we communicate or not."

Is Jackson's relationship with soaps intact, as well?  "I really miss working with Tony, so that would be the main incentive," he confides about returning to GH.  "The hard thing, as everyone knows with soap operas, is that it ties you up.  You can't really do other projects.  So maybe some day in the future."

Until then, the actor has enough to keep him busy, between acting, his band Enation with brother Richard Lee Jackson (Bring It On Again), and his personal life.  "My family is great," says Jackson, who married Lisa Vultaggio (ex-Hannah) in 2002.  "It's been awesome the last few years."  Especially given the addition of son Caleb in 2003 and daughter Adora in 2005.  "Both kids are great.  They're growing and having a lot of fun."

Taking on the role of husband and father hasn't impacted his role of movie choices--yet.  "Being married and having kids has influenced my music, but not my acting.  There are a lot of movies that I've done that I wouldn't want my kids to watch," he demurs.

26 january 2006

enation will be performing another concert in March - check here for details!!

25 january 2006

More reviews of A Little Thing Called Murder click here and then select "reviews"

23 january 2006

  • More press about A Little Thing Called Murder: a new review and check out the Yahoo site which has clips and a gallery!!! 
  • And TVGuide Online has this to say about tonight's movie:

Two-time Emmy winner Judy Davis offers a chilling portrayal of real-life convicted killer Sante Kimes. This 2006 fact-based cable drama spans more than 20 years, following the flamboyant Sante as she steals from people with charm, all the while raising her impressionable son Kenny (Jonathan Jackson, in a fine performance) to follow in her criminal footsteps. Eventually this mother-and-child pair turn to murder and that's where the story becomes rather upsetting, but it's also a fascinating character study of two truly unscrupulous individuals.

22 january 2006

  • A Little Thing Called Murder clips on the filmography site, click on the movie title
  • Also some reviews for A Little Thing Called Murder on the review page as well as a new picture (thanks Natalie!) on the gallery page!
  • A DVD review for Venom (beware, negative review): click here

14 january 2006

I was contacted by a rep for Lifetime...so check out the updates!!! 

Will be out of town until Jan. 22, so hopefully gallery updates after that :-)

4 january 2006


I finally updated the gallery! There will be more additions in the coming days, but I have some interesting news (see below), so I decided to go ahead and give you a little (80 pictures!!!) preview:

important stuff to remember:

  • Venom will be released on DVD on January 17 in the US and Canada and on June 19 in the UK!
  • A Little Thing Called Murder will be broadcast on January 23 at 9pm on the Lifetime Channel, check your local listings. The trailer can be found here: Lifetime website - click to read the press release
  • Read an article about this movie here: ETonline
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