30 december 2000

I have added new sound files for the GH section and therefore for the multimedia section!

23 december 2000

Important VCR alert for all Germans or anyone who gets the German station PRO 7:
Jonathan's Prisoner of Zenda, Inc. läuft unter "Schnappt den Doppelgänger!" am 3. Januar um 9:25Uhr!!! (Watch out for Jonathan's movie Prisoner of Zenda, Inc. on PRO 7, January 3, 9:25am!)

22 december 2000

...and of course, I completely forgot to mention that Jonathan will be a guest on the upcoming Fox Series Night Visions which will premiere in mid-season.

18 december 2000

I just got this letter...from Jonathan!!! He was so kind as to answer a few questions I couldn't bring myself to ask when I was in Portland ;-) - there are actually some interesting news for everyone...
All other things I already changed on my site (see lyrics and bio page)

Click here to see the original letter [please do not take it]

He has also been to the The Claim premiere on Dec. 7

13 december 2000

Finally!!! Finally you can order the official tape of the Benefit Concert!!! Check J2's page for more details.

8 december 2000

Although I couldn't find anything regarding On the Edge at Sundance this January I did find something else interesting to report: Madison - Richard's new film is opening in Sundance!!! Congratulations Richard!

5 december 2000

I have added photos of movie locations for Skeletons in the Closet, On the Edge, and The Cider House Rules - for the last movie it's the exact location when Tobey, Paul and Charlize were visiting the beach for Homer to see the ocean; the photos of the JJ films are of the location in general, meaning Conway & Jackson, NH, for SITC and Dublin for OTE.  Since I haven't seen either one I can't tell you for sure at this time.

Btw, you can see the photos in my Photography section.

4 december 2000

I added a few more sound and video clips to the multimedia section :-) and/or Portland Report - there's also Katharina's autographed picture now in there, so keep reading it again ;-) - it's very worth it.
Also, there are pictures of Jackson & Conway, NH [Skeletons set!!!] and Dublin [JJ's Irish Movie - they're changing the title so often I can't keep track ;-)] coming soon!

And because 'tis the season I have an early X-Mas goodie for all of you who wanted to know what Jonathan's German sounds like :-D - I had to convince my friend to finally let you see & hear it :-)

21 november 2000

Ok, I did it. I finally completed my Portland Report! I have to apologize but with school, work, and stupid computer troubles I almost gave up...no not really. But I'm totally exhausted. I hope you like it :-)  Besides, this was the first time ever for me to write such a report...

14 november 2000

Hi guys...added 2 teaser clips of the Benefit Concert event on the multimedia page!!! But keep in mind:
There will be an official Scarlet Road videotape of the whole event! This is just a teaser and meant to be an appetizer for you to buy the official video (I know I'm gonna buy it!!!).

12 november 2000

Hi guys...yeah I know you wanna read my concert review...well, it's coming...soon ;-)
But I have something else for you that probably none of you have :-) :

In 1994, there was a teen show called Starclub L.A. on German television, hosted by Christian Oliver (yeah - THE Christian Oliver of Saved by the Bell: The New Class) and Anna Bosch. And guess who they interviewed? Correct, Jonathan! (I have no idea why they did it because no one in Germany knew him or could even know him since we didn't have GH) Unfortunately, it has German voice-over but I think this is better than nothing - right? ;-) Also, I didn't translate the voice-over because they were wrong with almost everything they said or translated, but if you're interested I could post a rough translation anyway, email me

Enough said, click here.

5 november 2000

Just found an old Roger Ebert Review of DEOTO. He didn't like the movie but he seemed to like Jonathan :-)
"...and that Jonathan Jackson, as the family's older son, has a convincing screen presence..." see whole article

Also a review for Skeletons on Ain't it Cool News "...he [Jonathan] is THE REAL DEAL. This movie should be a breakout for him. ..." see whole article

3 november 2000

Hi, I'm back from Portland. Still a little dazed from this wonderful experience ;-) 
I am waiting for my film to be developed and I also still need to write my report - so many different impressions to straighten out, but it will come soon, I promise. I also have a very interesting announcement to make for all Jonathan Fans - I'm just awaiting the official ok (somebody couldn't keep his mouth shut and let this important info slip ;-) - thanks W. - you know who you are) - so check back soon!!!

23 october 2000

I just wanted to tell you guys that I have a new section for Scarlet Road!!! With lyrics to all their published songs!

7 october 2000

I'm back from studying!!! Here are the promised pics of the Church - they said in the mag that it's St. Stephen's Green Church, but I couldn't find that name anywhere, not on the church or in any Dublin Tour Guide (?). But the location is at St. Stephen's Green Park, so maybe...btw, it's a Unitarian Church. This pic shows the church.

I guess I don't have to tell anyone that there was a special screening of Skeletons in the Closet on Oct. 6 in LA. Maybe someone wants to share reviews? Please email me.

11 september 2000

Sorry guys for the delay, but I was on vacation in August (in Ireland and Scotland! - and I was standing in front of the same church in Dublin as did Jonathan in January!!! pics are coming) and now I'm busy studying for my midterm on Oct. 6, so I might be running a bit late with my "news". Anyway, here they are:

Jonathan will be giving a benefit concert with his band Scarlet Road in Portland, OR, on October 28th.

Both Crystal Clear and True Rights were shown at the Brooklyn Film Festival (Sept. 7-10) with Jonathan and Richard attending - and here are the results: True Rights won Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor (Jack Betts); Crystal Clear won Best Dramatic Short, Best Directing Team (!!!), and Best Actor (William Rotunno). CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

True Rights will also be shown at the Breckinridge Festival (Sept. 14-17) on Sept. 15.
Jonathan and Richard are featured in the October issue of TeenPeople.

18 july 2000

True Rights won the Audience Award @ the Dances with Films Festival!!!

He will also be attending not only the fan event Réal Andrews is having on July 22 in Studio City, CA, but also a Gospel Hour held by Réal in memory of his brother; Scarlet Road are scheduled to play.

There is a big article in the Summer Issue of TeenMovieline about the making of Crystal Clear & a beach party for this particular issue was held on July 6, with Jonathan & Richard among others

8 july 2000

Jonathan didn't win his sixth Emmy :-( but instead, he won the Movieline Young Hollywood Award 2000 for Best Breakthrough Performance Male for The Deep End of the Ocean!

He and his brother Richard were on hand discussing their new film True Rights at the Dances with Films Festival in LA on June 26 & 28.

Jonathan and Richard recently filmed an episode of game show Hollywood Sqares...to air some time this fall.

His new movie Smiling Suicide Club has been retitled to Catch the Sun (aka On the Edge)

14 may 2000

He is currently filming Skeletons in the Closet, a dark father/son relationship - mystery/thriller, Treat Williams and Linda Hamilton are also starring.

He will also be attending a fan event Réal Andrews is having on July 22 in Studio City, CA.

As I heard from a friend in California, Jonathan wrapped filming of the independent short Crystal Clear -
written and directed by JJ and and his brother Richard starring Maurice Benard and Tava Smiley from GH and William Rotunno.

9 april 2000

Jonathan is nominated for the 6th time (!!!) for a Daytime Emmy Award for the portrayal of Lucky Spencer in GH - air date for this event is May 19.

His new TV movie Trapped in a Purple Haze is scheduled to air on April 17th on ABC.

His new movie was shot from November 1999 to January 2000 in Dublin, Ireland, and it's called The Smiling Suicide Club - a movie about suicidal teens in rehab who get trapped in a love triangle.

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