25 december 2001

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Unfortunately, I have bad news concerning the release of On the Edge in Germany - it's been pushed back to June 6, 2002 according to the official Universal Pictures Germany Homepage. I'll keep you posted.

10 december 2001

Good News! Crystal Clear - Jonathan & Richard's short feature is finally on sale!!! Including also interviews and even a music video for "Haze"!  Click here for more information or order your video copy  directly at the Neo Foundation.

25 november 2001

I have finally updated the gallery page! I also reviewed the links page and updated broken links.

Good News for On the Edge? I was at the cinema on Friday and guess what: they showed the On the Edge Trailer!!!

29 october 2001

I've posted a new review of On the Edge which is kinda negative but very positive towards Jonathan!

26 october 2001

I finally posted my ON THE EDGE report! Sorry, guys - but I had a lot to do the past few weeks.

According to UIP Germany - ON THE EDGE will be released in Germany on January 17, 2002!

Jackson-Brothers.com has been updated again - look for the answers to THIS I KNOW as well as many new pictures of Jon and Richard (also watch out for a certain T-Shirt Richard wears ;-) - THANK YOU, Richard!!!)

I also need to apologize - I have not mentioned the Berean Book Store concert simply because I had not realized it soon enough. I thought it might be strange if I pose the details after the concert, so I didn't say anything at all.

11 october 2001

I updated a lot ;-) - first of all, I have a new pic for the galleries!!!
I also updated the On the Edge page, but mostly I worked on the next movie page - which is Skeletons in the Closet - including a huge gallery and more! So check out the filmography page!!! Tell me what you think!

8 october 2001

Coming directly from United International Pictures (the German distribution company for On the Edge):
Release Date for On the Edge in Germany:  24 January 2002 !!!!

4 october 2001

If you read somewhere that Jonathan is a confirmed guest at DaytimeUnites - a fundraiser for New York victims - don't believe it -  according to JacksonBrothers.com he's out of town that weekend and therefore not attending.

Last chance to send in your This I Know question 'cause tomorrow is deadline!

3 october 2001

Hi I'm back from Hamburg - and so happy that I did go! On the Edge is absolutely wonderful!!! Please be patient - I guess I will have finished my report until the next weekend - because my parents go on vacation on Friday and it's really busy around here. But I have a lot to tell ;-) !

I have, however, updated the tribute page (2 new countries!!!) and the page about me - a few people who know me complained that my picture is so old...besides, I had to update my personal favorite list...

24 september 2001

Premiere! ...my first movie page for Jonathan is done! I said I would revamp the Filmography page meaning that I would include a page for each of Jonathan's work. Well anyone who has a website knows that building a whole new set of pages takes a while, so you'll just get a glimpse of the first one - which is btw for On the Edge - because I'm gonna see it this week and therefore I can add my review for it afterwards!

Please let me know what you think and if anything works just fine...

21 september 2001

IMPORTANT NOTE for everyone who was going to Delaware: The Concert has been cancelled due to the fact that Middletown is having a vigil in honor of the victims of the attacks on the same day as the concert.
No rescheduled date has been set so far. Check their website for updates.

The Border's Appearance has also been cancelled.

The chat transcript of last night's chat is now online for everyone to read.

This leaves time for me to finish my pet project! Anyone who still knows some languages please send me "God Loves You" so I'll have as many as possible! (I have 20 so far)

18 september 2001

First of all, I have an announcement to make that is JJ-related but also concerns me. Due to last weeks attacks I won't be able to attend the Delaware concert. :-(( After crying for a week, I found my "consolation prize" which is actually also my news item for today!

On the Edge will have 2 screenings at the Hamburg Film Festival in Germany!!!
Exact dates are Sept. 27 at 8pm at the Abaton Theatre and Sept. 28 at 9:30pm at the CinemaxX 8. For more info you can either go to the official festival website or email me. Btw, this page also says that On the Edge has German distribution (UIP Germany) which means it'll be screened here some time in the future!

So at least I will have Jonathan on those dates - twice.
I would also like to thank all of you that have emailed me in the last week, I appreciate a lot that you care about me when you have so much more on your minds in your own country/home!!! Thank You - it really means a lot!!! I also still need to inform you of the winners of the contest...I haven't forgotten, I just had to figure out how to proceed. Congratulations to Elisa - who btw was the fastest,  to Donna - who came up with the most exotic language!, and to Jada - who actually comes from South Korea!!! You will be notified by email.

However, you can still contribute until this Thursday or Friday the latest! 

16 september 2001

Jackson-Brothers.com announced a chat with Jonathan and Wayne Powers regarding anything about Skeletons in the Closet, on September 19, 2001 at 6:30pm PST. Please send in your questions beforehand and then join the chat, but keep your questions to the topic. A transcript will be posted afterwards for everyone who can't join (like me - it's a little late at night...3:30am!).

Jonathan and Richard are also accepting questions regarding the release of their new album This I know until October 5, 2001. Also keep your questions to the topic.

11 september 2001

I am deeply saddened by the events of today. My heart goes out to all Americans.

7 september 2001

This is a sneak peak of my very belated Gospel Hour report...which features tons of pics & one song file.
Contest is still open!!!

2 september 2001
Has Jonathan cut his hair again? Check for yourself! However, they look great as always!!!
I added pictures from the premiere of Summer Catch on August 22 to the galleries

Thanks to those who have already submitted their phrases! Please continue helping me!!! I would love to have especially the more "exotic" (no offense)... languages such as all the Asian or Middle East languages. I also need a lot more European languages!!!

26 august 2001

There is a new country added to the tribute page! Thanks for visiting!!!

Updated Galleries, the Lyrics page and the Scarlet River page!

This is also a good time to call out for YOUR help!

As some of you might know I was the one who at the Gospel Hour event gave Jon & Richard their new T-Shirts - saying "Gott Liebt Dich" ("God Loves You" in German). Again Michelle had this cool idea (one day she's really gonna get me into trouble *LOL*) that I should try and make a T-Shirt saying God Loves You in as many languages as possible.

That's where you come in! Since I don't speak THAT many languages I want you to send me that phrase in any language that isn't German or English! If your country/mother tongue uses different letters please send a *.jpg or *.gif - File (especially with Chinese/Japanese/Korean).

Deadline for this "contest" is September 15, 2001. There will be 3 JJ-related prizes for the fastest respondent/coolest language/nicest person or for those only 3 persons that will answer at all ;-) *LOL* 
(Late entries accepted until September 20, 2001. However, you won't be eligible to enter the contest after deadline)

I will try to get the first prize personally autographed by Jonathan & Richard when I will give them their shirt! In order to do that I will have to meet them...and as most of you have realized by now I AM crazy...I will be going to Delaware at the end of September...late b-day gift...

Anyway. Send me this phrase along with your name, email, and any additional info that you would like to share with me (only me, I'm curious *LOL*)

23 august 2001

I just got the new Scarlet River CD...check out the lyrics! :-)
And get your own copy @ Jackson-Brothers.com

20 august 2001

I just found this very interesting official link...which actually features a trailer for On the Edge (!!!), a few pics and an interview with Jonathan about his character Toby.

18 august 2001

Hi guys, I'm back :-D
I am still working on my report so please be patient! thank you *LOL*

In the mean time, go check out their official site which has lots of pics, sounds, and videos!!! (and I'm even in one clip... *blush* - Thanks Maria! *LOL*) Oh, and remember to order the new Scarlet River CD This I know which is now released to be ordered @ Soundtracks!!! Also of course, Skeletons in the Closet is out on DVD and it's absolutely AWESOME (acting-wise)!!! My review of Skeletons will follow when I finally get to revamp my filmography page - (YES I will feature a page for each work Jonathan did some time in the future ;-) - besides working fulltime and going to school *LOL*)

The most interesting news, however, is certainly that Scarlet River scheduled their next concert (guys, why the rush? - I almost can't follow your steps *LOL*!!!) on September, 29 in Middletown, Delaware!!! Read everything about it @ Jackson-Brothers.com!!!

25 july 2001

Ok, one more update ;-)

You HAVE to check out Jackson-Brothers.com again - they added lots of new pictures and even 2 video clips of Skeletons in the Closet!!!! They are totally awesome!!!!

23 july 2001

Since I'm leaving for LA on Thursday for the Gospel Hour, there will be no updates to this site until the end of August!

On the Edge will not be released on August 10. However, it will have a special screening in Austin, TX on August 17. Read the reviews on J2's site!

15 july 2001

I had a major crashdown with my computer...therefore, not that many updates for now because I'm still recuperating and figuring out a way to get all my files & emails back...somehow. Though I doubt that I will get back everything. If you have emailed me about something until this weekend, chances are that I don't have it anymore or didn't get at all, please send it again!!! I especially need all your email addys back!!!

During this time, Jackson-Brothers.com has been updated again, including a new song file from their upcoming album "This I Know"!!!

3 july 2001

I've posted a few new photographs on my photography page...enjoy!

Scheduled date for Jonathan's episode of Night Visions is August 9 on FOX.

He is also finished working on Tuck Everlasting and back home again (as most of you know because he finally had the chance to post a message on his own message board!)

18 june 2001

"The Red Sea Experience" - the live CD from the Portland Benefit Concert will be available from today on!
Follow order instructions here

Scavenger Hunt is temporarily put on hold due to casting problems - I hope they can work things out quick!

Jackson-Brothers.com has been updated again!
(hint from me: check out new song file "Mommy Loves You" - this is soooo cute!!!!!)

Btw, I have worked on the Portland Report site to correct some mistakes and to make the picture-watching easier...I have also updated the Scarlet River page.

Also: please sign Tracy's Fanbook for Jonathan and Richard for the Gospel Hour!

12 june 2001

On the Edge will be the opening film of the Galway Film Fleadh on July 10th!!! Congratulations!
(Btw, co-star Cillian Murphy has also another entry in this festival called How Harry Became a Tree...)

2 june 2001

If you want to see Richard at work you might just have a chance to get a glimpse! According to the EIDC (Entertainment Industry Development Corporation) - that's the company where you have to get your permit to shoot on LA's streets - Scavenger Hunt is scheduled to shoot at the following dates and places. This current table is the status quo of today and it is subject to change - I think they update the site very often. So check whenever you feel like it, click on the link Daily Shoot Sheets and type in Scavenger Hunt as Production Title - et voilá - the current status! :-)   [please remember to take pictures when you visit the set ;-)]

Jonathan and Richard are also scheduled to attend a celebrity discussion forum, the DiPalma Forum at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, sometime next month.

1 june 2001

You just have to visit Jackson-Brothers.com again - there are a lot of spectacular new pictures!!!

26 may 2001

I have done some (huge) behind-the-scenes changes - if anyone has trouble experiencing Starseek.de please email me! I noticed that the pages might need more time to load - however, I hope you still like it...

Night Visions will start airing on FOX on July 12th, so watch out and keep checking back to get the exact date with Jonathan's episode!

Congratulations, Richard!!! ...for booking a lead role in the independent feature Scavenger Hunt, with shooting scheduled to begin on Richard's birthday, May 29th!!!

22 may 2001

Hey, I could finally get hold of that nomination clip for the Daytime Emmy Awards of last year!

19 may 2001

Exciting news (again LOL) -

The Jackson-Brothers Official Website has been launched!!!
Everyone just check it out - it's awesome!!!

I have also added/done a few things: first and foremost, since the IMDb has trouble running the trailer to Skeletons (changing links & format and not even having a proper link on the movie's main page...), I decided that anyone who wants to know more about this movie should have a chance to check out the trailer, so you can actually download it on the multimedia page! BUT PLEASE DON'T USE IT ON ANY OTHER SITES!!!

I have also reworked the photography page and the news page a little bit - if anyone has trouble please email me about it!!! I have also added one clip of GH to both multimedia and the GH page - it's an old clip where Jonathan speaks Spanish!

14 may 2001

OMG, BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Skeletons in the Closet will be released on VHS & DVD on July 24th, 2001 according to JacksonBrothersNews!!!!!!!! and you can check out the trailer at the IMDb! Pre-order your copies today at Amazon.com!!!

13 may 2001

I have added a new "old" article - it's a very positive review from the NY Post about Trapped in a Purple Haze

11 may 2001

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!!!

I also have added new DEOTO caps - btw, I changed the one I had because I can finally make snapshots from DVD, so the quality is way more better now ;-)

Important side note: for anyone who wants/needs the Emmy files, which are currently in Real format, in mpeg-format, please email me 'cause I now have them but since the size of them is "slightly" bigger I won't put them on my side - there are other ways... LOL

2 may 2001

Tuck Everlasting is finally on the IMDb!!! (guess who put it there ;-) ...)

Also, a new co-star for Insomnia was announced on E! Online: Martin Donovan (Hollow Reed, Portrait of a Lady, The Opposite of Sex,...) - btw, Maura Tierney (ER) is going to play Pacino's love interest (also according to E! Online)

BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN!!! - only 9 days

1 may 2001

New picture in Galleries, and some sound-bites from DEOTO - I am working on video files from that movie, I just have to figure out when to finish them and where to put them (some space problems) - stay tuned!

BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN!!! - only 10 days

21 april 2001
News from the Jackson Brothers!!! There will be a new official website for Jonathan and Richard
@ www.jackson-brothers.com - it's not yet online but check back to see when it is!!!

Jonathan is currently switching movie sets as we speak - traveling from Insomnia (VANCOUVER, Canada) to Tuck Everlasting (MARYLAND) - Isn't that complicated to constantly change a role, especially from a very dark one to a rather bright one??? Besides the fact that he has to travel cross-country all the time?
Anyway, you'll make it, Jonathan, everybody's with you in spirit!!!

Watch out for Jonathan in an upcoming issue of Soaps in Depth for an interview!

9 april 2001

Casting News Update
Coming directly from the JacksonBrothersNews:

"Congratulations to Jonathan for landing a lead role in the Disney feature film "Tuck Everlasting." The movie will begin filming at the end of April. The film is based on Natalie Babbitt's critically acclaimed 1975 children's book of the same name.

Sissy Spacek and William Hurt play the Tucks, the parents of Jonathan's character, Jesse Tuck. The Tucks have a spring that bubbles with water that prevents people from ever growing older. Newcomer Alexis Bledel ("Gilmore Girls") plays a free-spirited teenage girl who discovers that her next door neighbors have this spring. Ben Kingsley will star as a stranger who threatens to expose the family's secret.

From Jonathan - " 'Tuck' is a beautiful story with an awesome cast and a character I'm really going to enjoy playing."

A hearty thanks to the production companies of both "Insomnia" and "Tuck Everlasting" who worked hard to arrange their schedules so that Jonathan could work on both projects during the same shoot dates."

Btw, I also launched this part of my website - about Jonathan - exactly 1 year ago, on April 9, 2000! ;-)
Hi Tracy, congratulations, too! Check out her site, she has worked on a J2 Radio Station which only plays JJ related music, of course!

7 april 2001
Jonathan landed a leading role in an upcoming project! More specifics to be announced later through the Jackson Brothers News Message Board!
Stay tuned.
6 april 2001
Hi guys! I have finally managed to click through all those menus to give you a better chance to know when this page has been updated ;-) I'm actually happy to hear that there are people out there who wish to have such a nice feature ;-P

To join the update list just click on the button below
Join my 'updates' mailing list to know whenever I have updated my page about Jonathan
30 march 2001

...for getting the part of Randy in Insomnia opposite Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hilary Swank!!!

Hi! I'm back. I was working at the CeBIT 2001 in Hannover which was very stressful - I'm still exhausted! But I got the amazing news about Jonathan anyway ;-)

13 march 2001
Hi guys! I just wanted to let you know that I'm on a business trip for 2 weeks. There won't be any updates to this site until April 1st which also means delayed email response. Hope you have a fun time nonetheless ;-)
6 march 2001

Hey I just got this email from the guy from The Arrow - here's what it reads:

Hey Jonathan fan, just letting you know that I did a massive interview with
the man and that you could get to it at www.joblo.com/arrow. Enjoy...

there are many news in it too - go check it out!!!

3 march 2001
Join the official Yahoo! Club of Jonathan and Richard - news about Jonathan and Richard and their band Scarlet River coming directly from the Jacksons!
28 february 2001

Hi! I know I'm a bit late again but better late than never! Congrats to U2, Lee Ann Womack, Creed, and Jars of Clay for their Grammy success! I'm especially happy for Lee Ann Womack since "I hope you dance" is definitely one of my absolute favorite songs!!!

Anyway, what I have new on my page is a JJ icon for this page. When you bookmark my site you will have a little Jonathan on the side ;-) !!! It took me a while to make this - that's one of the reasons I haven't updated this page as often. As always, for current news check out J2 - she's the fastest on the Internet regarding news on Jonathan! She also has a sneak peak pic of the Benefit Concert video!!!

20 february 2001

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that you really should check out the official True Rights page again! They're putting up more and more stuff worth checking out!!!

Also, Tracy found this really cool review for Skeletons in the Closet - read it!!!

12 february 2001
Hi! I have added a lot of new photos on my photography page! Go check them out!
10 february 2001

You HAVE to check out Tracy's site again!!! She has this totally amazing Q & A with Jonathan and Richard - it's really long and I enjoyed it so much I read it twice and then again ;-)

Everyone who's attending the True Rights screening in LA today - Have Fun!!!

8 february 2001
Hi! Some of you already know - I AM GOING TO LA with Katharina!!! :-D
Thanks for all your help and sweet comments!
3 february  2001

Hi guys, sorry for neglecting you (and the page) but I had finals all January long and I still have one last "appointment" on Feb. 6, but after that I'm full speed ahead again with this page!!! Promise!

But I did a few changes with my start-up page (guess a few people have noticed...at least according to the counter), I also added pictures to my photography page and, more importantly, to the Jonathan Gallery (#6) and I also reworked a few of the other pages.

However, Tracy covered all the important news so check out her site for all the current news!

For any Germans or near by it there is good news! As I was told by Claudia from LHOW Wayne Powers had sent her following message concerning the (possible) screening of Skeletons in the Closet in Germany:

i was told by the head of Nu Image (who handles foreign) that the film will
play in Germany. when, i don't know yet, but will try to keep you apprised.

Btw, a little side note: a lot of people keep asking me if I'm gonna come to LA for the Gospel Hour event. Well, I'm finally starting to really consider it - first of all it would be (most probably) my only vacation (trip) this year and secondly - well, for obvious reasons ;-). However, Portland is one thing but LA is a completely different caliber. I don't think I will have the guts to get around in this city all on my own (even with Katharina as my companion I wouldn't feel that comfortable) so if there's someone out there available to take the (easy) job of holding my (shaking) hand ;-) and helping me to coordinate things in LA (from getting the right hotel to finally getting to the location and back again) it would be much appreciated...if I really decide on going at all.
If there's anyone interested ;-) please e
mail me

5 january 2001
GREAT NEWS!!! Skeletons in the Closet will be featured as the Closing Night Film at the No Dance Film Festival in Park City, Utah! Read the Press release. Jonathan will be there. Make sure anyone who can make it to be there early 'cause it's first come, first served!

This has not that much to do with Jonathan himself but I find it still worth mentioning:
"I hope you dance" by Lee Ann Womack - that beautiful song Jonathan and Candice covered at the Benefit Concert is nominated for a Grammy as Best New Single!!! Good Luck!
1 january 2001

Jonathan along with brother Richard and his former GH cast members is going to participate in a gala theater event for LAMEC starring in scenes from the American theater. On January 14, 2001.
I think it should be interesting to see both Luckys side by side ;-)

Btw, you should read J2's 2000 - Year in Review!
Very interesting, even I found some articles and pictures I haven't seen before! ;-)

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