7 december 2002

Nothing much new to report...especially since it's been already announced on their official site.
Just wanted to add: 

The new Jono & The Rock T-Shirts are available!!!! Order it now (link disabled)!!!

Jonathan is also featured in the new DKNY 2003 calender!

2 november 2002

Finally! Read all about the Heart Concert!!! Enjoy the pictures :-)

15 october 2002

Don't forget: Insomnia is out on DVD & VHS today here in the US (for all those who were asking me...I am already in the US! And I've already seen Tuck Everlasting twice :-) ) and it also will be released to German theaters on Thursday!!!

10 october 2002


Pictures from the Tuck Everlasting Premiere (which was on Oct. 5 at the El Capitan in West Hollywood) can be found at my gallery (selection), WireImage or the official Jackson Brothers Website (link disabled).

Jonathan also did an interview with @N-Zone Magazine - read it here! It's a great interview, mostly because in a way, it doesn't really repeat all the things we already know...

9 october 2002

Everybody REMEMBER: Tuck Everlasting starts on Friday! And to get your attention I have one last exclusive picture (and one more, though not exclusive...) in my Tuck gallery! :-)

Also on Friday, Jonathan will be on Good Morning America (with Alexis Bledel) on ABC and on LIVE with Regis & Kelly on NBC (check your local times) - don't miss it!

5 october 2002

CosmoGIRL! asked me to pass along the info that they have a wonderful article with hot & beautiful pictures of Jonathan (OH YEAH!!!) in their November 2002 issue now on sale 
- look for scans
here (link disabled).

15 september 2002

Another concert!!! ...and I can't be there :-(
Check out Jackson-Brothers.com
(link disabled) for details!!!

7 september 2002

Tuck Everlasting will be shown at the Toronto Film Festival - there are 2 dates for the screening!
September, 8 and September, 14!

Also check out Jackson-Brothers.com (link disabled) - for some great concert news!!!!

26 august 2002

Sorry for the lack of updates lately but real life has taken over - in a good way :-)
I will be going to Orlando, FL for 6 months!!! But I have major paperwork to do and lots of stuff for school - so I don't have enough time right now. 

I do have the current list of promo appearances (link disabled) by Jonathan for Tuck Everlasting which I got sent by the same person who sends those beautiful Tuck pictures! Of which I have a new one!!! Check it out!

25 july 2002


I received 2 new official pictures of Tuck Everlasting again! Enough reason to finally finish my Tuck Everlasting Page!!! - Take a look - do you like it? I also updated the Insomnia Gallery, since I got official press kit pics from that movie (though unfortunately no Jon...). AND I added a sound clip to the On the Edge page - Jonathan reciting that beautiful poem!!!

I also updated the GH page, the multimedia page and the links.

14 july 2002

I just received 2 official pictures of Tuck Everlasting - enjoy!!!
Look for them on the Tuck page!

5 july 2002

Even if it's hard to accept *lol*...

Congratulations to Lisa & Jon Jackson who married in a private ceremony on June 21!!!!
Guys, I wish you all the luck and happiness, a healthy family and forever love!

30 may 2002

Congratulations to Insomnia for coming in as third at the box office!!! Nice start :-)
Release dates for On The Edge in German cities on June 6th- bad news is, it's not in wide release :-(
- click here (German) to see if it's released near you!

Happy belated Birthday to Richard!!!

I have updated the bio page, the music page, added the new lyrics...and I also added the tattoo story to my Whisky Report (which I forgot to tell...oops?)

26 may 2002

Hey! you may not believe me but it's true!!! I finally finished my report from the Whisky concert! When you start to read you're going to see why it took so long...but I wanted to include everything. The good thing about the long wait is that I also finally have my last photos developed!!! YAY!

Insomnia is in theaters now in the US since May 24! There was the official premiere at the El Capitan in Westwood on May 22 which Jonathan was attending with Lisa and Richard...therefore:

I have updated the galleries - the premiere page: look for various additions (I think I might know now why there ever was the rumor that Richard was going out with Lisa...) & the misc events page:  a few additions!

Look also for the interrogation scene clip (sound & video) of Insomnia at my Insomnia page and also an interview clip! Actually, I updated the whole Insomnia page...there is even a German release date now!

21 may 2002

*OMG* If you're curious as what to expect from Jonathan in Insomnia you can go here to watch the interrogation scene with Al Pacino!!! Woohoo!!!

Also found an older interview about Insomnia with Jonathan...check it out.

My report is coming...I promise!!!

12 may 2002

Go to the premiere galleries to see pics from the Insomnia Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on May 11 - What a great birthday present - don't you think?

7 may 2002

First of all:


Then: I have so many news that I don't know where to start...let's just say that everything important has already been announced (Jackson-Brothers.com (link disabled)) or posted (J2) - so let me just add this: My Whisky report will be up soon (I promise!!!) - I have already started and it looks good :-) - Thursday is a holiday here and I don't have school on Friday = that means I have a 4 day weekend. So, this report will be up on Sunday the very latest :-) !!! Also, all other necessary pages will be updated due to all kinds of news.

In the meantime please visit my photo page of this year's Super Soap Weekend of GH & PC!

9 april 2002

Ok, they're back full force :-) - check it out for yourself Jackson-Brothers.com (link disabled)

8 april 2002

As probably most of you may have experienced Jackson-Brothers.com (link disabled) is offline - DON'T PANIC! *lol* It's only a server problem - the site will be back as soon as possible :-)

1 april 2002

Happy April Fool's!!!

Ok, this is NO joke LOL - the official Insomnia page has been updated!!! If you're lucky you can get a glimpse of Jonathan! Even hear him in the very haunting intro! But see for yourself!!!

23 march 2002

Hey! I'm finally back home! :-)  ...with news!!!

On the Edge will be released on DVD/VHS on May 13 in the UK and on May 21 in the United States!!!
Order your copy now! For Europe you can do that on Amazon UK, or Amazon Germany, for US and Canada, go to Amazon or (my favorite choice) DVDBoxoffice (just a few examples LOL)!!!!

8 march 2002

Sorry for the lack of updates lately - I've been busy as well as sick :-( - and I'm gonna be out of town for the next 2 weeks - so no updates until early April! However, you will then get tons of new pictures!!!

In the News: Scarlet River is booked for another concert at the Whisky A Go-Go on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood on April 26 at 8:30pm (finally, they were so overdue LOL ) !!! YAY!!! 

Also, there have been a few other very interesting updates at their official page (link disabled) - so check it out (as long as I'm offline anyway LOL)

Btw, a detailed report from the concert WILL follow!!! Yes, I am going to LA!!! *smiles*

17 february 2002

Ok, so even though I don't have any time at all, I don't seem to be able to stop updating my page ;-)
Rendered totally speechless right now, I can just say:

It will be so worth it ;-) - oh, and btw - Richard? THANK YOU!!!

Also: All those who can watch the German TV channel SAT.1 - DEOTO is on Feb. 24!!!
An alle Deutschsprachigen: Am 24.2. läuft auf SAT.1 "Tief wie der Ozean" !!!
(our chance to watch a dubbed Jonathan *LOL*)

15 february 2002

First of all - there is finally a trailer for Insomnia! Which inspired me to make an Insomnia page :-) - got to the filmography page to check it out!

Sad news: Seems that due to scheduling conflicts (what ARE they doing??? *LOL*) Jonathan and Richard can't be at Réal's Gospel Hour at this year's GH weekend :-(

The good news is that the video for last year's Gospel Hour is finally in production!!!

Btw, speaking of production...I have finally completed the T-Shirts I was planning for last year's September concert...yeah, I know, it took a long while *LOL* Anyway, as soon as I have a pic of the shirts I'll post it!!!

29 january 2002

There are some very interesting Insomnia news!!! First, the IMDb has posted studio stills from the movie (unfortunately no JJ ones...) ...and second, there was a test screening of the movie in Mountain View, CA as it seems way back in October...! 

Reviews can be found here including one very positive mention of Jonathan: 

"Maura Tierney (from ER), Nicky Katt (from Boston Public and Boiler Room) and Jonathan Jackson (as the punk kid who gets framed for the murder) are all terrific in the supporting roles."

25 january 2002

Due to the fact that Jonathan has attended another premiere - that of A Walk To Remember on Jan. 23 - and there are new pics of him available, I have decided to launch my new gallery today. Of course, I am not quite done with the new pages but a lot is done - so feel free to explore the new galleries and please tell me if you like the new design or if something is wrong - although please bear in mind that not all of the links will properly work or that the pages are not filled completely with pics. I'll try to finish them asap!

Thank you for your understanding!


23 january 2002

There is a new country added to the tribute page (yay!!!)
I also wanted to tell you that I am re-designing my gallery pages for some time now - with way more pics than before! - so stay tuned!!!

18 january 2002

Guys, you gotta sit down for this *LOL* - Yahoo! Movies has posted pics from Tuck Everlasting!!! Unfortunately, there is "only one" with Jonathan - but boy - is that breathtaking enough ;-)

14 january 2002

As posted on Jackson-Brothers.com (link disabled) On the Edge will have an LA screening with The Irish Screen on January 27, 2002!!! Everyone going HAVE FUN!!!  And please say Hi to everyone for me - thanks :-)

Also, I forgot to mention that I saw the poster for Tuck Everlasting before it was announced that it was on their site! Anyway, go check it out - it looks great! (however, why doesn't Jonathan ever end up on his [more mature] movies' posters??? *lol*)

I have also added lyrics to a few songs from On the Edge - you can find them on the song list page

11 january 2002

Sorry, I haven't been able to update any time sooner - I had lots to do for school (I still have but I needed some distraction *lol*). I have just updated the tribute page, the links page and revamped this and my start page (do you like it?) - since there weren't any life-changing late-breaking news about Jonathan or the Jacksons (that you didn't already probably hear on their page first anyway) here's a summary of  the latest news on Jonathan:

From the Jackson-Brothers News Page:

Recently the Jackson Brothers notified their fan club members that the official Jonathan Jackson and Richard Lee Jackson fan club was ending effective December 2001.  In a message to their fans they stated "We feel there is no reason why any of you should have to pay money to get information about what Jonathan and Richard are doing. With the official website up and superabundantly functioning, we want to put our time and energy into keeping you updated much more quickly and at no cost to you."  They also encouraged fans to sign up for the email update list.  

As a thank you for their loyal participation in the fan club, members received a holiday/ goodbye gift CD. This CD included various things which are not found anywhere else, such as a message from Jonathan and Richard, video clips from various projects, a music video of a song Jonathan wrote called "Stars Fall," a 30 minute clip of the making of "Kelly Lane" from God Candy, sound clips, photos and more.  

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this CD it is being made available for the cost of $20.00 (equivalent to the one year membership fee for the fan club).  To order this CD, email fanclubcd@jackson-brothers.com (link disabled) © Jackson-Brothers.com

Crystal Clear (link disabled) - the award-winning dramatic short film by Jonathan and Richard is available on VHS! Order your copy here (it's at the NEO Foundation Site) - they even ship internationally!!! (woohoo *lol*)

The German release date for On The Edge has been pushed back to June 6, 2002 - no word on that yet.

Also, the IMDb has posted release dates for Insomnia: USA May 24, 2002 and Netherlands June 6, 2002

Upcoming Movies states October 11, 2002 (US) as a possible release date for Tuck Everlasting (I have read this somewhere else too but can't remember where...)

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