24 october 2009
  • First picture and first promo for Jonathan as Lucky Spencer, premiering on Oct. 27!
    Promo :: Picture
10 october 2009
  • Apparently, Jonathan signed a 6-months contract - hopefully, he'll stay longer. Or else, what was the point?? So here is a collection of various articles concerning Jonathan's return to GH as well as the sensational short-time casting of Hollywood A-List star James Franco:

    "Jonathan Jackson returns as Lucky Spencer" [National Examiner]
    "Greg Vaughan out as Jonathan Jackson returns to General Hospital" [Soap Central]
    "Lynda Hirsch On Soaps Gossip 2009 10 03" [Lynda Hirsch on Soaps]
    "James Franco is headed for 'General Hospital'; big screen star will have recurring, 2-month role" [NY Daily News]
    "Big star returns for All My Children and General Hospital" [TV Squad]

    Surprisingly enough, both items even made news over here on a German soaps blog!!!! So for my German-speaking visitors:
    "Die Geschichte des kultigen Cassadine-Clans bei "General Hospital"
    "Soap Vintage: Jonathan Jackson als Lucky Spencer in den 90er Jahren bei "General Hospital"
    "UPDATE: James Franco bei "General Hospital"
    "BREAKING: Filmstar James Franco mit Rolle bei "General Hospital"! [Deine Soaps]

30 september 2009
  • So I guess this is THE BIGGEST NEWS EVER! :-)

    Jonathan Jackson Returns to General Hospital!!!
    He starts work tomorrow!

    "In a jaw-dropping switcheroo, Greg Vaughan is out as General Hospital’s Lucky Spencer and Jonathan Jackson—the actor who originated the role to extraordinary acclaim—has agreed to step back in. Jackson hits the air October 27."
    read the rest here: [TV Guide Magazine]
    read more: [We love Soaps], [Soap Opera Source]

8 august 2009
  • On July 25, enation band member Luke Galeotti, in cooperation with his parents and brother Michael with his wife, actress Bethany Joy Galeotti, have opened up a restaurant in Battle Ground, WA. Check out Galeotti's whenever you're in town (or close to Portland, OR)!

    [The Columbian]
    [Restaurant Homepage]
  • If anyone is interested....I finally updated my photography page!
10 july 2009
  • Jonathan and his family, as well as all enation members and their families are featured in the current issue (July 2009) of the Vancouver Family Magazine! There are tons of pics of the kids who are so adorable!!!!!
    Check out the magazine here. Download it here (pdf).
  • enation also published their first very own magazine!!!! For you to download, you have to be a member of enation army! Sign up here :-)
  • I also added a new affiliate: Bethany Source.net - check it out!
19 june 2009
  • enation scheduled a bunch of concerts:

    @ Tomfest Music Festival [The Meadow Stage], Camas, WA
    ** for information on tickets click here
    on August 22, 2009 @ 3:30pm

    "Relay for Life"
    @ Battle Ground High School District Stadium, Battle Ground, WA
    ** $9 for advanced tickets click here
    on August 15, 2009 @ 7 pm

    @ Harvest Days, Battle Ground, WA
    ** free concert, meet and greet w/ food $5 (cover charge)
    on July 17, 2009 @ 8:45 pm

    @ Hawthorne Theater, Portland, OR
    ** $9 for advanced tickets click here
    on July 12, 2009 @ 7 pm

    check the official enation website for more information and updates

  • The guys are also back in the studio to record some bonus songs!
6 june 2009
Sorry guys for being MIA for so long but I sort of started a new job April 1 and I'm busy as a bee. And continuously tired from the experience. I figured most of you guys have found the official way of finding news about Jonathan anyway already....such as enation's newsletter, their new Twitter page, Facebook page, etc. So here's a roundup of what I have missed to report in time. Again, I'm sorry. This site will not close, I'll try my best to be better with updates...
  • There's a new enation member: Michael's brother Luke!
  • enation's song "Come Clean" was featured on A&E's show Dog the Bounty Hunter on March 18, 2009
  • Here's an interview with Jonathan about enation and his music
  • enation has been voted BEST BAND in Clark County (where they're from) - Congratulations!!!!
  • enation has also done a couple more concerts: at The Roxy in LA on May 22 and at the El Corazon in Seattle on May 25
11 may 2009

8 march 2009
  • According to TVAddict, Jonathan will be back on Terminator for at least one more episodes, but maybe for even more!
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with Jonathan Jackson, can you please tell me we are going to see more of him on TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. — Jackson1

    The TV Addict: I can do one better than simply tell you, I can be the first to reveal to you exclusively that Jonathan Jackson will indeed (all together now) be back, for multiple episodes no less. “Kyle Reese is the kind of character that fans are excited about and is good for the show,” revealed Jackson during last week’s one-on-one with theTVaddict.com. “I’ve shot three episodes so far and I’m about to shoot a fourth in a couple of weeks. A lot of stuff has been in the future, and Brian Austin Green who plays Derek has been great. Such a good guy and a great actor to work with.”
  • There are also rumors out that Jonathan might become a regular on Terminator if the show gets picked up for a third season (which I would want either way cause I love the show LOL) - so keep your fingers crossed!
13 february 2009
  • More spoilery information regarding Terminator and Jonathan's chances of coming back - showrunner Josh Friedman and star Thomas Dekker recently chatted with fans and here are some interesting answers:
  • Hey Josh and Tom. Just wondered what both your thoughts are on including further members of the Reese family in future episodes? Oh and a quick bravo to Tom if I may for his acting in the end scene for "Goodbye to All That", really incredible acting.
    [Comment From Resistance1]

    thomas dekker: Resistance 1, there will be more reese boys action coming up. For sure. Def more Kyle. And thanks for the compliment, it was the last scene we shot for the episode and I was quite exhausted. I think that might have helped.
  • Josh - thank you so much for finally giving us some Sarah/Kyle interaction! Is this going to be the last time that we see Kyle this season or might we see him again before the finale?
    [Comment From Erika_SCS.net]

    josh friedman: Hi Erika--thanks as usual for SCS...I know you love the Kyle. I can't answer that question on the grounds that it may get you too excited. [how so not obvious LOL]
  • Were you surprised where the back nine take the show?
    thomas dekker:
    Yes. Although we're not told much, I've kind of been given clues here and there that make me think we're building up to something extremely exciting. Something that makes me pray we get a third season. Let's just say that things get really interesting with John Henry [formerly Cromartie] and my father.

    Your father?
    Just wait.
  • Jonathan was also interviewed by TV Guide - you can read the interview here
  • A very nice write-up of tonight's episode of Terminator - finally someone likes Jonathan as Kyle :-)

    "The Good Wound" brings back Kyle Reese, and not in a bad way. Actor Jonathan Jackson is no Michael Biehn (who originally played Reese in the original Terminator movie), but let's face it, Michael Biehn isn't that Michael Biehn these days and Lena Headey is a very different Sarah Connor. Jackson's Reese has some nice moments with Headey's Sarah, and it's a satisfying throwback to the movie that reminds both us and Sarah why she's doing what she's doing.
    [source: SCI-FI]

  • You should also check out Jonathan official homepage as it has been revamped! It's not done yet though...
26 january 2009
  • Check out SpoilerTV's website for some promotional pics [even with the obvious name of that website: BEWARE: PICS ARE SPOILERY!!!] of the upcoming Terminator episode which features Jonathan! Again, the episode is called "The Good Wound" and will air on Friday Feb. 13.
  • I also found this kind of older article about enation joining Just Yell Fire
10 january 2009

  • Jonathan's new movie Kalamity has a trailer posted on YouTube! Check it out!
  • For the official movie website click here - however, nothing much yet on there..
  • Jonathan will appear in the next Terminator episode called "The Good Wound" which will air on Friday Feb. 13 - check out this clip and this promo! Both clips feature Jonathan :-)
  • EOnline has this news regarding Jonathan's presence on Terminator:

    E. Dyson in Kansas City, Mo.: I was watching the Terminator midseason finale, and the promo for next year's episodes suggests that they might be bringing Kyle Reese back as a regular or recurring character. Do you know for sure?

    Kristin: I'm told that Jonathan Jackson's Kyle Reese has a "strong presence" in the spring premiere on Fri., Feb. 14, but for the time being, he's not meant to be a regular character."

  • A local Portland TV station recently interviewed enation - check out the clips here and here
  • Jonathan was also interviewed by Close Encounter TV, a program on PBS. Not sure when exactly this will air but maybe anyone can catch it :-)
  • I know that enation already asked for it in November - but I think it won't hurt you only start now...

    Enation's new single "Permission To Dream" is being played on Clear Channel radio stations across the country! We need your help to REQUEST IT!

    THE ACTION: CALL AND REQUEST the song "Permission To Dream" by Enation -- and be a part of Enation's national launch on the ground floor! Even if you don't live in the area, it still helps for you to call for us!

    Rock Stations:
    1. WRFF Philadelphia -- 104.5 fm -- Request Line: (215) 263-1045
        Request Email: radio1045fm@gmail.com or Text: 91045

    2. Atlanta -- 96.1 fm-- Request Line: (404) 741-9696

    3. San Diego -- 105.3 fm -- Request Lines: (858) 570-1053

    4. Boston -- KISS 108 fm -- Request Line: (617) 931-1108

    5. Austin -- 96.7 fm -- Request Line: (512) 390-1967

  • Former enation member Amber Sweeney has joined Bethany Joy Galeotti, One Tree Hill actress and wife of enation band member Michael, to form musical duo Everly. Click here for more news
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